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ReleasedDecember 2017
MaterialEnamel & Nickel Plated Brass
DetailsHand-Crafted Die-Struck Metal
1.5" Wide
Rubber Clutch on Back

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Our latest TIM pin features our all new SEXTANT logo set in shiny gold against a black enamel background.

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They're sexy, distinctive, and tough as nails -- truly TIM-worthy collector items.

Produced in small batches and limited numbers, each of our deluxe metal pins are individually handcrafted:

A mold is die struck and enamel colors are filled into the recessed areas one at a time by hand.

Each enamel pin is then fired at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, hand finished and polished to bring out intricate design details.

Here's more than you ever wanted to know about the PIN MAKING PROCESS.

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