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ReleasedNovember 2017
Runtime2 Hours 15 Minutes
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris

What’s a “cock hound”? It’s a man who loves sucking cock so much that his tongue is always hanging just a little outside of his mouth. His nose is always sniffing around, hoping to smell the rich musky funk of a man’s crotch. A “cock hound” is always on the hunt, always ready to drop to his knees and service cock no matter where or when.

For some men, cocksucking is the ultimate form of worship and true service. If you feel like this, you’re a member of our pack of cock hounds.

Scene 1
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Ameer and Jay

JAY DAVIS is a little guy (5’4” tall) who's primarily straight but loves to suck the cocks of bigger, more muscular and masculine dudes. Yeah, it’s true. You’d be amazed at how many straight guys are eager to be submissive to bigger, tougher alpha-dudes.

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When we shot this scene, AMEER was on a winning streak as a mixed martial artist. The day before the shoot he’d won a match with a total KO. So AMEER was feeling super cocky and JAY was all full of the kind of hero-worship only a submissive straight boy can feel.

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Scene 2
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Atticus and Shane

SHANE ANDREWS is one of those ideal cocksuckers: he never says no. Whenever he contacts us he just wants to suck cock. We tell him nothing about the guy he’s gonna suck. So when he got a gander at ATTICUS, he was shocked and delighted!

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ATTICUS was visiting SF from the Midwest and the day after this shoot he flew back to the rural town he lives in. You’ll notice he makes some crazy faces while he’s getting sucked. That’s because he’s never been blown by a guy before. He even let SHANE get a nice tongue-taste of his furry man-virgin bunghole. Welcome to the team, bucko!

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Scene 3
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Dylan and Nick

When he’s not sucking cock, NICK FORTE gives great massages. But what he really lives to do is massage a big beautiful cock with his experienced daddy-throat. To calm DYLAN STROKES down a bit before locking his beautiful big lips around his cock, NICK gave him a bit of a massage.

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Both men have been around the block: NICK’s a master-cocksucker; DYLAN knows exactly what makes his cock feel good. Put the two together and you have a master class in oral cock worship! Go ahead, sit back, pull out your cock and stroke along with the action. You’ll definitely learn a thing er two!

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Scene 4
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Javin and Max

Hey, we all know MAX CAMERON. The guy’s a legend and is known (among other things) for his insatiable appetite for all things MALE. He said to me once, “Ya know, fucking is the old testament, cocksucking is the new testament. They both get ya to heaven, but work and practice and study are involved.” He said it with a glimmer of humor, but a whole lot of seriousness as well.

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He wanted a try at JAVIN's fine fat skyscraper of a cock, so we put ‘em together and let nature take its course. Afterward, two happy men sat around talking, though one of ‘em -- MAX -- was talking just a little funny, like his jaw had been stretched or something…

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Scene 5
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Cliff and Marcus

No video about cock-sucking is complete without a glory hole encounter.

SF local MARCUS STONE has a favorite booth at the Folsom Gulch that he regularly mans. He sees it as his duty to be there a certain number of hours each week. We dropped in and brought along CLIFF, who desperately needed his cock sucked.

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The two hit it off so well -- rock-hard cock meets velvet-soft throat -- that MARCUS invited CLIFF to join him in his booth. If a man’s mouth could merge with a hard cock, this is what it’d look like.

Scene 6
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Daddy Cream and Talon

DADDY CREAM is one of our favorite characters here at TIM. Sexy, funny, always sporting a big ol’ boner, DADDY’s a serious crowd pleaser. TALON MILLER saw DADDY in one of our vids and asked for a turn sucking that fine DADDY CREAM cock.

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DADDY loves to push guys’ limits. As he was pumping his load into TALON’s mouth, he told him not to swallow it. “Spit it into my hand,” DADDY instructed.

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He splattered his batter all over TALON’s face and then made him walk around outside in public with his jizz-festooned mug advertising to all and sundry that a true cock-worshiper was in their midst. The priggish techies in the area didn’t know what the fuck to think of this handsome faggot wondering around with sperm dripping off his grinning mug.

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Scene 7
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Ted and Shane

TED told us that he’s 100% straight, but to be honest I have my doubts. He came to the shoot from his office during his lunch break, and he gave cocksucker SHANE a brutal mouth-fuck that meant to me that TED has been with men before -- or else he’s using sex to try out being brutal with another man. It happens. A lot.

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I have to admit that even though there’s some intense psycho shit going on, it’s a real pleasure to watch SHANE oblige every rough, rude and mouth-rapey impulse TED comes up with. No matter how hard TED rabbit-stabs SHANE’s mouth with his hard, thick cock, SHANE stays on it and loves every moment of his “punishment.”

And fuck, in the end SHANE’s the total winner. He gets to go home with a huge load of angry-straight-dude spooge deep down in his fine homo-belly.

Scene 8
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Rob and Max

Ginger stud ROB is for the most part straight, but he’s just trashy enough to have a brief history as a male whore and gay-for-pay porn dude. Look ‘im up, the scenes aren’t hard to find. You can tell he’s giving it his best shot, trying to be all butch but gay for the camera. Not my cup of tea.

But his true inclination isn’t toward other males. It’s just the truth. But when he needs money…?

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It had been a long time since he’d let a guy mess with him, but (fortunately for us) he’d hit a really rough spot financially and needed cash ASAP. Like two of the other straight guy tops in this video, ROB has a couple of kids and a wife to support. So we threw down the cash and gave ROB to the inimitable MAX CAMERON. That’s a win-win, if you ask me.

MAX is one of the nicest (and sexiest) men on the planet, and we knew he’d do his best to make ROB happy and satisfied. MAX is a serious cock-worshiper and his ministrations make any man feel like a phallic god. He worked his magic on ROB and the result is guaranteed to get you going.

And oh yeah, ROB’s wife knows all about this shoot...but she’s not gonna tell the kiddies.

Scene 9
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Marnez and Iggy

I don’t know why exactly, but I have a serious passion for straight men. It’s really showing in this movie. Straight men really are different. Not better than gay men, not by any stretch of the imagination. But different. And different makes things interesting and fun, don’t it?

If you give me a straight man who also happens to be a true submissive? Bring him on! My cock is already getting hard just thinking about it.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

This is a perfect description for MARNEZ, a decent fellow who came in to be photographed and decided (because he’s straight and totally submissive) to let us film his very first -- and probably only -- sexual encounter with a man.

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Since he’s straight, he didn’t care what man broke his blowjob cherry. We brought in IGGY, a guy whose oral worship skills are truly formidable. And IGGY knows about straight dudes, that they’re strange and their sex is even stranger. Even though MARNEZ grimaces and groans enough to make you think he’s suffering and ready to bolt, he hangs in there (good submissive boy!) and squeezes out two big loads down IGGY’s worthy gullet.


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Max Cameron
Daddy Cream
Jay Davis
Nick Forte
Talon Miller
Marcus Stone
Dylan Strokes

BigDanCD December 12, 2017
Cock Hounds is carrying on in the same tradition as Suck Dick Save The World. It has the same theme of big cocks being sucked dry by the most hungry cock suckers. I fucking loved it!

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