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ReleasedJanuary 2008
Runtime90 minutes
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris

Ian Jay, a smooth and boyish 20-year-old, isn't my usual kind of obsession. I'm usually drawn to the no-limits total sex-extremist. Now, I'm not saying that IAN is an innocent little angel. He's been rawfucked before, sure. And he's been in a few videos, some mild and mainstream, some not so mild. So for a guy as young as he is, he's definitely sexually precocious.

But he wrote to me and told me he was ready to take a big step: he wanted to be irrevocably bred. I knew what he meant, and I took him at his word. So I flew him to San Francisco and put him through a deep-boning weekend that would do the job.

Before he came to me he'd been dabbling in raw sex, but he was still naive. By the time the weekend was over, his hole was fuckin' insatiable, ready and willing and available to any man.

Scene 1
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Friday Afternoon: Dan Fisk
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IAN specifically asked to get fucked by our "in-house stud", the incredibly popular DAN FISK. And from the moment they got in the same room, the chemistry was charged.

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IAN was a little nervous about starting off this landmark weekend, so DAN was extra gentle. But once DAN slid his thick ever-hard cock into IAN's willing little perfect ass, everything went just fine.

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For his first load of the weekend, IAN wanted it shot inside, spurt by spurt, and DAN was fuckin' overjoyed to oblige.

Scene 2
Two Bulls: Jerry Stearns and Brad McGuire
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Juiced up by Dan Fisk, IAN was hot and ready to cross the line. His hole had been primed and pumped, and he was ready for a serious two- stud fuck session.

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Our resident fuck-slave WILL helped Ian warm up tops BRAD MCGUIRE and JERRY STEARNS. And he gets a nice get-go reward when BRAD shoves his fingers up IAN's hole and feeds WILL Dan Fisk's jizz, still warm and tasty from a few hours before.

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It's a true pleasure to watch two world-class cocksmen like BRAD and JERRY break in a fresh and willing colt. And by the end of this session IAN was definitely getting a feel for what was in store for him. No turnin' back now...

Scene 3
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Saturday Noon: Derek Anthony
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The next morning, IAN's hole was real tender, still pooched out from the punishing fucks of the previous day. But he was hungry for DEREK ANTHONY's big dick. And his hole was hankerin' for DEREK's big load of daddy-sperm.

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DEREK didn't disappoint: he fucked little IAN six ways to Sunday, teaching the juiced-up bottom what an experienced fuck-master can do. And by the end of this fuck-session IAN's hole was an entity of its own. It wanted cock inside it, and it wanted as much sperm as it could get.

Scene 4
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Saturday Afternoon: Gang Fuck
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Stretched, primed and filled with DEREK's sperm (not to mention the telltale remnants of the previous day), IAN was ready on Saturday afternoon for a raucous group fuck.

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So we threw him into a sling and called in MARCELO MASKO, newcomer studs WAYNE, CHAMP, DANNY, DARRELL and MAX. And DEREK ANTHONY a man who produces more sperm than anyone I've met, surprised me by showing up to donate more of his white squirmers to IAN's breeding project. These men had a field-day stretching, using and deep-seeding IAN's hole.

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After MARCELO MASKO's fuck 'n' felch stellar appearance in SPERM BANK, we got an unprecedented number of requests for more of him. You guys fuckin' love Italians, it seems, and you love 'em filthy and seed-friendly. So we flew him in and let him enjoy IAN along with the rest of the gang. If ever a man savors the taste of raw fresh semen flowing from a young dude's fuckhole, it's MARCELO. This sperm-crazed fucker is a true connoisseur of jizz.

Scene 5
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Saturday Afternoon: Roman
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I knew that a young guy like IAN would have the stamina to take more than most men, so I had one more fuck lined up so the kid would be good and juiced up before he left town.

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Ever-hard black stud ROMAN PEARCE was delighted to add his jizz-mess to IAN's overworked hole. At first he took it easy and let IAN settle down on him, sliding that long cock deeper and deeper. Sex-slave WILL, a helpless worshiper of black cock, lept into the mix to assist, cleaning ROMAN's cock of all the accumulated jizz of the weekend whenever it pulled out of IAN's slimy guts.

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Scene 6
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Sunday Afternoon: Ian Sperms Will
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After all the accumulated fucking of the weekend, IAN wanted to share the happiness by dumping his own load. And (as always) cock-hound WILL was eager to help.

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Using his mouth and his ass, WILL gave IAN the relief he needed and IAN gave WILL the youngman jizz that WILL hankered for. And though IAN is clearly more at ease with getting his own hole porked by brutal studs, he throws WILL a fine fuck. And WILL squeals and moans like it's the last fuck of his life. A very satisfying end to a great weekend.

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This video documents a milestone that Ian Jay was ready to cross. From the first gentle fuck with Dan Fisk through to the end of his jizz-soaked weekend, Ian Jay has a don't-look-back, balls-to-the-wall attitude throughout this video that I'm sure you'll dig.

Lots of loads and heavy sweaty mansex. From beginning to end, this is a truly satisfying fuck-vid.

Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Ian Jay
Dan Fisk
Jerry Stearns
Brad Mcguire
And Derek Anthony

I have jerked off to the gangbang scene for the last 7 days. Ian jay is perfection.

tiger tyson
them late ness hoes sont got shit on us..... the twins of life...... second nature

Isaias Ramos Garcia
i realy truly envy Ian Jay for having so many men invading his pucker!

Best scene for me was the one with Roman. Love seeing that hot, hairy black man going after hot lil' Ian Jay. More focus on Roman and maybe a little less on Will (greedy little pig constantly in the camera's lens lapping up the fuck juices) would have made it even better!

Ian Jay is a god!

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