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ReleasedSeptember 2014
Runtime160+ minutes
DirectorLiam Cole
ProducerPaul Morris

If there is one thing we have in London, it's uncut cocks. LONDON UNCUT brings together some of the hottest studs Europe has to offer, including muscle pigs JEFF STRONGER, PRIAM and LUCA BONDI, with UK favourites SAM PORTER, YURI and "Brit-Pig" BRUCE JORDAN, joined by cut guys CHRISTIAN MATTHEWS and RAY DALTON.

Scene 1
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This scene is inspired by an email sent to director LIAM COLE by a young fan calling himself #TeenageTruvadaWhore.

Little JOSH TAYLOR doesn’t know what’s hit him, as he gets tag fucked by seven hung uncut blokes from across Europe. The gang queue up to get inside his tight boy hole, taking turns pounding the living daylights out of him.


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One by one they seed him at both ends, just like a true Truvada whore should take it: rough, repeatedly and RAW.

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Scene 2
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Heavyweight beefcake LUCA meets red head YURI for an explosive session. Yuri swallows Luca’s thick uncut cock before taking a ruthless pounding. This is a good old-fashioned spit ‘n’ shove with plenty of ass to mouth action.

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The action climaxes with a huge load of spunk deposited into Yuri’s well used hole. Being the cum pig he is, Yuri makes sure not a drop gets wasted.

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Scene 3
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RAY DALTON, an inked up alpha Daddy, has fucked his way across the States for TIM. When we heard he was headed for London we hooked up with uncut European hunk JEFF STRONGER. They meet for a testosterone fuelled muscle fuck, and Jeff’s hungry meaty arse eats up every inch of Ray’s dick. Ray literally fucks the cum out of Jeff with a slurped up, simultaneous cum-shot ending.

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Scene 4
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Hairy muscled Frenchman PRIAM gets spit-roasted by Spanish stud ENZO and hung Swedish favorite, ANTON DICKSON. The horny tops spit roast this greedy pig.

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Priam’s man-cunt getting so excited that he almost lets Anton slip a full fist in. The boys feed him a load at each end and the scene finishes with Priam covering himself in his own cum as Enzo felches Anton’s seed out of Priam’s fucked hole.

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Scene 5
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Northern top SAM PORTER gives tattooed LEOMAN a run for his money in this sleazy sling fuck. Sam pounds the Italian pig’s furry hole with his thick uncut meat. Creaking leather and rattling chains accompany the grunts and groans coming from Leoman, and the sling ends up soaked in both sweat and spunk.

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Scene 6
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JEFF STRONGER and muscle pup CHRISTIAN Matthews hit one of London’s oldest leather bars. The moody atmosphere brings out the primal energy in both men and Jeff has Christian literally howling with pleasure as he impales him on the floor.

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Scene 7
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NICK PEYTON is a master of deep-throating. He opens this scene with some of the finest oral skills we’ve seen, swallowing every inch of YURI’S nine inch uncut cock.

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These guys are so into each other that they go for two rounds, with Yuri demonstrating how much he loves to eat a fine ass. He continues his habit of spit ‘n’ shove-fucking, with Nick’s hole getting ploughed in every position.

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No holes are barred as seven horned up versatile guys are brought together in one high energy fuck scene. Every pig flips, fucking and getting fucked, each taking a turn on his back with a fat uncut cock in his arse.

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This scene is added as a an extra because the frenzied action might be too chaotic for some viewers, but if you like your group sessions fully versatile then this one’s for you.

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Liam Cole


Paul Morris


Bruce Jordan
David Esten
Freddy Wolfe
Lincoln Gates
Luca Bondi
Matteo Valentine
Martin Puli
Will Ride
Ray Dalton
Jeff Stronger
Anton Dickson
Sam Porter
Christian Matthews
Nick Peyton

Enron May 4, 2017
I want more Balthazar, he had me cumming.

Trevor Boulding March 17, 2017
Wish TIM would make this kind of stuff again. Josh Taylor in TruvadaWhore is fucking awesome! That scene is what all Truvada and Prep cumwhores like me are all about. Also saw Josh taking Lito Cruz's massive schlong in Outlaws. Wish we could see more of Josh's ganbangs!

bdrmbrwns February 6, 2016
Who is the top guy in the first scene cut muscular body, kinda ginger with the great beard. He is in the promo pics 5 and 7. Love the video, but definitely need to have more of him!!

Billy Ldn December 5, 2015
Hottest video I know and best scene definitely the free for all. Wow

Sebastian August 21, 2015
so must be fucking

i would like to be josh taylor in that scene

What a awesome bottom boy, left me wanting more.

wow josh Taylor is stunning in your films he is a real cock taker

Love seeing Josh he a hot sexy boy would have love to see his cock xx more please

Wow just seen JOSH TAYLOR in this gang bang sence and he takes dick like a pro would love to see u challenge him with a huge cock I have seen few of JOSH dvds and he doesn't even flinch at the cocks ur providing him really challenge him wanna see that slut squirm!!!!!! More more more of JOSH

the scene with Luca is very boring of the movie is fucking hot !!!!

He may have the worst porn-name ever, but BALTHAZAR is crazy hot. That kinda hairy makes my pants fall off. A no-brainer would have been to put Jeff Stronger and the B-man together. Jeff was practically beggin for his cock. So whats the story with Balthazar? he doesnt seem to have done any other movies.

Josh Taylor is well hot want to see more of him amazing work

Great Feedback--Happy everyone is enjoying the video!

Yuri is the star here!! Hottest cock, ass, and muscle body so far from London! Versatile and sexy is always the biggest turn-on! Honorable mention goes to Balthazar---MUCH more of him, and did I miss something? He didn't cum in the first scene?? Someone hopefully took care of that horny fucker that night!!

By the toes, next time for leverage.

Damn....always loved London for that...deep hungry holes to load!!

DTO is for mugs. Physical all the way and all the time.

Now this is the Best sex pic i have seen in a long time.Use to watch Titan and Hot House but not any more. Love Ray, What a sexy fucker of a man This DVD is pure animal man sex As always Liam has produced a movie with the hotest men unashamed of fucking each other hard. Keep up the excellent hard core porn at TIM boys

definitely more Balthazar please......

Hey Guys--Heard all the great comments about this DVD! We are always working hard to send out the best DVDs and having different options. Seemed a lot of you liked Balthazar! We will always give the DVD option for those days where the internet goes down and you want to watch a movie!

Would love to see more of Balthazar!

Luiz Felipe
Nice sene, I would like to be there

best movies very hot and freeeeeeee!!!!!!

TIM does the BBest movies, congrats!!!!

Loved the Bonus: Free For All. That's what raw fucking is about.

More Balthazar PLEASE!

Raúl Meléndrez
todas sus películas fabulosas ¡ gracias !

Bal... tha.... zar... (slurp)

Yes, yes yes more pics, and vids of Balthazar! Woof!

really hot

Balthazar more pics of him please

Great release, British men are hot! However any plans to revisit Mexico? The scenes you produced from there had a sexual intensity I have yet to see repeated anywhere!

Pig Bottom
A movie where Steve Daigle gets fucked by everyone. Or Mike Dozer or Luca Bondi.

Yep... I'm another Balthazar fanboy :D More of him, please!

You need to have a movie with Josh as the only bottom getting fucked and bred by hung top after hung top. He is a sensational pig bottom twink.

Josh Taylor is really hot great body and cock and fucks really well and an ass to die for... Yummy thks mate

I am a bit hesitant to buy this film mainly because TIM is so hit and miss as far as actually showing the important nasty parts of bareback in a way that all the action can be seen: good lighting, closeups, camera angles, etc. Yes, moody dark lighting is sexy, but for my money, you need to show me lots of oozing creampies, ATM action etc. along with the atmosphere.

Marc Graham
Just got this, watching Josh Taylor's cunt getting gang fucked is amazing, just an absolute, gutter fucking whore with the greediest of pig cunts... he is filth with angel wings. That fucker gives Marcus & Dawson hot competition just an absolute slut mmmm

Teenage Truvada Whore - that's what it's all about!! One of the hottest scenes ever, aside from the fact that Josh Taylor doesn't moan at all :/. And yes, more Balthazar please, much more of him as a dom on a hot younger guy. All the tops were hot in that scene but Balthazar was something else.

Just a new great movie from TIM. I´m happy to see Alex Bates again. He is one of the hottest bottoms.

Sexi guys

Action looks sblazing hot, and there's lots of hot muscle. But at I'm holding off at parting with $49 because of how hairy the preview looks (hairy bodies and beards). I know the hairiness-loving crowd is vocal and visible, but there are some of us who still prefer the less hairy look (which does NOT have to equal "waxed and cleanshaven"). I.e., more like older TIM stuff. So I might wait for a sale.

The sex is hot as FUCK.. everyone can agree on that. It's sleazy and dirty and fulfils the desires of every guy who comes to TIM's website ;) The customer service has definitely been lacking, but I think it's a bold move from David to take individual comments head on. I've never had a problem with any TIM content, but I can't help but think there have been issues behind the scenes. The release schedule has been out of whack (going from a solid monthly release, to only a handful this year); the "pre-release scene" strategy is frustrating, because I pay $15ish for a scene I'm about to pay $50ish for anyway to get the whole film; and I won't even go into the whole Mitch Mason/Social Media fiasco earlier this year.. I love TIM, and I'll always stand by the kind of sex they represent. They're the "Apple" of Bareback porn IMO, and basically created the industry that everyone's now flocking to. I want them to continue being successful, and so I hope the company is starting to find some stability - they've got plenty more loads in them yet :)

Dirty, raw man fucking - ain't nothing better! All we need is some piss action in that group fuck scene. Any chance we could include some feet scenes in the future?

You guys make the BEST MOVIES!!! Thanks Treasure Island for your hard work and keeping the release quality great!

One AiWESOME Vd-!!

Just shut up and enjoy the's fucking HOT!!

the best fucking is man to man

Agree, Please bring back Rob Tyler. Big, big turn on. Premium fucker.

I agree with the others on here about Rob Tyler. He's a big turn on. Also, I know that this is a bareback-themed studio, but I would like to see more fisting.

Great movie. Where is Rob Tyler? His cock is a big turn-on. Uncut cocks are the best. Need to make a video with All huge uncut cocks.

Glad the reason for the DVD lower price was explained. I thought it was done to encourage people to buy DVD because the downloaded version is easier to pirate.

Thanks for all the info David.... I just ordered the DVD, and DTO HD.. You are awesome for providing excellent customer service. This is what makes TIM the greatest of all studios.. Loyal Always...

I agree with Stefan. DVDs are a relict of the past. I don't buy DVDs anymore but download-to-own is the future, especially with individual scene downloads for porn. However, you choose to release individual scenes only 6 months after a film's release. Believe me, you have got no idea how much money you are losing by doing this. I am sure many people - just like me - have lost interest in a porn scene 6 months after its release. Nothing keeps up interest for such a long time.

David - TIM
@STEFAN - firstly, thanks for being a loyal fan! Secondly, allow me to explain the logic behind our release strategy. We release one scene from a movie early, sometimes before the entire movie is fully edited. This is to build interest in the movie. When the movie is released, it is released as a DVD, and as downloads in HD and SD. In the case of London Uncut, the DVD was delayed due to quality issues, but we knew people were really excited about it and wanted to buy it asap. So, we made the decision to offer the DVD as a pre-order. We have also recently revised most of our pricing, offering DVDs for less than the downloads initially. We realized DVD customers were paying more than DTO customers because they each pay about $10 in shipping. This is specifically why we lowered DVD pricing on some titles, so all customers can get our movies at essentially the same cost. We also now charge a bit more for HD files, because it costs us more to store them and to deliver them to you (we pay for the bandwidth and storage). I hope this helps you understand our approach, which is aimed at fairness. We're trying to treat both types of customers, all of you, in a fair way.

HEY GUYS! Thanks for bearing with us while we sorted out an issue with the download version of the movie. We hope it was worth the wait! The download version does include the full movie, including the bonus materials. IF YOU ALREADY DOWNLOADED THE 3 GB HD MOVIE, VISIT YOU DOWNLOAD LINK AGAIN AND GRAB THE 5GB VERSION. thanks for the feedback!

What...surely this cannot be true...the free for all scene is only in the DVD version!! Guys come on!!

I've been a faithful TIM customer since the late 90's and have always considered it the best of all other studios. Over the course of the last year or so, I have noticed a change in the way new releases are handled and find it to be very disappointing. First you have one of the hottest scenes in an upcoming vid released about a month prior to the entire video, then you release the video as a DVD or DTO in HD or SD. The price for the download is usually the same or higher than the DVD, which I find unusual. The DVD usually gets all the extras for the same price and now the DVD get the extras earlier and at a lower price. OK men, DTO is the future and DVD's are becoming relics. Why are you punishing your DTO customers? I may skip this one because of the new marketing strategy. This will be my first pass of a TIM release. Guys, you are about to lose one of your most faithful customers of 15 plus years.

I like it -- there's some very hot fuck scenes in this latest release and I agree with Dave: Balthazar needs a lot (did I mention a lot?) of future Liam Cole film work.

what happened to rob tyler? Will we see him again in a TIM video

Is CHRISTIAN Matthews really that hot? Ray Dalton is getting tired. This vid seems ok...i just assumed there are hotter guys in London. I guess my expectations was set with Slammed...this looks ok just not AS good as Slammed. The guys are as hot as Mancunt either. I mean you feature Chistian Matthews twice, yet Balthazar once???..and nick peyton is..meh. Jeff Stronger deserves a better scene partner.

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