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ReleasedOctober 2007
Runtime207 minutes
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris

"I want JESSE's load up my ass!"

I've received countless emails and letters and phone calls that say exactly that. I've never known a cocksman who draws such rabid and horny fans as JESSE O'TOOLE.

Here's the first release in a series we're devoting to our greatest topmen, anthologies of the greatest scenes by the legendary studs of TIM.

We thought it'd be fitting to start off with the greatest adventures to date of the incredible JESSE O'TOOLE, giving men everywhere a golden chance to sit back and watch the sexual exploits of the most famous and desired topman in porn today.

A true and natural top, JESSE is endowed with one of the biggest cocks in the history of porn. But what sets him off from other horse-hung studs is his masterful fucking, his uncanny ability to make bottom-men melt and whimper and beg.

This two-disc homage to the endowment and abilities of JESSE includes his greatest man-to-man fucks, as well as his golden-satyr performances in a number of raw gangfucks.


Scene 1
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Jesse O'Toole and Mick

This is the scene that started it all.

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JESSE is a wild-man, tattoo'd and a total top, blessed with a big veiny log of a cock. "I thank my dad for two things in this life. And this is one of them,", he said, hefting his enormous cock.

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If you love watching masterful cocksmanship, you'll love watching JESSE at work. He plays MICK's ass, torturing, pounding, teasing and plowing him until MICK can't decide whether to moan, cry or scream. MICK's cumhole gets teased, rimmed, fucked, pounded, brutalized mercilessly until it wins it's prize: a great big milky cumload shot deep inside. JESSE squirts the first spurt for the camera, then buries his bone deep inside MICK, unloading a quart of cum in that hungry ass."

Scene 2
Buy Scene $4.00  
Jesse O'Toole and Erich Lange
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One of porn's great legends, ERICH LANGE is a perfect bottom. And he's never been more enthralled with a cock than when he gave his hole up to JESSE.

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Our horse-hung topman JESSE give every inch of his monster-cock to ERICH LANGE. You know what JESSE has hangin' between his legs and you know how well he uses it. LANGE walked funny for a day or so after JESSE got through riding him.

Scene 3
Buy Scene $7.00  
Jesse O'Toole and Tom Shannon

JESSE is one of those tops who can "turn" another top into a whimpering submissive bottomboy.

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After self-proclaimed "total top" TOM SHANNON got a gander at JESSE, he decided an attitude-flip was in order. So I set up an encounter between the two and TOM found that being on the bottom could be intense but blissful.

Scene 4
Buy Scene $6.00  
Jesse O'Toole and Jacob Scott

If I were to choose a personal favorite from all of JESSE's fuck-sessions, this would be it. The pairing of JESSE and JACOB was intense, primal, perfect.

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JESSE's bull-cock must have been on overdrive that day, because after everyone else had showered and left he pulled JACOB SCOTT back onto the bed and gave him a perfect and total deep-fuck.

There's an intense connection between them that's a mix of lust and more. This is JESSE at his best: he defines phallic prowess and by the end of the scene he owns JACOB's ass.

Scene 5
Buy Scene $8.00  
Jesse O'Toole and Dawson
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"I want that cock more than I want anything else in the world." So said DAWSON, and I believe in giving a man what he wants.

DAWSON was longing to feel that horsecock slide deep into his ass. And JESSE was in perfect form. He gave DAWSON a stretch-yer-hole fucking that left the handsome muscular bottom grinning and limping.

Scene 6
Buy Scene $8.00  
Jesse O'Toole and Sean Storm
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SEAN STORM wanted that big ol' thang to slide way up inside him after his beautiful little bottom had been fucked, seeded and used bloodyraw by a gang of men. SEAN wanted to FEEL JESSE - and feel him he does!

There are moments when it looks like he won't be able to take that giant cock all the way, but JESSE was in the mood to fuck deep, and SEAN was determined to get every fuckin' inch of JESSE's manhood inside him. It's the fuck of a lifetime - and SEAN squeals and cries out in pain and bliss.


Scene 1
Buy Scene $9.00  
from Riding Billy Wild
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A raucous group of men take turns using BILLY's cum-slick ass. They each fuck him, then give one of their buddies a turn, passing BILLY around until his butt is a wide-open sloppy public-access hole.

We sent JESSE along to handle a camera and swing his horse-cock around, and it didn't take him long before he put down the camera and slid his huge, inhumanly fat cock halfway to BILLY's heart

Scene 2
Buy Scene $6.00  
Perfect Chemistry
Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

JESSE and BRAD McGUIRE take turns feeding their veiny schlongs to ANTONIO - fucking his ass and his mouth - it's a wonder the kid can walk or talk afterward.

Wholesome TOM SAWYER joins in and ecstatically chows down on all the man-juice he can get from ANTONIO's leaking cum-hole. At one point he looks up at the camera, grins a big cum-splattered country-boy grin and announces, "There's a lot of good eatin' in there!" Then he dives back in, shoving his tongue halfway to heaven.

Scene 3
Buy Scene $6.00  
Boning Billy Wild

In this seriously scorching scene BILLY WILD's holes are used and abused by JESSE, STEVE PARKER, JACOB SCOTT and newcomer JEFFERY. BILLY moans and whimpers but you know he wants all the cock and spooge he can get.

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JESSE squirts his big load deep, and then the other bulls get their chance. STEVE PARKER fucks BILLY's ass hard and pumps his hot thick jizz-load up the kid's hole.

Then JACOB SCOTT fucks BILLY last, deep-churning the cum that's accumulated inside BILLY until it's as frothy and thick as whipped cream - and then he pulls out and makes BILLY lick and suck his cock clean.

Scene 4
Buy Scene $8.00  
Jesse O'Toole and Sean Storm, Zak Raven and Rod Fulton
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Real-life partners ROD FULTON and ZAK RAVEN wanted a fuck session with JESSE O'TOOLE.

So while SEAN STORM gets fucked by ZAK, ROD lifts his tan and muscular legs and gets pounded to within an inch of his life by JESSE's manrammer. The action is thick with fucklust and in the end both SEAN and ROD end up with hot loads of spooge in their asses.

Scene 5
Buy Scene $6.00  
Jerek Gangbang
Click for larger image Click for larger image

Blond ultimate-slut JEREK gives it up to a roomful of jizz-drippin' studs : JESSE O'TOOLE, FYERFLI, STEVE PARKER, ATOM, and KEVIN SLATER.

These muscle-studs-in-rut take JEREK on and use him like a fuckin' horny-hole ragdoll. They ram their meat up his asshole, they shove two in for some intense double-penetration--a TON of cock-meat gets shoved up JEREK 's ass, and about a gallon of dick-snot is spurted up his worked hole.

If you're a fan of JESSE, this two-disc set will be a great addition to your collection of the stud's works. And if you haven't yet met JESSE's acquaintance, this is the best possible introduction to a master fucker's triumphs.

-- Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Jesse O'toole
And Brad Mcguire
This is a 2-disc movie that features Jesse O’Toole. Disc one is compiled of scenes taken from different movies where in each Jesse is wielding his big tool as he works on some man holes. The second disc is another compilation of scenes containing some hot gangbanging sex. Jesse is a master-stud and this video captures his best in raw barebacking sex... Read the entire review at

I am obsessed with Jesse O'Toole. He is such a natural top. I could watch this horse-hung stud fuck every day.

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