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ReleasedJuly 2011
Runtime239 minutes (2 DVD's)
DirectorMax Sohl
ProducerPaul Morris

When we first released this landmark title as a two-parter back in 2005 and 2006, we knew it was destined to make porn history. And it did. Now, for the first time ever, we're giving you ALL FIFTY LOADS, combined for your ultimate pleasure in a single film.

The story is already a sex legend: a young man named DAWSON, with a disarming grin and perfect bubble butt, approached us wanting to spend an entire weekend taking loads, just to see how many he could get. The result was DAWSON'S 20 LOAD WEEKEND. Amid a storm of scandal and controversy, DAWSON's reputation as one of the cum-hungriest pig-bottoms EVER was born.

We weren't surprised when DAWSON told us he wanted to do it again. But this time he wanted to go even further: he was determined to more than DOUBLE the number of loads!

Our New York director MAX SOHL was only too happy to oblige, so he and DAWSON joined up in New York City to see if the handsome cumbucket could surpass his own record. For five days the insatiable DAWSON took load after load after load...

DAWSON, the handsomest and most innocent-looking cumwhore of our time, has completely given in to his lust for manjuice. And he's never shown off his total hunger like he does in this vid, with his fine little welcome-home nympho-hole twitchin' with anticipation whenever a loaded cock wanders into fucking distance. In DAWSON'S 50-LOAD WEEKEND, the uber-slut gets used and abused by a TRUCKLOAD of big-dicked, sperm-shootin' tops.

Scene 1
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On the Eve of the First Night
Click for larger image

Cum-starved DAWSON couldn't wait for the breeding to begin. We scheduled his first day as rest time after traveling to NYC, but he was having none of that. He called us up and started begging us to get things started. There's no way to resist DAWSON when he wants something--especially when that something is a fat, hard dick up that fine meat-hole of his. So Max got on the phone and invited MATT WALKER over. MATT said he'd be there in 20 minutes...

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But DAWSON couldn't wait that long! The world's favorite superslut zipped out, picked up muscle-top PAUL FRENCH, and talked the big lug into letting Max tape him sliming DAWSON's hungry, hungry hole with his fresh jizz.

Scene 2
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First Night
Click for larger image

When Max told DAWSON he was going to start the official fuck-sessions with a 5-man gang-breeding, the handsome All-American bottom grinned from ear to ear. When the men–FRANK AVALON, JOHN LINCOLN, ANDREW PETERS, PIGGREG, KID ROBERT–gathered around him, DAWSON thought he'd died and gone to Heaven.

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True to form, DAWSON threw himself into his work. Every time he took a load up his perfect ass and felt that spent dick sliding out, DAWSON's cock-desperate eyes immediately focused on the next dick that was gonna be porking him. This first gangbang of the weekend shows just how fuckin' voracious our dick-addicted DAWSON can be. He's the real deal, gents!

Scene 3
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Second Day
Click for larger image

In a scorching series of lust-driven pump-and-dump sessions, three tops– DADDY MARCO, KEVIN, and TOP100PERCENT–use DAWSON's amazing ass to get themselves off. The deep connection with DADDY MARCO contrasts perfectly with the way bull-men KEVIN and TOP100PERCENT mercilessly use DAWSON's butt like a human jack-off sleeve, just to work a load out.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

DADDY MARCO brings out the worshipful boy in DAWSON. These two fuck like an incestuous Daddy-Son team. You'll be surprised by the pure connection and intimacy that blossoms the moment DAWSON feels MARCO's big ol' daddy-dick slide into his cum-lubed fuckhole. And when DADDY MARCO pumps his seed deep inside his boy, DAWSON reaches that special place of cumdump nirvana.

Scene 4
Buy Scene $5.00  
Dawson's First Bukkake
Click for larger image

One of the things we're known for here at T.I.M. is giving our patrons what they ask for. And ever since DAWSON first appeared in one of our videos, we've been flooded with requests to have him suck off a roomful of hung studs. So Max assembled one of the hottest fuckin' groups of young men you've ever seen–JONATHAN BLUE, CORY BRANDON, GEORGE GLASS, HANK, ANTONIO MONTEZ, and many more–and DAWSON happily got down on his knees and started suckin' away.

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The kicker here is that DAWSON saves all the fuckjuice he sucks out of the big, swingin' dicks to use later as his personal butt-lube!

Scene 5
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Friday Night
Click for larger image

DAWSON finishes the first night of his historic spooge-a-thon with one of the most impressive male-on-male couplings we've ever seen. Our world-class cumbucket slut warms up with a couple of hot black studs, one of whom deep-fucks poor little DAWSON and thoroughly overflows his fuckchute with a huge load of Afro-spooge.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

Then AXEL BRENT takes over. AXEL flew into town expressly to give DAWSON an unforgettable fuck. This muscular alpha-stud uses his huge, uncut Italian schlong on DAWSON with such total mastery that the poor bottom is breathless afterward.

Scene 6
Buy Scene $6.00  
World's Finest Homemade Lube
Click for larger image

Every now and then, one of our editors comes across "lost footage" from our archive that absolutely must be seen. This gangbang is one such To soothe his over-worked fuckhole, and to get ready for the cock-onslaught of the rest of the weekend, DAWSON got some special cum-therapy (and deep-lubing!) from a familiar fuck-buddy: SETH SCOTT, expertly wielding a jizz-filled turkey baster.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

You'll love SETH's evil grin as he fills the baster, shoves it up DAWSON's raw hole–and slowly, slowly, slowly squeezes all the accumulated spooge from the cocksucking orgy the night before into the hapless bottom-man. Watch DAWSON's face as he feels his guts slowly fill up with warm man-juice: he's a man in ecstasy!

Scene 7
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Saturday Noon Gangbang
Click for larger image

Now lubed up with nature's best, DAWSON's cumhole is presented to a roomful of horsemen, all of them hard and horny and ready to make deposits in the DAWSON SpoogeBank.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

MATT WALKER and super studs KURT KAISER, SETH SCOTT, JOE SARGE, MARC SHORT, and TOM FINN pass DAWSON around, giving his cum-dripping bootie a hard 'n' raw workout that leaves him filled to the brim and spillin' over.

Scene 8
Buy Scene $4.00  
Saturday Evening in the Playroom
Click for larger image

With his guts all slime-filled, DAWSON meets up with KEVIN SLATER's 10-incher. Ever since he saw SLATER's deep-porking scene in PLANTIN' SEED 2, DAWSON had been begging to get that mammoth cock up his own ass–and when DAWSON wants a dick, he's gonna get it.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

SLATER is joined in this ass-pounding leather session by MARK SERGEANT and PAT JACKSON. The three men ride DAWSON's happy rump and pop their thick, juicy loads inside the poor whimpering bottom, leaving him full of more cum than ever.

Scene 9
Buy Scene $5.00  
Cum/Lube Warm-up
Click for larger image

SETH SCOTT's turkey baster trick shoved more spooge up DAWSON's ass than most mansluts take in a lifetime. But guess what? It wasn't nearly enough for DAWSON! He's ambitious and at this point in his cum-drenched weekend, he wanted a gallon more of the baby-makin' white wigglies inside him.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

So one of MAX's buddies brings in a cup filled to the fuckin' brim with 20 loads (now you know what to give DAWSON for his birthday!) and uses a funnel to fill DAWSON's whorehole until his guts are completely saturated with manjuice.

Scene 10
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Last Night - Anonymous Loads
Click for larger image

All loaded up and ready to go, two "Don't Show My Face" studs proceed to tag-team fuck DAWSON's stretched-out, cumslick, breedin' hole six ways to Sunday–squirting thick, generous loads and leaving a sweet dizzy DAWSON wondering if maybe, just maybe, he's taken on a challenge too big even for him.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

But never underestimate the driving lust of DAWSON and his sterling-class man-cooch. It's got an itch on and it's not ever gonna stop! So, after some deep-tongue super-fine ass-rimming, our guy DAWSON is right back on track and raring to get more cum up his swollen, gaping meat-hole.

Scene 11
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Room for Two More
Click for larger image

Next comes a rollicking three-way as DAWSON gets fucked by mohawked punkboy JACE HAWK and handsome cub TONY ROCCO.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

And in a surprise turn of events, DAWSON tops TONY and grinds in ball-deep before deep-sperming him, giving him a butt-full of DAWSON's patented funk-juice.

Scene 12
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Click for larger image

Just when DAWSON thought he was done, his cream-filled rosebud throbbing and whimpering from the pounding and punishment of the load-filled dong-dodging weekend, Max pulled out his secret ass-ault Weapons: mega-hung studs ANTONIO MONTEZ and JACK FOREST.

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

Now, it'd be real impressive to take even just one big-ol' swingin' dick the likes of these punishers. But when you've been ass-pounded and gut-punished by cock after cock after cock after cock all fuckin' weekend, you're REALLY gonna feel it when these two badboys take turns sliding in deep, deeper, deepest. But the studs aren't concerned with DAWSON's comfort level: they're strictly there to fuckin' enjoy what has to be the sweetest lil' manhole on the planet. (A word of WARNING: there are some surprises in this particular scene! Max always has something up his sleeve...)

Buy Scene $3.00  
Extras - Deleted Scenes & Loads & More

We've packed in some real hot bonuses that didn't make it into the main feature, including TOM FINN shoving his dick AND balls all the way inside DAWSON's welcome-wagon ass; and a bunch of "sloppy seconds" internal loads from the likes of JACE HAWK and TONY ROCCO.

Click for larger image

Then there's MAX's Breeding and Cumshot Review. This alone is worth the price of admission. DON'T MISS THIS! The first time I watched the entire Cumshot Review for DAWSON'S 50 LOAD WEEKEND, I was absolutely blown away. We're talkin' major jaw-dropper here, folks. If you want to appreciate the world-class slut that is DAWSON, watching this will do the trick. He is a force of nature.

Closing Out

I hear from men all over the globe asking me to make them "the next DAWSON." But I don't think anyone, anywhere, will ever come close to this young man's naked, unbridled, absolute cock-lust. And in DAWSON'S 50 LOAD WEEKEND, this charming cumbucket shows his stuff like nowhere else.

DAWSON'S 50 LOAD WEEKEND is a work of world-class smut that belongs in the porn collection of all cock-swingin' topmen and cock-worshipping, cum-craving bottoms. This one's a fuckin' winner!

Paul Morris


Max Sohl


Paul Morris




Paul French
Matt Walker
Andrew Peters
Kid Robert
Frank Avalon
John Lincoln
Daddy Marco
Jonathan Blue
Tony S
Cory Brandon
Antonio Montez
George Glass
Axel Brent
Kurt Kaiser
Seth Scott
Marc Short
Joe Sarge
Tom Finn
Tony Rocco
Jack Forest
Jace Hawk

Slutzilla January 14, 2016
DAWSON IS HOT AS FUCK!! Would love to give that cunt a fuckin' it will not soon forget!!

does anyone know the name of the film or Dawson is getting f***** by the hot daddy on the beach?

Johnny P
Dawson helps me to ooze lots of precum that i frequently lick off my fingers while watching his enjoying major man-sex in every form.

Only 50 loads? What - does his weekend start on a Tuesday?

maika scheuer
he's on top, i love Dawson's sexy innocent hot look....

Michael Carmona
Sexy Dawson will always be the champ of getting FUCKED and breed by all the HOT men on TIM. Love to own the video and get plowed like him. Possibly be in the industry.

I love Dawson

the best scene ever made in bukkake cum-eating category. Keep swallowing that cum!!

I love to watch Dawson,he just love a cock. He's a pro. This movie shows him at his best loving cock!

Michael O
fucking awesome films! my hole gets wet just thinking about all that seed!

I am mostly bottom, but would love to top this guy. I have watched this one several times. Worth the money all the way. OINK OINK

Gotti Mane
Dawson was the reason I started watching TIM. The dude is beautiful and a pure freaky sex machine. My dick get's hard just watching him smile. I hope he has something new cumming soon.

I need to be breed and seeded

Is Dawson alive and well, Where is Dawson? More videos please...

Mark McCormick are a fucking awesome and an inspiration to us all....thanks PS...I'm kinda jealous that you get to swallow all that cum

dereka miller
hot fuck flick!

Dawson is the man. So beautiful. All the other guys are hot too.

Jack Daniels
A classic!

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