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ReleasedFebruary 2007
Runtime90 minutes
DirectorDamon Dogg
ProducerPaul Morris

The planet's favorite Cockhound is back. And in his wildest and most cum-drenched adventure yet, DAMON DOGG takes on the City of Angels. Crank up the lights, 'cause it's SHOWTIME for DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 8: Los Angeles.

And for this saga, DAMON took along his good buddy T.I.M. Exclusive CHRISTIAN to share the big cum-drippers. Both these happy cocksuckers ended up with their little bellies full, after guzzlin' down nearly a gallon of fresh L.A. jizz.

Famous world-wide for his cum-gummin' epic sex-sprees, DAMON outdid himself this trip out. There's more men, more big dicks, and more big jettin' spermloads slitherin' down the DOGG's eager gullet.

Scene 1
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DAMON couldn't wait to get started on the road, so as a warm-up he got a couple of guys in San Fran to let him blow them. First, sexy hairy-chested BUSTER busts a thick load of stud-spooge right over the Doggster's face and down his talented tongue.

And after that, horse-hung CORY BRANDON dropped in to give a serious warm-up stretch-out to DAMON'S throat with that big beautiful monster cock of his. DAMON got to swing happily on this over-sized choda, and was rewarded with a tasty load of man-goo.

Scene 2
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Driving down all the way to Los Angeles was a hard slog for DAMON to take - without sucking some hard dick. So he set up a quickie BJ by the beach, out in the open air, with a straight guy named RUSSELL. After some fine slurpity-slurpin', RUSSELL presents the DOGG with a big ol' multi-spurter shot straight down the trap.

Scene 3
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When DAMON and CHRISTIAN finally made it to L.A. they checked into a sizzlin' sleazy resort where guys have sex all day, 24 / 7. The two cum-sluts fit right in. DAMON hadn't even unpacked his bags before he ran into buddies TONY and RAY.

The DOGG happily shared RAY's dick with the accommodatin' TONY, the two men double-sucking until they got a big fresh load to snowball back and forth.

Scene 4
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Meanwhile, CHRISTIAN "entertained" a roomful of horny studs in need of release. One after the other, these L.A. dudes squirt big thick gobs of hot sticky sweetness all over little CHRISTIAN'S eager smiling mug. All this guy wants is cock, cum, and more of both!

By the end of the scene CHRISTIAN'S face is a mess of overlappin' sperm trails, and his tummy is swimming with a mixed-up happy-soup of semen.

Scene 5
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Later in his Southland stay, CHRISTIAN was joined by popular Los Angeles slutman ALAN GREGORY in blowing an awesome threesome of men. The group oral session ends in the two cock-lickers getting fed three huge overflowin' blasts.

And it turns out that both CHRISTIAN and ALAN share a passion for sharing loads, so there's plenty of nasty snowballin' going on throughout this scene.

Scene 6
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Out adventuring on his own, DAMON met up with a guy at a bar. Shy guy said he'd always wanted to get blown by DAMON DOGG, but didn't want to show his face on camera. DAMON was done down with that - the guy had one huge bloated cock loaded with spooge. And DAMON had a great time nursing and sucking on the big ol' thang.

Scene 7
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That evening, CHRISTIAN hooked up with major stud NICK HORN. While DAMON looked on grinning from the hot tub, NICK face-fucked poor CHRISTIAN without remorse.

After thoroughly stretching out CHRISTIAN'S mouth and throat, NICK awards CHRISTIAN the hot spermy goods. Like an ecstatic puppy, CHRISTIAN laps 'n' guzzles it all down, every last drop.

Scene 8
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Next morning the unstoppable CHRISTIAN was up 'n' at 'em again, ready to blow some more. Cockmaster LLOYD and hung, uncut ADRIAN were more than happy to oblige. While CHRISTIAN is the consummate cock-slut, luvin' every cock on the planet, you can see that he immediately falls for ADRIAN's long fat heavy-hangin' dong - with its thick overhang of foreskin.

This is some of the hottest cock worshipin' of the entire trip. It got so electric that, while shooting the action, DAMON got all worked up and had to pull out his own cock to feed it to the insatiable cumpup. And so CHRISTIAN ended up with MORE jizz in him than ever!


Rest assured Volume 8: Los Angeles still has all the fun bits DAMON's fans have come to know and love. Watch the extra footage of DAMON and CHRISTIAN acting like dorks in their visit.

With plenty of world-class full-throttle cock-gorgin' action to boot, this vid is also an epic and first-rate addition to the DAMON DOGG legend. Perfect "any-weather" fare for guys who truly love cocksuckin', this one's a sure-fire dick-spurtin' pleaser.

- Paul Morris


Damon Dogg


Paul Morris




Damon Dogg
Dozens of Studs!

Oh, man!! So many long, hard rails bouncing around in front of these two eager dong tasters! If only we could all enjoy the experience of load after hot, dripping load spattering our faces with fresh spermy goodness! Guess this is the next best thing. A good, long jerk-off session with eyes bouncing back n forth between these scenes and the smoking rod in your hands should yield a warm, fresh-squeezed mouthful of jizz. Enjoy yourself!!
Damon Dogg once again stars in the eighth entry of his series “Damon Blows America” This time Damon takes on Los Angeles. There are eight hot scenes filled with lots of cum swallowing and oral action. Scene one has Damon sucking on Cory Brandon before he leaves for Los Angeles. Cory has a huge dick and Damon easy takes it all into his mouth. Damon goes back and forth between sucking on his balls, and sucking on his dick. It doesn’t take long for Cory to get close, so Damon starts to stroke Cory until he shoots a huge load right into Damon’s mouth.... Read the entire review at

Christian and Damon certainly know how to suck dick. This is a great series.

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