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ReleasedDecember 1969
MaterialAll Metal
Details6ft hose
5in nozzle and 3.5in thin nozzle



This stable workhorse has been around for years! We think there's nothing quite as good as the SHOWER ENEMA KIT for cleaning out your hole and getting you confidently ready for gay butt sex. It attaches easily to nearly any shower. Use your shower knobs to regulate the gentle force of water (and temperature) that runs hrough the hose into your ass.

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The douche/enema nozzle is outfitted for dual use as a shower attachment. The Shower Enema Kit comes with two nozzles: one is five-inches, smooth and round, while the other is a much thinner and shorter nozzle. It also comes with a 6ft (2m) metal hose. One end of the hose screws into your shower. The diverter near the shower attachment allows you to divert water to your regular shower head or to the hose and nozzle.

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