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ReleasedAugust 2015
Runtime155 minutes
DirectorMax Sohl
ProducerPaul Morris

Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.

FUCK HOLES 3 breaks the boundaries of queer porn as the first ever inter-gender porn flick.

Gay men breeding gay men, a cis boy breeding a t-girl, an over the top gay cum loading gangbang, my first ever straight creampie scene shot for gay eyes.

For those of you who say you want more INTERNAL cumshots – FUCK HOLES 3 is for you. The cum is OVERflowing. 139 loads of jizz. Most of them injected right into holes.

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RYAN CUMMINGS refuses no load when he takes on a room full of horny tops most of who cum right INSIDE his hole – that’s before and after he is inseminated with a bottle of saved loads he brought with him. Featuring TIM fan favorites TONY BISHOP and SAM BRIDLE and more.

LUKAS CIPRIANI is loaded up by TOMMY DELUCA’s 10 x 7 huge cock so that his hole can be good and cummy before top man of the century ROCCO STEELE’s 10 x 7 huge cock can breed the boy good.

SAMI PRICE takes a load directly in her hole from the one and only Yaegerman ROB YAEGER in our first trans scene.

FLYNN EVANS uses not one power hole but two when he takes on all the fuck holes of KYLE FERRIS and ELI LEWIS.

And then there is “The Whore Next Door” SIOUXSIE Q - who gives all cumdumps on the planet a run for their money - when she takes multi loads up her butthole from GAVIN GREENE, JESSE JAMES, LUCAS KNIGHT, GAGE SIN, and MICHAEL VEGAS. Trust me the girl lives up to her name.

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Already controversial just based on the release of the trailer:

“Don’t want pussy or tits in my porn. TIM is the sacred world of real pure gay hedonism. This totally fucks that up.” – bigrawtop

“I gotta say it's fucking HOT that TIM is including women and trans folks. TIM stands for hot, raw, natural sex.” – MC

“It doesn't matter to me. I just like to watch people fuck.” – CLD

Keep an open mind. FUCK HOLES 3 is unlike anything you have ever seen before because it’s never been done before. Look at the above 5 holes closely. I bet you can’t even tell which are gay, trans or straight.


Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.
Scene 1
Buy Scene $7.00  

Ryan Cummings, Darrell Bass, Tony Bishop, Sam Bridle, Erik Hassan, Saul, Toby Nelson, Yury, James X, Kobra X and many more.

Click for larger image

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

RYAN CUMMINGS is a fuck hole that literally travels the world taking loads from just about anybody. He sets himself up in cities with a digital load taking counter and starts spreading the news on social media and hook up sites that his hole is available for public use. These breeding parties are infamous.

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I got him in a sleazy NYC hotel room, signed up a couple of TIM men like TONY BISHOP and SAM BRIDLE and then got the word out that the hole was taking loads.

When RYAN showed up with a bottle filled with 110 loads of cum, I knew all bets were off.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

18 men show up to breed him and I asked them all to get that scum deep in his hole with no pulling out. A third of them went running for the hills when they got a whiff of the bottle of saved up loads. If you have never experienced the stench of 110 saved cum loads it is a damned shame we couldn’t present this in smell-o-vision.

As one guy said to me afterward – “I didn’t sign up for that”.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

So how many loads does RYAN take? There’s only one way to find out. Oh. Did I mention RYAN is a multi-orgasmic cummer? Presented without further comment. It IS Fucking Crazy

Scene 2
Buy Scene $6.00  
LOADING ZONE - Lukas Cipriani and Tommy Deluca

Click for larger image

LUKAS CIPRIANI came to town to get fucked by ROCCO STEELE. I recruited TOMMY DELUCA and his colossal cock so we could get the fuck hole full of a fresh load of sperm.

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TOMMY knows how to make good use of a hole. And LUKAS’ is damn near perfect. TOMMY becomes obsessed and fixated on the hole. He works it open with his tongue and fingers because he KNOWS he’s got a big dick and he also knows he is there to fuck, breed and get it cummy.

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Scene 3
Buy Scene $6.00  
SLOPPY SECONDS - Lukas Cipriani and Rocco Steele

Click for larger image

Enter ROCCO STEELE. This is a good one.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

ROCCO STEELE is The Hole Whisperer and LUKAS CIPRIANI's hole likes a big dick. He takes ROCCO’s motherfucking massive one like a champ. He sucks it, gets pounded by it, rides it and eventually is totally impaled by it.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

But this is ROCCO STEELE. You know he’s going to mark his territory -- because that is what he does -- and leave a fuck hole filled with cum.

Scene 4
Buy Scene $6.00  
TRANS GIRLS CIS BOY - Sami Price and Rob Yaeger


Click for larger image

ROB YAEGER talked to us on the TIM Blog as part of the I AM series. He mentioned an online flirtation he was having (fuck you twitter), and one of his biggest fantasies was to breed a transgender porn star named SAMI PRICE.

There is nothing I love more than to make someone’s fantasy cum true.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

SAMI PRICE is an inspiration. Tattooed and pierced, she showed up in NYC with a backpack and a skateboard ready to get fucked. She’s too cool for school if you ask me – the kind of chick you wanna hang out in a bar with and toss back a few brews. If the sight of her gorgeous and stunning tits are going to throw you off don’t be fooled. She wants the load as much as any other TIM fuck hole.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

The chemistry between these two is contagious and you are going to LOVE watching the YAEGERMEISTER breeding SAMI's hole. Right before she shoots her load all over the hot ginger man.

Scene 5
Buy Scene $7.00  
RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT - Flynn Evans, Kyle Ferris, and Eli Lewis

Click for larger image

FLYNN EVANS - our dick from down under - is back taking on the two power holes of ELI LEWIS and KYLE FERRIS.

This sizzling 3-way has the two cum hungry bottoms competing over FLYNN’s massive Aussie cock. FLYNN rims both butts getting them nice and wet for his dick.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

The holes line up and take turns on that big meat, alternating between getting pounded and riding it one hole after another. When the time comes for FLYNN to breed the boys they pile on top of each other and EVANS manages to get his sperm into both eager asses, leaving no hole unsatisfied.

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Scene 6
Buy Scene $9.00  


Click for larger image

I have wanted to shoot a straight scene for years. In 2006, DAWSON told me I had to watch two movies called "50 Guy Creampie" and "65 Guy Creampie". A little known fact, DAWSON only watched straight porn back then. The fascinating thing about these movies is there are moments you can’t even tell it’s a chick getting nailed. It’s just a hole. DAWSON wanted to do something like it and THAT became the inspiration for LOADED.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

So here it is. My first straight scene starring the divine SIOUXSIE Q. Filmed on DAWSON’s birthday. Which also happens to be SIOUXSIE Q’s birthday. Shot in the same room as DAWSON'S 20 LOAD WEEKEND.

The convergence of the Porn Gods is upon us.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

SIOUXIE immediately felt like a TIM whore. She was perfect and oh my god what a fucking cumdump pig slut. Seriously. Then there are her banshees.

I adore GAGE SIN . I pretty much shot a load in my pants when he said he would cum out to do the scene. MICHAEL VEGAS and GAGE’s cocks are the other stars of this scene. Like the ringleader breeders from hell these guys know how to use a hole. You’ve seen LUKAS KNIGHT and GAVIN GREENE and their huge dicks in some gay stuff. They both shine here, especially when they are double fucking Siouxsie. Add in JESSE JAMES and it is a pack of wild alpha-dom animals fucking and dumping loads.

“Those straight guys are on my Christmas list.” – KYLE FERRIS

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

SIOUXSIE tried to describe the feeling of getting gangbanged. The high fueled levels of testosterone of men using a woman – really BREEDING her - and the woman loving every single second of it. You can feel that in this scene.

“Honestly that's a little too degrading to the female race for me, too many dicks.” – Robert

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

If you have never watched straight porn, then check this out. I shot it for you guys to jerk off to. As SIOUXSIE Q recently said, “The focus is on the dudes”. If you already do and you like the sight of straight men fucking the hell out of someone and filling holes with cream, you are gonna love this.

Bonus Scene
Buy Scene $8.00  

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RYAN CUMMINGS finishes up his TIM session by having the rest of the stored up cum injected up his hole by TONY BISHOP. Fully loaded, latecomer ERIC KLEIN dumps a final fresh load up his hole.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

I believe porn is an artform. I believe all good porn is good porn. I came of age watching pre-condom video and when I discovered Treasure Island Media I felt like I had found the one cult that was tearing down the status quo of mainstream porn. The division that existed between gay condom porn and bareback porn in the 2000’s always seemed stupid. Straight porn wasn’t using rubbers so why was gay porn?

Bottom line, it’s all just porn, right?

"Create a path where there wasn’t one, or where it had perhaps been covered.” – Stephen

"I just hate when gay men are resistant to new things. I never thought I would like straight and trans porn and now I'm addicted." – Anonymous

The creation of a queer porn movie intended for gay men featuring gay, trans and straight people seems like a natural evolution to me. Not to mention, it’s fucking HOT.

Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.

--- Max Sohl


Max Sohl


Paul Morris


Darrell Bass
Tony Bishop
Sam Bridle
Lukas Cipriani
Ryan Cummings
Tommy Deluca
Flynn Evans
Kyle Ferris
Gavin Greene
Eric Hassan
Jesse James
Eric Klein
Lucas Knight
Eli Lewis
Toby Nelson
Sami Price
Siouxsie Q
Gage Sin
Rocco Steele
Michael Vegas
Rob Yaeger
James X
Kobra X

Dirty danny October 27, 2016
Ryan Cumm ings.. Wow.. don't understand why those chaps left coz of the smell of cum!!??

Gary April 10, 2016
Cant say the movie was bad. The first two scenens were good. Realy wanted to see the Bi 3 dvd's were defective. Never got one that played past second scene.

UnPapi March 8, 2016
If you like straight porn or tranny porn and get hard by it, you're the kind of MAN I WILL NEVER want to go out with. Im over this bisexual bullshit. Trash!

roy rogerson November 7, 2015
im very impressed as sex and fantasy go in hand to those out there that think narrow they need to remember varity is the spice of life

xander October 23, 2015
grow up guys. trans is cool and though i likely wont watch the straight scene, i'm honestly not sure bc i still havent even made it through all of the ryan cummings gangbang. i try and try, but its so fucking hot

inside_man September 13, 2015
Fuck the haters. Fuck Holes 3 was smokin hot INCLUDING the straight and trans porn. TIM has long expanded the sexual horizons of its audience; glad that you continue to do so--even if it's in way your audience might not expect. I wanna see a big cock fuck a hole--an ass or a pussy is fine with me!!

André September 8, 2015
I would never buy a video with straight porn ...never ...never... it is a pity that inside this tape there is a video with Ryan Cummings ... I would always pay to see his cumhole but not this time ...sorry Ryan.

Larry August 31, 2015
I bought this DVD for 2 people: Flynn Evans, and Ryan Cummings. I like them for VERY different reasons. Ryan is such an insatiable cum pig that I would LOVE to load him up one day. Flynn brings out the bottom boy that’s dormant in me. I would bend over for him in a heartbeat. I think I blew 3 loads to Ryan’s scene, and 4 to Flynn’s scene already and I’ve had it since Thursday. I’m glad to see they have the balls to include different types of porn in their videos. Obviously there’s a market out there for all types and they are forward thinking enough to include it. Not many studios have the courage to do it. Their porn isn’t for every generic homo and I fucking love them for that. I can also see why they’re receiving some backlash which I don’t 100% understand. Go on and they have all types listed next to each other and no one freaks out about that. Keep on rocking TIM! I will be a loyal fan for life no matter what the fuck you produce. Also, if you can send me Ryan’s and Flynn’s info you would make me one happy homo!! LMAO!

crew August 31, 2015
no way!!! I'm not ordering this film after seeing that there is straight porn in it... I am not paying for straight porn! What the hell! have you ever seen two men fucking each other in a straight movie??? Of course not! It is a straight movie! What I expect from a gay porn site is gay porn, not that shit...

Sebastian August 21, 2015
so also like fucks in Germany :-) :-p

Nautilus August 20, 2015
LOVE Kyle Ferris, I would love to fuck him very hard and breed him all night long. Love the other gay scenes, but you guys FUCKED it up adding the trans and the straight scene. No, a hole is never just a hole. NO. Let go of the trans and straight/bisexual crap. I don't want to see that. Im a gay man and like to see other men fucking men. I wonder if straight studios will ever add a scene of men fucking each other. Of course Not! Well, why do we have to see straight scenes on Gay porn? Fuck no. Saw this movie from a friend who has it. Would not pay for it after seeing the trans and straight scene.

billy August 20, 2015
while a couple scenes aren't for everyone, I skip scene 4. Also I'm cool with guy's squirt, I just don't bottle it up and save it for injection at a later date. LOVE the straight gang bang, always loved str8 porn. TIM always produces good stuff and FH3 is no exception. A must have for TIM fans.

Billy Flynn August 19, 2015
This video has it all and as a cum pig myself...I can say TIM has outdone themselves. More cocks and hole and I love the hot pussy action. She loves taking it deep and I know how she feels. Would love to bttm for any of those studs. Kudos to Max Sohl for making the hottest fuck film I've ever seen. TIM pushes boundaries and I can't wait to see what they come up with next

Raoul August 19, 2015
I hated this time, sorry. Happily hadn't ordered the movie without watching the preview.

Gareth August 19, 2015
no. not his time. don't like to see a women in such a studio's work. not at all.

SoCal Musician August 18, 2015
For the past 5 years, I have been thinking whether I may actually be bisexual. Not just gay. After watching the preview and seeing the chick part....I now know. I'm for sure 100% gay.

RUmyDaddy August 16, 2015
I love this movie. Yes, the trans scene and chick gang bang may not be for everyone - but you gotta respect that girl, she takes a load like a champ. I have shot quite a few loads to this one already :)

Andres August 15, 2015
I dont like to watch guys fucking a woman. All i want is a MANHOLE taking cocks and cum. I have all of the other films, except this want. :-(

John Brixton August 13, 2015
Gay porn should be just that. Gay porn. Females have no business in it. Push all boundaries you want, this is a wake up call TIM. All you bi people that like this, good for you. I have no need to see female parts. Skip the video? Why should I have to? And I would definitely not watch my favorite actor do a chick. A hole is not just a hole especially when it's on a female. Any gay man knows this.

Thomas Mann August 12, 2015
A smorgasbord of variety that celebrates sexuality in all it's various form. Or almost all anyway. Inclusive, hot, and definitely boundary and hole stretching. Well done.

Alphaxxx August 11, 2015
Hot hot hot! As a fellow reviewer said, the only thing missing is a FTM scene. I would really LOVE to see a bunch of TIM studs gangbang and breed a hot FTM. Keep up the good work!

Doug August 11, 2015
Watched the preview and it's a miss for me. I'm in it for the muscled masc men breeding man ass. Pass.

TJ August 11, 2015
The HOTTEST preview I've seen in years. Rocco has always been one of my favorites and to watch him pound Lukas...I don't think I'm even gonna make it past that scene. I'm also gonna make the guy I've been seeing for the last year and a half save his loads so he can inject them in me...such a hot idea, and NOTHINGS better than a raw gang bang. One hot movie.

A.J. August 11, 2015
Ah finally we take the phrase " a hole is a hole" to a new level. Just the preview of this video alone got me all hot and bothered. My goal is to get through this entire movie but i keep shooting loads left and right. Thank You T.I.M. for finally pushing the limits. Sex is Sex and good fucking is always appreciated this way. If we keep going to this extreme, then i may have to sign up to be in the next flick. Hows that for a deal. If you like this movie please reach out to me, you sound like my kinda buddy. Ok time for me to go back and watch more. So much cum, sweat, spit, holes and great fucking....

Dawson fan August 10, 2015
@Lucas - hahaha u don't even get it that's how dawson's 20 load weekend starts - it's the same window except with Siouxsie Q looking out it major awesomemess

top dawg August 10, 2015
This is ground-breaking porn. TIM has outdone itself. I hope they keep on pushing limits like this. The only thing this was missing was an FTM scene.

Lukas August 10, 2015
Ryan`s gangbang break down interruptly after 28 Minutes. Why? The end titles shows a girl/lady which moves than and smile into the camera? I think this is too much . What has this to do with the T.IM. we know from all the years? Scene 4 and 6 did make me horny. Only the body of Lucas Knight fixing makes me a little happier. Well, this movie is not the best in the history.

dickcoxx August 9, 2015
I've buy TIM DVDS as they come out because of the cutting edge energy. Fuck Holes 3 pushes the boundary of gay sex is thought to be. Straights have a lot to learn from gay men and freeing the inner pig in all of us makes for happier people. Please keep pushing sexual boundaries. Those who are easily offended need to get offended more often!

Tony Lopez August 9, 2015
I agree to each his own, But this is one of Tim's video"s that I will pass on. I really do not like the mixing of the Females TS ETC at all. Tim If you are going to start pussing this type of video it should stand alone. :(((((.. I always by Tim's videos just because his name is on them :)) ... that will no longer be the case, I'M so very sad to say.

Rich August 8, 2015
Well, straight scene is okay for me. Some guys from Brazzers (for example) can really fuck an ass way better than some gay pornstars... But FH3 wasn't as good as FH1 or FH2, something is missing... Rocco Steele (IMHO) is boring, he is in every studio and you can clearly see that he can't cum (check the videos from his new site). He could easily be replaced by Brad Mcguire. And about Ryan Cummings: you did a great job, almost as good as our beloved Dawson! =D

Vince August 8, 2015
Good grief, guys. OK, so if your-favorite-movie-star, let's call him Brad, was in a sex tape with a woman, would you NOT watch it because he's not screwing a dude? Of course you'd watch! I would. Same here. From the trailer, the dudes with Souxie are hot, so I'll watch them fuck. No problem. It'll be just like when I was watching my dad's str8 pornos as a kid, except these guys aren't just there to show off the girl, they're the whole fucking point, so to speak. It's also way cool that these dudes know gay guys will be watching them. So maybe they're way cool, maybe they'd let you sit in the room and watch, or maybe they'd get into that whole "breeder/fag" headspace (and trust me, there's LOTS of gays into being dominated by str8 guys). In any case, kudos to TIM for expanding into new frontiers! Will I want this in every movie? No. But it's way cool as something to add into the mix once in a while.

Logan August 8, 2015
Count me in with the progressive queers and not the elitist bitchey gays. I've already shot 5 loads my dick hurtz from dis movie.

Eric August 8, 2015
I completely and totally 100% disagree with the review by Michael. What I love about every TIM movie is that they are different and they are relevant. I have been watching Max's movies since he blew me away with Dawson's 20 Load Weekend and he has kept on doing it for more than 10 years. If he has wanted to shoot a straight scene for so long I am happy to watch what he came up with. And as someone who watches a LOT of straight porn this one was awesome - I love getting to see all the men for a change instead of getting headless dick shots. The movie across the board has some amazing internal cumshots. LOVE IT and look forward to whatever Max comes up with next. As far as the comment about Liam's movies that has nothing to do with this one - personally I am not into the drug culture of gay life so if that is your thing than power to you but I would rather stick with good breeding.

Thick7One August 8, 2015
I have purchased every one of TIM Videos... as I feel they are the BEST on the market... I was waiting for the release of this one too,BUT and after seeing the trailer for it .. THIS ONE WILL NOT BE one IN MY COLLECTION ....Always felt that TIM was the BEST GAY NASTY SEX videos around... THIS does NOT meat your EXCELLENCE in GAY PORN....SORRY ...

Michael August 7, 2015
I've just bought Fuck Holes 3. I actually tend to buy every TIM bareback release, because even if I don't like the entire movie, there's at least 1 or 2 scenes that make up for it. It's true in this case too - the Ryan Cummings & Rocce Steele scenes were pretty decent. I'm all for TIM pushing pornographic boundaries.. the cutting scene in Breeding Season 3 wasn't to a lot of people's taste, but I appreciated that you were trying to stay fresh and relevant to the kind of sex guys are having in their bedrooms (and baths, dungeons et all). One thing we're not doing though, is fucking women. I actually agree straight porn can be kinda hot (especially gangbangs), but I'm usually extremely selective with it. It's also produced by straight porn companies, so you know what you're getting yourself into (in definition, because there's guy on girl action). For TIM to release straight porn, and yet still call itself a gay porn company is totally redundant. I read in some of the advertising for the movie that TIM stands for "hot, raw sex" or something. I get that women (trans or cis) are only featured in 2 scenes, but I'm not even sure what TIM stands for now that it includes straight porn. The evidence is in the fact I watched those 2 scenes completely soft, but I certainly feel a whole lot less gay and masculine after the fact. FH3 does a complete disservice to it's younger fan base as well (I'm 24, and remember watching TIM films when I was 16 because it was the only porn that represented my sexual fantasies). Imagine a 16 year old now, wanting to see their rawest and most debauched sexual desires played out. I can't imagine it helping us young men identity our sexuality and masculinity, when the entire world is shoving it's heteronormative "straight" ideal down our throats (least of all coming from a notorious gay porn company). Liam Cole seems to get it, and I've loved absolutely every film he's ever put out. I'm looking forward to London Cum Junkie later in the year (it will actually feature an all-guy cast!), but this was extremely disappointing to say the least. If you offered refunds on any of your films, I would hands down be at the front of the line for this one.

Biguncutredhead August 7, 2015
I have purchased every DVD you have put out. Chicks with dicks and pussy? Smells of desperation. Not interested.

Human Behavior August 7, 2015
I know you guys were trying to take a huge risk here, but perhaps the trans and straight scenes would have been best suited as the bonus scenes? Those scenes likely appeal to a limited part of the TIM audience and dedicating a third of the film to them can be very disruptive to the mood for those of us who really do not enjoy them at all. Given the popularity of the Fuck Holes films, I also wonder if the introduction of the trans and straight scenes might have been more appropriate for another TIM film. No problem with you guys doing trans or straight scenes, but it was certainly disappointing to see that a whole third of the latest Fuck Holes flick would be a total boner-softener for me. Maybe those scenes should have their own film similar to Damaged Goods which also appealed to a smaller subset of your audience.

D August 7, 2015
well, I just like gay sex. I dont like others

Pig-Jussi August 6, 2015
What I saw - I liked idea. I m 100% gay and even can't fuck women, but I have sucked cocks and guys have fucked me so that they girl friends have watched and took pics and vids too. Somehow I have enjoyed those situations very much.I don't watch hetero porn, but I will buy this DVD. I m big TIM fan.

Eddie August 6, 2015
Love this new video man. really progressive and hot. just had 3 of my biggest fantasies in one vid. Gonna keep me hard for days.

Peter August 5, 2015
I am gay. I dont like female anatomie for sex.

Brendan August 1, 2015
this trailer looks hot! I got a boner watching it. I love TIM and I'm glad to see you're including Trans scenes. I watch straight porn just as much as gay porn so I'm glad to see I won't have to change the DVD to get my fix of gay and straight stuff. Bravo! If you don't like to watch straight porn skip that scene. Simple as that. I watch DVD's all the time where I skip to my favorite scenes. These queens need to calm the fuck down!!! By the looks of the trailer there's enough hot gay breeding in this to satisfy anyone.

JcMiami July 31, 2015
The preview felt like an experiment to gauge reaction but I think this one is a failure. The pool of bareback gay porn performers is small and even smaller for those gutsy enough to want to be in a TIM flick. Mr Sohl threw the net out there to see what audience he'll capture. Extreme "strr8" bareback porn movies have been happening for decades in str8 porn. I didn't see this scene as a shocker but more of unnecessary

Buddy July 31, 2015
Y'all need to quit hating. The whole idea of queer culture is to embrace the taboo and fucking bone up to whatever turns you on. Quit pushing your own idea of what to define a gay because the truth is that's the most heteronormative thing you could do. FH3 is fucking hot!!!

Kevin July 31, 2015
As much as I love to see raw cocks ramming holes im a little disappointed. I'm still waiting to see a good breeding gangbang like in full tilt.

mick July 31, 2015
I keep seeing people complain about pussy? That whore is getting nothing but hot loads of cum shot deep in her asshole...... TIM will always make breeding vids., but for once let the bisexual ass bandits watch the most hardcore video of ass fucking ever made, You love fucking str8 cock but god forbid u start hating the people living a fucking lie but are addicted to ass fucking!!!!!!!

gizmo July 30, 2015
I was looking forward for the part 3, and here such a disappointment. Straight/trans sex in gay porn? Seriously? I ain't buying this one for sure.

Tonny July 29, 2015
This is a shit of movie. I don't like straight porn, i don't like pussy. That's why i hate so much bisexual people. TIM is not a bisexual company, is a gay company, or not? FUCK YOU ALL BISEXUALS, TRANS AND EX-GAY MOVIMENT.

Pietro July 28, 2015
I believe it is QUEER porn.

Tony July 28, 2015
Looked VERY good up until the women and trans preview showed. Definitely not purchasing this sadly. This should be under its own category. To each his own, but this is not gay porn. The majority of Straight people don't want to see gay people going at it and I'd rather not see straight people going at it. Should definitely be put in another category so when guys that just want to see guys only see guys. Quite disturbing.

Addy July 28, 2015
I'll keep my own counsel on the more esoteric scenes until I've seen the whole film. But, if the pre-release is anything to go by, this is red hot. Why aren't you making more of Flynn Evans, TIM. He might not be the most beautiful model on your books, but by gosh is he a sexy fucker. His verbal alone in the pre-release almost got me off. I adore his long lean body and that tache. I could watch him fuck for hours and not get bored. More, more, more of Flynn please.

joefresh July 27, 2015

bigway July 26, 2015
Looks hot as fuck! August 5th!

Virp July 26, 2015
Mr. Sohl, I just won't be able to patronize your particular vision in this entry. The female anatomy is not my interest. Porn featuring either females or transgender persons (either way) is not my idea of "gay raw porn." Straight and transgender porn are not "wrong" or "bad," but at the same time, they do not appeal to all. I am offering this opinion without rancor or negativity,and merely as a long-term client and fan of TIM. Thanks for noting this comment.

AlThngsCnsdrd July 25, 2015
FUCK YEAH!! guys, we don't all like the same kinds of porn and I appreciate TIM pushing the boundaries of sexuality and what (even gay men) find exciting. This one is HOT!! Keep pushing the envelope...I'm buying this one, for sure and can't wait to see what you fucked up guys do next (psstt...amputees are super hot)...

gpumper July 25, 2015
It's automatic. I am buying the full movie as soon as it is released. Love that all fuck holes are featured.

Jack July 24, 2015
what a fucking brilliant idea to do gay, trans and straight fucking breeding in one fucking movie. You guys are fucking geniuses. i just hope there are lots of internal breeding.

AdrianXXX July 24, 2015
TIM always knows how to get my fucking rocks off. Love watching these talented men fuck and share cum. Couldn't be a better display of RAW HAPPY CUMPIGS. TIM IS THE ONLY XXX SHIT A REAL CUMPIG NEEDS. HAPPY SEEDING BROTHERS. XOXOXO

sexyfuck4me July 23, 2015
Okay that was some fucked up shit!!! HOT!!! If the rest of the film is this good then here's my $$$$$$ I actually prefer straight porn... the guys are usually hotter with bigger dicks so i can't wait to see the rest. #jizzonmykeyboard

Jake July 23, 2015
Oh yes, because when you think of the RAW MAN SEX that TIM's worked on building a name with, you think of straight porn and twinks. Holy crap you guys are so insanely out of touch with your customer base. Has the well dried up now that every studio is doing bareback?

archerpup84 July 23, 2015
As a long time fan of Max Sohl, I think we all need to take a breath and relax. Guys, this is Fuck Holes 3 here. This installment in the series has been long awaited by all I'm sure. Do we think he is just throwing in some pussy straight porn for lack of material? Hell no- we are meant to see these cocks in full fucking glory- no matter the hole. I'm not saying you have to love these scenes but don't write off a whole film because of 2 scenes- I downloaded the pre release- its a winner

Jon July 23, 2015
Well this is something I wasn't expecting. I can accept it for the pure demonstration of fucking that it is. I find the use of women questionable. But I'm all for a "world first" in that it is a "super inclusive" movie. I disagree with the titling however. It would have been best if it was just called "A hole is just a hole" v.s. Fuckholes 3 as it's quite a turn from the already established line of Fuckhole films.

musclewhore July 23, 2015
Seriously Max Sohl? Do we need to see tits and pussies on a TIM movie??? Please don't. And don't make the fans change their feelings about the actors by forcing them to fuck pussies. If anyone wants to watch bi or straight porn, there's thousands of videos in the web.....why? why on TIM? You are an amazing porn director.....don't spoil the party what you know to do because you do it great....Not this shit....

Tom July 22, 2015
OH FUCK YES! As a gay dude that watches straight porn as well I can't wait to watch this one! Fuck the haters! They have a million other DVD's they can watch. Leave this one to the people who want to watch it!!

Dave July 22, 2015
Guess I won't be buying this one as well Pity

brazilianvirginwhore July 22, 2015
I really don't like the pussy on it, let them fuck a both leg amputed man, a def one, but not a fucking pussy. Doesn't feel right.

bigrawtop July 22, 2015
No way. Please spare me the tits. Don't want to see fav performers fucking pussy. Sorry. Start a bisexual SEPARATE line, pls. Nothing is scared anymore.

testy testicular July 22, 2015
now that's one train ride I'd jump into!

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