Scene 5 - Seeded by Handsome Tommy


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HANDSOME TOMMY knows what he wants and ERIC gives it to him, greeting the young thug at the door by going to his knees, wrapping his lips around TOMMY's meat, and zealously choking himself on it. The blowjob continues as the action jumps to the bed, interrupted only when TOMMY pulls ERIC up for a little kissing.

Warmed up by ERIC's talented mouth, TOMMY's ready to fuck. Standing on the floor now, he uses ERIC's body for leverage as he rams his cock home repeatedly. Back on the bed, TOMMY fucks ERIC this way and that. (If you aren't too wrapped up in how fuckin' hot they are, you may notice that the front, rear, and profile "angles" are achieved by the guys position themselves on the bed rather than moving the camera; a nice, creative touch).

As it should, the scene comes to a close with a close-up of ERIC's gaping asshole, dripping TOMMY's cum with each pulsation.

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