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49 MEN - Paul's Photo Book



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When I was 11 I had a friend who could draw well. His fame in the neighborhood came from his ability to draw dinosaurs, but I happened to know that he liked to draw all kinds of things.

He invited me to watch him draw once. It was on a Sunday afternoon at his father's machine shop. I knocked on the locked door of the shop and he let me in. He took me to the back of the shop where a young man--15 or 16 years old--was standing naked and still. He was "posing," a concept that was shocking and wonderful to me. They take their clothes off and they stand still while you study them. I asked my friend how he did this, how he got this to happen. He said "You ask them."

It's been one of the ongoing miracles of my life. It's a wonder, and it's true. If you ask men to stand nude while you study and photograph them, as often as not they'll say yes. Men are, by nature, generous.

Men need to be considered and questioned, to be asked about their life, their work, their dreams. Men are generous because they long to be seen, known, appreciated and remembered. And their stories are like a second skin, as much a part of their bodies as their muscles and bones.

Here are 49 men who, when I asked if they would stand still for my camera and my questions, said yes.

Paul Morris - San Francisco, CA

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This is the only Gay Photo book I have now and I've had a few. LOVE IT!

Paul's Biggest Fan
Paul - This is an utterly amazing piece of art. You are an inspiration. I am a quilt artist and I have used some of your photos as inspiration. But this book, this masterpiece, is one for the ages. I adore you and your work. Thank you for sharing the world of men, the intimate, generous, beautiful world of men through the lens of your incredible heart and spirit. John

Quick question. If Blurb is production the book how is Paul able to sign them? Thanks, Jon

I was given this as a present. Thank you to whom ever it was, as you made it look like one friend bought it, another sent it, I paid for it. Not only have I got it proudly on my coffee table for all to see, but the comments from everyone who has become engrossed in it are amazing! These men are all things: honest, sexy, rough, ugly, horny, fun, interesting, real and ultimately an open canvas. Paul Morris has given us such a magnificent display of men and all of their parts, physical and mental, that the level of eroticism is mixed with raw emotion and blatant realism. The commentary with the sessions accentuates the beauty of these men and the attractiveness of each one for their own personality. I am not afraid to say I have gotten off on several of the photo sessions for different reasons. Thank you for a piece of work of men, about men that should be on public display. CJ

Paul has done it! This man has an inner eye for art and I must say this is art at its finest and hopefully this comment enter me for a chance this book because it's a must have. Keep it up Paul.

Tiger Stripes
Please let me know when the supply of this book is critically low. I need a copy. Thanks.


This looks like a classic...can't wait to get my hands on a copy so that I can feast

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