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ReleasedApril 2013
Runtime161 minutes
DirectorNick Moretti
ProducerPaul Morris

"Break me down and rebuild me." - Chad Brock

I team up with NICK MORETTI for a first-ever grand experiment, bringing together legendary stud BRAD MCGUIRE, ANTONIO BIAGGI, CHAD BROCK, MORGAN BLACK, and others, to push each other's boundaries, create memorable torment, and spread plenty of seed.

Get yourself ready for some twisted shit.
- Paul Morris

Scene 1
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When it comes to hole-destroying tops, look no further than TIM Exclusive BRAD MCGUIRE, who is tapped by NICK MORETTI to help tag-team submissive slut ROWDY MCBEAL. They beat ROWDY without mercy, nearly breaking his jaw. He's face-fucked, pounded on, spit on, and stuffed at both ends, yet he begs for more. The studs give it to him, dumping their loads into his brutalized hole. The sweaty beat-down leaves ROWDY bound on the floor, bleeding, and damaged.

Scene 2
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Ten, Sir

ANTONIO BIAGGI takes control of PATRICK O'CONNOR, delivering ten ass-bruising smacks that have PATRICK in tears. The fuck-toy then endures ANTONIO's scalding hot wax torment. Each blistering drop makes PATRICK tremble, his balls encased and swollen from the searing heat. Nearly ready to blow, ANTONIO dives into PATRICK's ass balls-deep, his fat nuts slapping hard and fast against PATRICK's hole until ANTONIO drops his load.

Scene 3
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Farm Boy

NICK MORETTI is just the guy to abuse naive farm boy TYSON JAMES. From their first encounter, NICK treats TYSON like crap, verbally abusing and slapping him roughly. I can see that NICK is in no mood to play. He really hurts Tyson.
But it's nothing compared to NICK's punishing fuck stick. TYSON’s smooth hole is stuffed and stretched as NICK pounds him relentlessly, dumping a thick load into the Ohio farmboy's busted-up guts.

Scene 4
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Manhulk ED HUNTER slaps, punches, bites and steps on PATRICK until the sub is marked up, hurting, and ready to serve. After skull-fucking PATRICK, ED squats on the sub's face, his massive ass cheeks smother PATRICK completely. Having worshiped ED's ripe hole, PATRICK is finally worthy of ED’s dripping cock. The beefy stud easily tosses PATRICK into a sling and drills him hard until they're both spent, and a little broken.

Scene 5
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MORGAN BLACK helps CHAD BROCK realize a few twisted fantasies. He tortures CHAD's nutsack mercilessly and inflicts scorching pain on the stud's torso. And if that's not enough, CHAD is immobilized and wrapped head-to-toe in plastic as MORGAN tears into his ass and fucks him like a rag doll. They finish in familiar territory for both men, banging away with CHAD shackled to a sling and MORGAN loading his hole with fresh sperm.


Nick Moretti


Paul Morris


Brad Mcguire


Chad Brock
Ed Hunter
Morgan Black
Nick Moretti
Patrick O'connor
Rowdy Mcbeal
Tyson James

Raoul August 19, 2015
I hate. by one word. SM or pain's definitely not my style.

I wish Dan Fisk is still active and in one of this doing Pat O'Connor. Hot top and bottom.

moises soares
the best . love sm

The best TIM vid ever made...great to see sm and bare backing together! I want more!

Very hot! Love to see Dan Fisk in the next edition!

For me, this is a step in the right direction. MORE!!!!!

I think Rowdy McBeal is the hottest bottom around.

roy rogerson
pain and male to male fuck fest umm im in heaven lol roy uk x

Scene 1 and 4 is hot and horny. Tough guys fuck sluts in the ground. Hard horny man sex.

Finally! Some real S&M with some real cum and men who want and need it

Dave Shaw
If I'd saved every load I've rubbed out watching TIM, I'd have at least a dozen buckets of sperm. They've been a godsend for this small-town jerk-off sex-addict.

I've been loyal to TIM for years and think they are by far the only studio worth my full support. They've stayed edgy and hot and show no sign of losing steam. I love you guys!!!

The length of some of the cocks that are eventually stuck into their bruised butts makes you expect the heads of those cocks to pop clear out of their screaming mouths! Copious “Cumshots” Extra.

solid bare fucking just like any "classic" TIM, and with an added BDSM twist. I think it's great you let Nick Moretti showcase his talents as a Director. Very cool. Way to keep it fresh.

Enfin !!!! Merci Moretti tu vas faire exploser nos bites avec la saveur des vrais jeux de mecs Bareback qui n'ont pas froid aux yeux. Voici un pur divertissement pour des mâles en rut. Un nouveau départ pour TIM. Il y a eu Bad influence de Liam Cole et maintenant il y aura Damaged Goods ! (Translation) Finally!! Moretti thank you you're going to blow our cocks with the flavor of real games Bareback guys who are not afraid of anything. Here's pure entertainment for males in rut. A new start for TIM. Bad influence there was Liam Cole and now there will be Damaged Goods!

Take some TIM men up your cunt. You'll know what being fucked really feels like. You're gonna cry, bleed and cum hard. Yeah. Then have a glass of milk and a sandwich. (I wanna write filthy reviews.)

Email I want to live this life style. I have never found it. If any of you in charge want to meet me I was made for this. I am tired of family bills friends. I am extremely in good shape and into myself all because I am a sex addict that likes it. If I could I would walk away from my life and just eat good work out and fuck and be the evil nasty fuck who would. I think you all could make cash on me while I enjoyed my life..... I am serious and nuts but not crazy.

You"nailed" it. Damaged Goods appears to be a twist on what we have seen and come to expect. But watching our heroes having done to them what they have done to others, would be unexpected and that is what I thought Treasure Island became famous (infamous?) for!

Dick Whitman
Fucking love watching Chad Brock get tortured in this one

looks like a totally new side of TIM!

Tiger Stripes
Don't get paid for a while, so this one is at the top of the list! Thanks to all at T.I.M.

Fuck yes! Finally, a raw BDSM movie with men actually into BDSM! Got sick of those fucking sites with mainstream pornstars faking it. Nick Moretti is my fucking porn idol. He can dish it out better than anyone and with him directing it you know this will be a fucking bareback masterpiece!

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