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ReleasedOctober 2015

Newcomer JOEY DINGO is that quiet good-looking guy who works in your office. You wonder about him, but he's married with a couple of kids, so you assume he goes home to the family when he leaves work.

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Well, JOEY is married and has a couple of kids, but as often as not, his evening commute home involves a detour to suck cock. At a gloryhole club he saw my DRUNK ON CUM and immediately got in touch.

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Now, DAN FISK has a weakness for handsome blond men, so I put the two together. And it turns out that JOEY is so fucking good as a cocksucker that DAN slipped into a blissed-out state where the only thing that existed was his big, throbbing, needy cock deep-plunging that warm welcoming married-man throat.

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Afterward, JOEY's lips smelled like cock and sperm. As he left, I thought about JOEY kissing his wife and kids with those thick pouties.


Dan Fisk
Joey Dingo

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