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ReleasedMarch 2006
Runtime118 minutes
DirectorDamon Dogg
ProducerPaul Morris
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The sexiest and happiest All-American Cum-Slurper is at it again! This time DAMON DOGG takes on the city of the Thunderbird: Phoenix.

To help him service all the cum-drippin' studs lined up and waiting, DAMON took along his sexy side-kick CHRISTIAN. If ever there was a young man with a natural-born talent for oral cock-worship, it's gotta be this cumpup!

Scene 1
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To get ready for the trip, DAMON first opened wide for the huge Black cock of NOTORIOUS D.I.C. - and our intrepid DOGG had to work hard and keep his jaw stretched way, way o-o-open for this chunk of stud-meat. For his happy efforts, DAMON's rewarded with two loads of hot juicy cum. DAMON was the first dude ever to blow this Black stud (yep ... he's married and has a coupla kids). NOTORIOUS D.I.C. had to admit, after shooting his second load, that DAMON definitely has the know-how that makes a man feel good.

Now, as you know, straight men are a lot like potato chips: it's mighty hard to eat just ONE. So after his initial taste-test, DAMON asked us to hook him up with another straight dude and we happily obliged. ALESSANDRO is a cocky hetero thug with charm to spare, and didn't think he'd enjoy getting sucked off by a guy. But DAMON wrapped those cock-hungry lips around that jism-filled baby-maker ... and before you know it, the guy is shooting a big ol' load down DAMON's waiting gullet.

Scene 2
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Early on in Phoenix, our casting guy made a mistake and booked THREE horny men for one blowjob session. But that didn't bother DAMON or his buddy CHRISTIAN. They just got down on their knees and set to work sucking three big, fat cocks all lined up in a row.

The three studs getting sucked had that happy glazed look in their eyes as their cockslaves licked and sucked and slurped until "squirt-squirt-squirt" right down our cocksuckers' throats went three fine fresh juicy loads. Happy and cum-filled, DAMON and CHRISTIAN savor the jizz, passing the cumloads back and forth, finally swallowing down every delicious drop of manjuice.

Scene 3
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Next, our cock-service lined it up so that both DAMON and CHRISTIAN were coupled EACH with his very OWN well-hung young man.

The pairings are exactly what cocksucking is supposed to be about: men thoroughly enjoying sucking and getting sucked. There's lotsa spit and drool and juicy youngman jism shot down the cocksuckers' throats.

Scene 4
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Sometimes a dick is so big it takes two mouths to treat it right and give it the necessary amount of tongue-worship. That's truly the case with SEAN HUNTER and his big ol' oversized fuck-tool.

You'll drool watching the dynamic twosome chow down on this prime piece of heavy-hangin' manmeat. This one's a treat to watch: a virtuoso duo on oversized skinflute.

Scene 5
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Our cum-cravin' boys split up for some outdoor cocksucking next, with DAMON sucking off smooth hung MARK in his Phoenix backyard. (Hey, is that the neighbor watching?)

CHRISTIAN meanwhile braves the sunny desert for a taste of the gigantic uncut throbber belonging to ETHAN SEXXTIN. Both our cocksucking dick-fanatics get blissed-out nursing thick cumloads out of their respective studs.

Scene 6
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DAMON and CHRISTIAN enjoyed the blowing in their first three-man BJ session so much, they begged for another bout. So we pulled together another trio of superstuds and let the boys at 'em. Crawling on their knees from one to another to another, our two insatiable cock-pups can't get enough of the bones offered by JOSHUA, BRIAN, and BROOK.

They work 'em until they're rewarded yet again with hot nourishing jizz-protein. Share and share alike is their motto, so the boys pass the sperm back and forth and share messy cummy kisses. Awwww!

Scene 7
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As their time in Phoenix drew to a close, we surprised CHRISTIAN and DAMON with a couple of the biggest cocks of the entire trip. We wanted their jaws nicely exercised before we sprung these behemoths on them! The first big'un swung heavily between the legs of a lucky hunk named ANGEL - with more than enough there to feed BOTH of our cocksuckers.

The second giant belonged to a young stud called BILLY. He let CHRISTIAN gag and suck, then choke and suck some more, on one of the biggest and most beautiful cocks in creation.

Even our cameramen were surprised at how well CHRISTIAN navigated the uncharted regions of this continent-sized choda.

Scene 8
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As much as he is an amazing cumdump, CHRISTIAN is also a consummate cocksucking jizz drinker as demonstrated in this tantalizing poolside blowjob. Kneeling at the foot of skater punk BILLY and his massive uncut meat, our resident cockhound worships the boys dick --- licking and slurping and begging to be fed a good load of Fresh Grade A sperm.

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You know how DAMON likes to give each and every one of his DAMON BLOWS AMERICA releases a very special touch. And in Volume 7: Phoenix, Arizona our cumhound has outdone himself. THE DOGG has included the technological marvel of Scratch-N-Sniff!! That's right - you'll be able to join him in his cock-hunt adventures through the miracle of modern science:

The World's FIRST Porn Scratch-N-Sniff!!

You'll feel like you're right there with DAMON and his buddy CHRISTIAN as they enjoy the sights, smells and studs of Phoenix.

This one definitely gets the Blue Ribbon. So grab that lariat, and wrassle up some sweet cocksucking delight - courtesy of the American Desert Southwest!

- Paul Morris

Scene 9
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Wrapping it all up, DAMON DOGG had something special waitin' for him the moment he got back to SAN FRANCISCO: PETE's MEAT. And in typically fine form, the DOGG chowed down on PETE VENTURI's big ol' dick and savored every veiny inch of that thick spooge-drippin' manhood.


Damon Dogg


Paul Morris




Damon Dogg
Dozens of Studs

jeff or fuklikamaniac January 14, 2017
I would of liked to be in this movie cause I prob lived in Phoenix at the time.

how about comeing to australia

just let me know when/if you set your sights on Toronto! YEE HAW
Our story begins with Damon going to "Notorious D.I.C.'s" house where he's watching straight porn. Damon starts sucking his massive member with his hot mouth and luscious lips. D.I.C. cums rather quickly, but Damon can't seem to get enough of that meat as he continues sucking and keeping it hard. Damon sucks the shit out of the piece of meat before him and brings him to a bigger climax than the first time, I believe. He sucks the hell out of it again to lap up all the manly juices and doesn't miss a drop.... Read the entire review at

me & my buddy marc...sittin nxt to me have seen different parts of this flick, and its got my buddy Marc so hot that jos dick is dripping wet. Marc said watching these scenes makes him want to service cock more than ever. will horny guys over 18 please call him.. make him service u like the faggot that he is... hes watching me type this and shaking his head yes.. he wants dick. hot phone jo.. 302 384 3436

Damon is the man. I want him to suck my cock sometime.

There are so many hot guys in Phoenix. I'm sure Damon had no problem finding a willing dick to swallow.

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