Paul's Men Vol. 5 - Lucky and Josh (eBook)
Paul's Men Vol. 5 - Lucky and Josh

Paul's Men Vol. 5 - Lucky and Josh (eBook)

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Paul Morris has been obsessed with men, their bodies and sex, all his life. With captivating photographs, raw observations, and a thoughtful, candid recounting of each singular encounter, Morris illuminates the nude bodies and revealed souls of the real men he meets.

Now you can experience what it's like to be in the studio with Paul through these behind-the-scene stories and full color images taken by the man himself. PAUL'S MEN--a series of eBooks optimized for the Apple iPad by Treasure Island Media, so you can have hot, hung, beautiful men wherever you go.


"I honestly think Lucky is a harbinger of a new kind of man: simple, loving, spiritual, compassionate, utterly human and perfectly flesh," Morris confesses. In this revelatory series of photographs, Morris captures the "pure and real elegance" of Lucky's effortlessly beautiful and genuine presence.


A construction worker from San Francisco with a perfect body, Josh had never been photographed before this. For this gorgeous set of pictures, Morris opted not to use artificial lighting in favor of sunlight, to complement and illuminate Josh's natural beauty.

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