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8.5 Extra Strong - Fragrance by Matthew Camp




ReleasedAugust 2013
DesignerMatthew Camp
Detailexotic oils: including essences of black leather, earthly cedars, bourbon, and potent aphrodisiacs

A unique sexy, dirty fragrance that is activated by a man’s natural scent, creating a hypnotic, narcotic essence that people will crawl across the room to get closer to.PLEASE NOTE: While 8.5 can and will induce erotic behavior, it is NOT poppers. Available in 1 ounce (29.57ml) bottles. At this time, we can not ship this product outside the U.S.

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About Matthew Camp

Matthew Camp is a Brooklyn based clothing designer specializing in leather and cutting edge construction. Matthew is entirely self-taught and has been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years. In 2013 he added entrepreneur to his eclectic resume (designer, go-go boy, model, artist, actor, and perfumier) when he launched

Matthew’s one-of-a-kind pieces are sought after by private clients who regularly commission him to design and construct unique, handmade clothing. In addition to his couture work, Matthew Camp Designs launched a line of limited edition graphic T-shirts in 2013 and his debut fragrance 8.5 in 2014. Matthew Camp’s newest scent, Transgression will launch this July.

See more of Matthew's work HERE

Can I buy 8,5 somwhere in NY, I am going there soon. Live in Cph, DK

I don't wear a lot of fragrances. Most are over-powering, and the ones that aren't also aren't usually sexy. I got a bottle of 8.5 PARFUM for Christmas and I love the scent. I also love that it comes in a bottle that looks like Poppers. I definitely recommend this for anyone who is picky about "masculine" scents.

The best stuff Ive ever smelled i sprayed it in my pits instead of deodorant since it's activated by natural sent and it makes a very interesting sent. Also since i'm pretty hairy there I only need one spay to hold it in all day. The sent will remind you of poppers, leather and a hot sexy man. Also the extra strong is real 4 sprays and everyone will notice you have it on so spray very moderately unless your going to the club. I am a student so i use 1-2 spays depending on what i am doing.

i'm confused as to what it is. its a smell to wear? or a smell to put on the leather?

David at TIM
we've sold hundreds of bottles of this amazing fragrance at TIM. We can hardly keep it in stock. Everyone who smells it wants a bottle!

Worth every fucking penny. SOOOO sexy. I've never smelled anything like it. Smells like cedar, leather, poppers and man.

Billy George Short
Guys, I don't wear cologne. Bought this 8.5 just for the heck of it, to support TIM. Figured if they were recommending / selling it, had to be good. Since then I bought 5 bottles. Wanted more but they were sold out. If you're curious, trust me when I tell you, you will not be disappointed.

this is what to do the help of sex when to use it?smell good?

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