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ReleasedFebruary 2012
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris

The Manfuck Manifesto is simple: fuck to live and live to fuck. It's a deeply held belief and a guiding principle for the men I got together for this vid, which features legendary topmen BRAD McGUIRE and BJ SLATER, mainstream porn star ETHAN WOLFE making his bareback feature debut, notorious fuckholes JOHN SULLIVAN, BLAKE DANIELS, and IAN JAY, and many others.
No direction, no crew, nothing but plain-real raw fucking. That's been the Treasure Island Media credo since the beginning: to document the full range of male sexuality in action and put it out there as inspiration for every man.

Scene 1
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First Load at Four
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JACKSON TAYLOR is a 20-year-old from Texas. When we told him he could get fucked by ETHAN WOLFE, he jumped at the chance: the kid is truly hungry for cock. But before we set anything up, I sent him a photo of ETHAN's brand-new tattoo: a big brazen biohazard right above his fat cock. "Just want you to know what you're getting into here," I said. JACKSON wrote back one word: "YES!"

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The intensity is real in this rare shoot. ETHAN WOLFE, pornstar and former exclusive for major mainstream studios, is just getting to know how we do things at T.I.M.

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Little bottom-boy JACKSON was overwhelmed by ETHAN's magnetism and by the massiveness of his jizz-dripping phallus. When the time comes, ETHAN doesn't pull out but shoots hard and direct, delivering a hot load of living seed deep inside the boy's guts.

Scene 2
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Dad's Load
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"Too much is never enough." That's the personal motto of JOHN SULLIVAN, undoubtedly one of the most voracious fuck-junkie bottoms it has ever been my privilege to meet. JOHN has an unending appetite for cock and cum, an addiction to the sexual high of being used up thoroughly by men for their pleasure and his own.

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I've arranged several gangbangs for JOHN, but this time I tried something different: I wanted to see how he would respond in a one-on-one. I called up BJ SLATER and asked if he thought he was up for the challenge. As soon as he heard JOHN's name, BJ was in.

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Their connection was almost instantaneous, their chemistry undeniable from the moment JOHN began to suckle BJ's heavy, cum-filled balls with a mixture of desperation and gratitude, as if getting high just from being so close to the thick meaty cock above him. When JOHN begs for it, BJ finally slides home, working that greedy hole open and pounding him mercilessly before filling him up with a creamy load, just the way this fuckslut needs it.

Scene 3
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Cheap Manwhore
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When I approached BLAKE DANIELS about offering up his ass for a gangbang I was setting up, he just grinned and said, "Don't tell my boyfriend that I'm letting all these guys fuck me for free."

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On the day of the shoot, BLAKE was running late and, horny fuckers that they are, the guys in question—CALVIN, RAY DALTON, JAY ELLIOTT, MAX SANCHEZ, and DENNIS—got started without him. As soon as BLAKE arrived, though, he immediately took center stage and the sexual energy in the air thickened.

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The session quickly developed into an orgiastic feeding frenzy as BLAKE took cock after cock and load after load from the assembled topmen. When that wasn't enough for the greedy bottom, they really ganged up on him, leaving BLAKE moaning and grunting with effort and desire from each double-dicking. After everyone dumped one last load, spooge-hungry RAY jumped at the chance to eat out BLAKE's stretched sloppy cum-filled hole.

Scene 4
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When NOAH FOXX told me he was tougher than he looked, it was just after I'd told him that I thought he was too little to handle dominant stud TY ROBERTS. Sweet NOAH all but begged for the chance to be fucked by TY's major manhood.

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After a bit of warm-up face-fucking, TY tosses the pint-sized FOXX into position and aims his meat-missile smack-dab at the wee fella's little fuckhole. NOAH braces himself and holds on for dear life as TY shoves in, deeper and deeper, invading the young man's gripping man-hole. Once TY gets a-going, pounding that tight hole hard, he presses the helpless bottom down by the neck.

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After the ruthless gut-stretching powerfuck, TY grins a devilish grin and gives the worn-out kid an affectionate slap in the head.

Scene 5
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Abuse 2
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BRAD McGUIRE is indisputably one of the most savage and dominant topmen of our times. Right from the first shoot he did for T.I.M., men from around the world have been begging for a chance to be used and abused by the legend. As you know, I live to make sexual dreams reality for as many men as possible, so when TENNESSEE confessed that giving himself to BRAD was one of his fantasies, I put in a call to BRAD right away.

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BRAD is in complete control from the very start, letting the bottom know that he knows what an utter pigslut TENNESSEE is, spitting into his mouth and ordering him to lick the missed spittle off the floor, rubbing filthy underwear in his face, and generally putting him in his place. When he's satisfied the boy knows who his master is, BRAD starts to fuck him hard, forcing his mouth open from behind like a manual open-mouth gag. As the brutal reaming goes on, BRAD ultimately asserts his dominance by stepping on TENNESSEE's head and then allowing the submissive li'l bottom to lick his boot worshipfully.

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BRAD holds nothing back as he makes TENNESSEE his personal fuckhole, and it's clear this little piggy thrives on the privilege.

Scene 6
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Dad's Load 2
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DIMITRI claims he developed a daddy fetish watching some of my videos. When he wrote to me with a request that I take responsibility for his sleepless nights and constant jerking off to older men, by setting up a shoot for him, I knew our resident silver fox DEREK ANTHONY was just the man.

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When DEREK slides all nine inches of his hot, hard dick into DIMITRI's ass and begins to fuck him with an easy thoroughness, the kid's moans tell you just how deep he's feeling it. Generous daddy DEREK lets DIMITRI play in a variety of positions before he finally fills him up with the man-cream the kid has been craving.

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Scene 7
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Threesomes often have one lucky fucker at the center, whether it's a dominating top or an insatiable bottom. Other times, a powerful sexual chemistry bonds all three men equally. That's what happened when I got topman extraordinaire BJ SLATER in a room with cocksluts BRUNO and JAMES.

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These depraved bottoms could hardly wait to get on their knees for BJ and his 9" dick. The only thing that can distract them from that thick slab of manmeat is each other's talented tongues. BJ lets them kiss a little before he gets them up on the sofa, examining their voracious holes with his fingers before deciding to slide his fat cock up JAMES's fuckchute first.

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After BJ fucks them both multiple times in multiple ways, JAMES lovingly and hungrily tends to BRUNO by licking up the spooge dripping from his gaping, pulsating hole.

Scene 8
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Dad's Load 3
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When IAN JAY took a gallon of sperm in The 1,000 Load Fuck, his legend became notorious. A lot of the fanmail we've received since then involves fantasies and requests to be part of IAN's next gangbang. JACK ALLEN's request was different enough to catch my full attention: "Just me and the kid," he said. "That's all I want—and that's all he'll want, too."

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JACK makes good on his word, taking care of IAN's every need with a slow, thorough, guts-deep fucking. The pure pleasure both men take is clear in their connection, in the way JACK's gaze penetrates IAN as deeply as each thrust of his throbbing cock, finally filling the enthralled bottom to overflowing with white hot daddy spunk before pulling him into a deep embrace.

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Scene 9
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I don't always know what I'm going to get when I put two or more men in a room together, but sometimes I have a pretty good idea. RAY DALTON and MATT SIZEMORE had never done a scene for me together before this. It was a fair bet the sparks were going to fly, but even I didn't anticipate the wildfire they lit.

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RAY and MATT go at each other like wild animals in mating season, desperately grunting and writhing as they suck and fuck each other senseless every which way, taking turns planting their seed in one another.

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Scene 10
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Oh, Baby...
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DAMON DOGG keeps telling me he's retired. But when he was the cameraman on a recent shoot with WADE STONE and the other guy didn't show, DAMON took one look at WADE's massive ebony schlong and made an exception.

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DAMON treats WADE to some of his trademark cocksucking before turning around and offering his ass to the topman, who doesn't need to be asked twice. This is only the second time DAMON has been butt-fucked on camera, and he clearly loves every fucking second of it as much as WADE does.

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After WADE shoots his load, THE DOGG turns and drops to his knees for one last taste of that juicy bone, licking it clean.

Life can be cruel, life can be difficult. And there are days when you wonder what the fuck the point can be of all the endless travail. But when men get together and they link their bodies in the ritual we call "fucking," everything is good, everything makes sense, all systems are go again. Manfucking isn't something we do on our off-hours, our spare time. It's the heart of it, the panacea that makes the lives of men work. It's simple yet profound.

The essence of the Manfuck Manifesto isn't about words or diatribes. The heart of it is the act itself: men wholeheartedly grappling with the transcendental mystery and power of man-to-man sex. This video is about embracing and celebrating that mystery and power. Never forget: we know who and what we are through the study of what we do. And the very heart of our identity and our living culture is the Manfuck Manifesto.

- Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Brad Mcguire
Bj Slater
Damon Dogg
Derek Anthony
Ethan Wolfe
And Jackson Taylor.


Ian Jay
John Sullivan
Blake Daniels
Wade Stone
Ray Dalton
Jay Elliott
Max Sanchez
Noah Foxx
Ty Roberts
Jack Allen
Matt Sizemore

Sorry guys but Ethan Wolfe is the hottest motherfucker to live. LOL I want to see a lot more of this stud.

The scene with BJ Slater and James is awesome. Please bring us more scenes with James. He is one hot fucking pig.

Jan Peter Plet
Great movie. I love the scene with Jackson Taylot getting fucked by Ethan Wolfe. Lucky guy ;-)

Jackson Taylor is a little superstar! He should be the Star bottom in a video of his own. "Jackson's 50 Load Weekend" Or have him filp sometime.

Derek is such a gorgeus porn actor, I dream of him every night wishing he could fill my asshole with his daddy sperma. Please... I want to see all the scenes he had made in a disc. I am sure many fans of him will be pleased to watch all his actions in a disc!!!

As a huge fan of Derek Anthony, ( the George Clooney of TIM stardom), I must say his amazing cock and hairy muscular ass has kept me hard for several years now just by watching him over and over again. NEVER get tired of seeing him ( except that forgettable Cheap Thrills 2) Derek should remain your silver fox forever!! MORE Derek and showing his hairy ass when he fucks, Would love to rim his ass and chew on that gorgeous ass and dick!!

Great flick... I hope someday TIM will do a vid in which the tops NEVER pull out to show the camera, but always bury their cocks in the bottom's gut and unload, THEN pull out. Wasting cum gets annoying sometimes :) Esp tops like Lito, BJ, fisk

some asshole self promoter
i really love bareback.....i never try condom even once...all my sex is my sex video i invite you for a gangbang sex party this coming saturday night? we need more top with a huge dick is a plus we can fuck our HOT,YOUNG slutty bottom all night long double penetration is in demand for all or we can even breed him by simply dumping your HOT CREAMY LOAD of CUM deep inside his ass.. sample video of our gangbang party

Awesome movies

Ethan looks great and is incredible...would also like to see him paired and bottoming for Dimitri.

omg I just saw Jackson Taylor for the first time and was drawn to him immediately, he has that sexual energy draw with his eyes , i cant stop looking at him I would love to audition for an upcomming video shoot project in NYC since thats where I am closest to and i am versatile 8+ thick cut and hot sweet tight Ass love to do a 3-some scene with Jackson on the bottom and narrowing down my wish list for a Top still .... and of course I am Single and plenty of room in my bed for Jackson Taylor to come home with me

This is one hot movie. I love to see Damon Dogg suck black cock. He is the best cocksucker who really know how to suck a big cock deepthroat and swallow a big load.

Every scene is hot...the whole movie is worth it.

I purchased two scences from this movie and they are both so fucking hot. Well worth every penny.

The Dimitri/Derek Anthony scene does it for me. A hot older guy and an appreciative bottom. What a pairing!

Don Diego
Manfuck Manifesto has to be evey one of my dreams cumming true. the only thing is it should be me in there getting my ass fill and fed with all that luscious cock and cum.

Dimitri is GORGEOUS. Please include him in a new scene!

bondert 007
more hot

some asshole self promoter
Treasure Island is back and the men are let loose once again. These studs continue to bring us pure, raw, animalistic sex. You know you want some! First Load: Twink Jackson Taylor shares that he was 4 years old when the 12 years old neighbor boy introduced him to sex. He is excited about his pairing with Ethan Hawke. Ethan is a hunk. He walks in and straddles Jackson on the bed and begins fucking his mouth. Jackson opens wide for that thick cock. On his stomach, Jackson gets his hole eaten out by Ethan...

best fuck flick ever. Way to go TIM

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