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ReleasedNovember 2014
Runtime54 minutes
DirectorPaul Morris

This edition of Cheap Thrills features hard driving TIM Exclusive DREW SEBASTIAN in three scenes that, until now, have been available exclusively to TIMFUCK members. To round out the movie. we added a sweaty, cum-filled bonus scene featuring DEREK PARKER and LOGAN STEVENS.

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Scene 1
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DREW SEBASTIAN can't resist going down for a taste of LOGAN STEVENS' fine dick before offering his own gullet-stretcher to the cock addict, giving him a preview of the violation his ass is in for. Rising to the challenge, LOGAN takes everything DREW dishes out, urging the topman on as DREW delivers a deep powerfuck and a satisfying white-hot load.

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Scene 2
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When SETH told us how hot he was to be the meat in a DREW & LOGAN sandwich, we had to make it happen. After SETH shows off his impressive dick to everyone, including our camera, the guys connect with some deep kissing. Then they get down to serious play with a frenzy of sucking, rimming, and fucking, and enough spooge for even the neediest cum junkie.

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Scene 3
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When LUKE BENNET heard DREW SEBASTIAN was into rope play, he jumped at the chance to be tied up for the TIM stud's pleasure. Suspended and bound, LUKE is still all smiles as they get started, eager for a taste of DREW's fabled dick. He doesn't need any help opening wide and deep throating DREW's enormous schlong but, as it escalates to a face fucking, the topman gives him a hand anyhow. Done with that hole, DREW moves to the other--and finally wipes the smile off LUKE's face as he pushes his monster cock all the way up the kid's fuck chute for a deep dicking.

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Buy Scene $6.00  

DEREK PARKER clearly belongs on his knees and on his back. LOGAN STEVENS takes advantage of the situation in this scorching Bonus scene. Logan eats DEREK’s furry ass, then pounds the fuck out of that hole while the insatiable bottom blissfully moans. DEREK’s a cumsloppy mess by the time all is said and done.

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Paul Morris


Drew Sebastian


Luke Bennet
Derek Parker

All hunk pls fuck me

So bad. There were no cumshots in scenes 1 & 2. They showed only the face which is boring. Scene 4 is good. Not worth the money. Could've been better.

I've shot loads up three guys so far while we watch this. Drew is one of the hottest there is, along with Lito Cruz, Biaggi and Dan Fisk. Now that I know Drew takes it up the ass too, I dream of hiring him just so I can recharge his hot ass and then whore out my partner's muscle bear ass to him

Matthew Cannon
love the showing off of these cocks. More please!

the best fucking is man to man hell yes

love the cock and men so much , love the holes seeded and sloppy ..

Jhon M
yo guys are to much hot, i wanns to be sny day there!!

thar 'ain't' nobody kin tuch Drew Sebastian 2day in porn,he has it all,long legs,a cock to match,aw man the voice,the beard and the attitude when he gets down to fuk

Drew Sebastian is the epitome of a masculine, hairy and virile man who aways delivers intense performances in his scenes. It is finally great to see a man who is the complete opposite of today's smooth men in gay films. Hope to see more scenes of Drew Sebastian as well as other mature and hairy men and less of smooth, hairless twinks and men.

Hile Drew Sebastian is not my type of guy, I appreciate that you make TIMFuck scenes available for the Cheap Thrills series. Couldn't you bring out a new Cheap Thrills film including 3 TimFuck scenes every month or every second month? Also: Please make the download-to-own scenes available from the beginning. I also don't undestand why the DVD is cheaper than the download? Burning the DVD is much more expensive than providing the download, isn't it?

Would love to see more of Drew's verbal, sexed up nasty talk like he did with Danny Blue. Right guys ? You guys know exactly what I mean. C'mon Drew……tell us what we all want from you stud.

Yeah! This is my dad; a very top man. I love you Drew, fuck me bareback. I want your cum deep, deep, into me...

Mmmm Drew Sebastian. I'm glad he's so prominently featured here because he's fuckin incredible. And actually, I think these are some of his best scenes: that 3some with Logan and Seth sizzles off my screen. Speaking of Logan, so awesome he's making the transition to a TIM regular. Bonus points that he's totally vers too. Also, drooling at Seth and Derek Parker too. More of them plz.

thxxxx for giving me Drew & Logan, just as I asked for months ago. Two of the very hottest and I will be buying this along with Breeding season 3 when it's released to add to my TIM collection. One major request---give us a full movie of studs who top and bottom---like Logan, Ethan Wolfe, Jack Allen, Danny Blue, Morgan Black, Chad Brock, etc. Let them top or bottom in different scenes or just flip-flop during a scene. Being a hot versatile man is totally the hottest!l! You haven't really given us this kind of movie yet---please make it happen---should be a big seller!

Fuck yeah - Drew! Nice guy. Fantastic body. Great fuck.

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