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ReleasedApril 2009
Runtime244 minutes
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris
Scene 1
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Sometimes you fuck a man; sometimes you breed his ass; and sometimes---very rarely---men mate.

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When KEER and CHRISTIAN got together, it was like watching two men trying their best to merge. This was fuck-chemistry of the highest order.

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CHRISTIAN is everyone's favorite cumdump. He worships cock and offers up his ass like no one else. And T.I.M. new exclusive KEER is CHRISTIAN's perfect match.

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Watching this is like relearning what fucking between two men means. Incredible energy, serious hard-core deep-fucking, KEER gagging poor li'l CHRISTIAN on that 10 incher and counting slowly to T-W-E-N-T-Y!

This is a rough-and-tumble sex match-up, sure. And it's a whole lot more. Check this scene out.

Scene 2
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Fucking Damon Dogg

Here's a scene that you guys have been asking for since day one: DAMON DOGG's first butt-fuck. He'd been beggin' to get deep-boned by DEREK ANTHONY, and on a recent LA trip it happened.

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Both DEREK and DAMON had been droolin' about getting connected. I was hanging out with the DOGG the day before and it was all he could talk about. He was hungerin' to get DEREK's rock-hard mushroom-headed boner up inside him.

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Once they get going, DEREK pounds the DOGG relentlessly. And DAMON is in DOGG heaven, backing his fine round rump up to take DEREK's dick-strokes.

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To say they both loved the session would be the understatement of the age. These guys grooved in a total fuckaholic daze. The DOGG has crossed the line now, and you can bet his ass is up for grabs.

Scene 3
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Crazy Fuckers
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Wildmen. We threw four crazy fuckers into the same room. Two tops: T.I.M. new exclusive CALVIN and lean, mean RAY DALTON. Two bottoms: MASON GARET and FRED MAYER. The ass-pumping action was so damned insane and they were so fucking noisy that we ended up getting tossed out by the management. But goddamn, it was worth it!

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When the shoot is over, hungry whore MASON still hasn't had enough cock, so he keeps on riding. And when RAY and CALVIN stretch his ass with a double-dicking, MASON's real animal emerges.

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Scene 4
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Dan Fisk fucks Jayson Park

Treasure Island Media topman DAN FISK--and his cock--are legendary. Legendary for the unique satisfaction he's able to give to so many men. Whether they suck DAN's cock or get a deep fuck from him, men always come away wide-eyed and happy. So you can imagine there's quite a waiting list for willing bottoms hoping to take on DAN's dick.

For nearly a year, JAYSON PARK has been asking me to give him some running time with DAN FISK. Finally getting these two sex-dynamos together was one of my best calls ever.

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DAN likes to take control right away, so he warms JAYSON up with some butt-reddening spanking. Then FISK dives deep, planting his tongue way up inside JAYSON's hairy fuckhole.

FISK has the ability to get a bottom to beg, really beg. And JAYSON is easy prey indeed. At first DAN fucks slow and deep, pulling all the way out (it's one of DAN's signature fuck-techniques...) so he can enjoy how much he's stretching a hole with his fat mushroom-headed cock.

But DAN gets overheated by JAYSON's tight-holed butt. He pulls out, trying not to come too soon. "Oh man, I don't wanna come yet!" But it's too late: his cock spits big lazy white globs all over JAYSON's bubble-butt.

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Think it's over? Wrong---it's far from over. DAN smears his load around, using his cock to shove his seed deep inside JAYSON's chute. DAN slides his cock in and again falls prey to JAYSON's hot, hot fuckability. DAN works himself up into a second load, this one bone-jarring and shot deep into JAYSON's guts.

In the end, DAN is drained and sated. And JAYSON is all grins: he's taken the legendary DAN FISK for a ride and he's leaving with a double-load reward.

Scene 5
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Every once in a while, you see a cock that redefines the word "HUGE". J. AUSTIN, a diffident Atlanta horseman, has a cock that's destined to be legend. This scene is, plain and simple, a huge bone taking what it wants.

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The bottom, KYLE GENTRY, does his damnedest to accommodate the behemoth---first with his mouth, then with his ass. Both men are backgrounded by the raw power of this guy's phallus. That's all this is about: two men satisfying one truly mammoth cock.

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After the deed is done, J. AUSTIN greedily licks his own cum out of his buddy's well-fucked hole.

Scene 6
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Lucas Groupfuck

When it comes to perfect fuckable asses, there are few in the world who can compete with LUCAS. Euro-cumslut LUCAS's perfect, round, white ass is a beacon calling to tops to fuck it. We've had innumerable requests to bring this Euro-fuckbilly to the States for a group fuck-session. Here's the first---we're hoping to sponsor many more.

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I teamed up DEREK ANTHONY, LITO CRUZ and, at LUCAS' request, sexy sexagenarian stud-fucker JAMES DOUGLAS. LUCAS loves getting fucked by daddies, especially when they have a cock as thick as a fuckin' tree trunk.

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Afterward, LUCAS happily slurps the fuckslime off the tops' cocks and kneels way down to suck the last drops of spooge off the sheets. The guy is fuckin' thorough!

Scene 7
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Flexx and Rashad
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A smooth, easy, satisfying fuck. Atlanta stud FLEXX makes RASHAD do all the work while he sits like a king in his easy chair. RASHAD happily sidles up and slides down on FLEXX's big boner. And when FLEXX wants his fuckpole cleaned up after it's all slick with fuckin' ass juice and jizz, RASHAD is happy to slurp up all that tasty goodness.

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Scene 8
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Boy Riding Bull
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Sometimes fucking is about power, pure and simple. All muscle and raw dominance. In this scene I've pitted the massively-muscled madman TOBER BRANDT against scrawny little skaterboy IAN JAY. The result? You get the sense that IAN is riding a fuck-crazy bull, hanging on for dear life.

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TOBER flings the kid around like a one-pound sack of sugar, picking the boy up, tossing him, crushing him with his massive brutal muscle-weight. And all the while, TOBER keeps his cock in to the hilt, keeps the boy plugged, gored by that ramming fuck-shaft.

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IAN called me four days later and told me his entire body was still sore from the hard-fuckin' workout. And, he added, he'd never felt so fuckin' great in his life. Man/boy boning at its best.

Scene 9
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Go-Go Eddie's Fuck Party
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I brought back the mad fuckers, CALVIN and RAY DALTON (from Scene 3) to take on SoCal's infamous GO-GO EDDIE. But EDDIE is a tall order for just two dudes, so I also brought in porn legend BJ SLATER with his mammoth cock and, on top of it all, SEAN HUNTER. And these four guys give wildman EDDIE a sex workout that has a fucked-up, insane energy that's mesmerizing.

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This is bone-stokin' all-out man-fucking by a gang of wildmen who live to fuck and fuck to live. And added to the mix is the obliging TREY MADDOX, the lucky dude on clean-up duty. He happily goes back and forth between cum-dripping dicks and EDDIE's juicy hole, slurpity-slurp.

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Scene 10
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Fisting Go-Go Eddie
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We thought the guys were done---EDDIE's hole was awash in semen, all dripping, oozing, pouty and wet. But it takes a hell of a lot to satisfy GO-GO, and damn if the fucker didn't beg for more. So the fisting started. Using equal parts jizz and Vaseline, the tops took turns fucking 'n' fisting that wide-open hole.

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EDDIE lies back, blissed-out, as his buddies take turns slipping and sliding their
up his eager, gaping hole. As his hole gets stretched and pounded, he just keeps happily nursing on the guys' cocks with his cocksucker mouth.

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The legendary BJ SLATER finishes EDDIE off by sliding his huge cock up that stretched ass, fucking EDDIE with his cock and fist at the same time.

Scene 11
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Feeding the Young
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Not for the squeamish. 'Nuff said. This scene made even my editor queasy. Muscleman MARK DIXON squirts a gut full of milk out from his ass into a glass held by cute young HAL. This pigboy guzzles down every nourishing drop of MARK's assmilk.

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Then enter KEER to fuck MARK, pounding gouts of milk right out of that big muscular ass. And HAL happily slurps it all up underneath. Finally, KEER fucks a load up MARK's muscle-ass and HAL felches everything clean. The kid was hungry!

Bonus Scenes


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Damon Dogg
Derek Anthony
Dan Fisk
Ian Jay
And Calvin

scene 11 is the hottest stuff i have ever seen in porn. why isn't more of that produced? i think this ass-drinking practice with all sort of liquids just supernasty. would love to see more young hot studs drinking beer milk or smoothies right out of a hot ass. especially the pounding with the milk droping out is just amazing. i have to go jerk off now!

greggory phelps
very hot

awesome pic

Bought this DVD a while back and while it's overall good, my favorite scene is Boy Riding Bull. You'd never know that Tober can also be a hungry bottom, judging by the way he throws Ian Jay around the bed and tops him, but in this scene there's no question as to who's Alpha. Best part is when Tober's fucking the hell out of Ian and then pushes his face into the mattress with his foot, essentially stepping on the kid's head as Ian takes the raw cock and hard fucking he's getting from his top man. Feeding the Young was just kinda bizarre. Putting milk up a guy's ass? Guess it's just not my thing.

I saw the Keer and Christian fucking scene when it first came out and have always wanted it. Oh to get boned by Keer and his marvelous schlong. Groan, groan, drool, drool, drool. Now I have the scene I can indulge my fantasy more often.
Treasure Island Media cranks out another unbelievably scorching movie. The T.I.M. men are fueled and ready to fuck non-stop. These sexy rugged men don’t hold anything back as they join together for some intense cock sucking and ass pounding action. If you aren’t already a huge fan, then you better figure out what’s wrong and get on board!! These guys know all about unrestrained passionate sex! Scene One: Mating. Christian is undeniably one of T.I.M.’s power bottoms. He is paired with the sexy Keer, who is definitely horned up and ready for action. These two are great together as they taking fucking to another level. Keer is just the guy to ride Christian’s ass.... Read the entire review at

Any movie with Christian in it is a sure thing.

I want to get fucked like the guys in this movie do. I want to be in a TIM movie.

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