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ReleasedDecember 2010
Runtime145 minutes
DirectorMax Sohl
ProducerPaul Morris

The one thing that all my videos have in common is the need for cum and the primordial man-to-man connection that only exists when all barriers and inhibitions are removed. When we meet new bottoms, we ask them what is more important to them--the sperm they take in their holes or the guy that is giving it to them? Invariably the best whores are the ones that respond by saying they don’t give a fuck who uses them as long as they get another load in their gut. Guys don’t make love in Treasure Island Media movies--they fuck like animals in heat.

For my newest porn tape, SPERM ASSAULT, I brought together the wildest fuckers I could find--from familiar men like Christian, Kurt Wood, Tober Brandt, Ian Jay, Fyerfli, Tim Skyler and Dimitri Santiago; to new T.I.M. pigs like Jayden Brooks, Marco Cruise, Isaiah Foxx, Vencint Knight and Jake Majors. And of course, there's the debut of the incredible 11.5-inch cocked Mr. Marky (and I gotta say, we’ve all pretty much fallen in love with Mr. Marky!).

SPERM ASSAULT is an all-out sexual boxing match between well-lubed contenders. The only guaranteed outcome is an onslaught of cum, as cocks and holes spar for dominance in round after round of pure, instinct-driven breeding.

- Max Sohl

Scene 1
Buy Scene $6.00  

MR. MARKY is an aggressive, brutal topman with an indomitable drive to get off. Simultaneously he's an all too adorable male specimen who approaches each new hole with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store--including his endearing signature thumb-sucking during and after fucking.

When Max first met MR. MARKY, he knew immediately there was only one hole that could handle that 11.5" slab of monster cock: T.I.M. Exclusive CHRISTIAN. Only CHRISTIAN could get jabbed down to the last inch and still ask MR. MARKY to "make it hurt."

MR. MARKY expresses the resolution of this fuck session best when he declares toward the end that CHRISTIAN is "seeded really good!"

Scene 2
Buy Scene $5.00  

Ever since he got used and abused by Brad McGuire in Plantin’ Seed 3, we've received loads of requests to see more of baby-faced bottom TIM SKYLER. Love him or hate him, young TIM finally returns to what he was born for--being manhandled and molested by a room full of horny men, who delight in watching and encouraging each other to make full use of the boy’s sweet hole.

KURT WOOD, IAN JAY, FYERFLI, and KEVIN SLATER take turns tossing the kid around like a blow-up doll with only purpose--to satisfy their primitive need to breed. You can never quite tell if he's in pain or in pleasure until you catch that devilish grin as each man spurts their load deep inside.

Not one to miss an opportunity, human cumrag VENCINT KNIGHT is on standby to lap up all the excess cum that drips from the li'l bottom's spent and sated hole.

Scene 3
Buy Scene $6.00  

Popper-intoxicated, bubblebutt bottom JAKE MAJORS takes on hung, swaggering, Puerto Rican topman DIMITRI SANTIAGO.

DIMITRI ram-jams JAKE relentlessly with his huge Latino pinga in every position, until JAKE is begging for DIMITRI to fill him with thick, hot gobs of cum.

"Give me the leche," DIMITRI demands as he pushes every drop of his DNA up JAKE's hole. When JAKE complies, DIMITRI quickly shoves the man-milk back into the bottom's greedy ass. This is a 1-on-1 sperm assault at its best!

Scene 4
Buy Scene $7.00  

IAN JAY needs no introduction--but trust us: you’ve never, ever seen him like this! There's an old joke that if a guy tells you he's versatile, that means he's really a bottom. Here, IAN perfectly dispels the myth about self-proclaimed versatile guys. Not only is he the power top in this scene, but there was something in the air the day we shot it: IAN was radiating a kind of beauty and masculinity that takes your breath away.

After their fuck session together in Paul Morris's Bone Deep, where IAN was gored by TOBER's huge dick, the two men asked for a rematch--only this time they wanted to flip the tables.

Taking full advantage of his shot at revenge, IAN fucks the living daylights out of a thoroughly used, and satisfied, TOBER. You won’t believe this is the sub IAN JAY we have all come to know and love until you see how his engorged dick pulsates in TOBER’s hole!

Scene 5
Buy Scene $6.00  

NATURE told Max his fantasy was to fuck a guy with his 10-inch cock and use the guy's own cum as lube. So Max set him up with ISAIAH FOXX, a big-dicked bottom who is more than adept at taking black stallion cock in his hole.

After ISAIAH shoots his load on NATURE’s dick and the big man shoves his greased tool all the way inside, ISAIAH squeals and squirms, trying to escape from the relentless pounding. Some bottoms just can’t continue to get fucked after they shoot.

But NATURE doesn’t let that stop him. He ain’t letting his victim go anywhere until he nuts deep in his gut.

Scene 6
Buy Scene $5.00  

Max Sohl has a knack for pimping out cumdumps; Dawson doesn’t call him "pimp-daddy" for nothing. This time Max set up cumwhore VENCINT KNIGHT in a hotel room and invited ANYone and EVERYone who needed to unload to stop by and use his hole.

There is nothing better than having a cummy hole to stick your hard cock into. For hours a parade of horny bucks of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity showed up to get their rocks off.

These are the highlights of an afternoon of real cumdumping insanity, as dick after dick after dick use VENCINT's worn out--yet tireless!--rear to their spooge-squirting satisfaction.

Scene 7
Buy Scene $7.00  

Foul-mouthed, cumhungry muscle pig MARCO CRUISE lives for cock and cum.

Max had so much fun working with DIMITRI SANTIAGO (Scene 3) and MR. MARKY (Scene 1), he decided to bring them together to try to knock out MARCO’s need for seed.

These mad fuckers abuse cumpig MARCO's hole with load after load of sperm, breeding the uber-cunt slut bottom within an inch of his life. No bell can save his ass from the onslaught of man meat he happily endures.

Buy Scene $5.00  

In the bonus scene, JESSY KARSON and his massive 9.5" uncut dick take on CHRISTIAN--and we think CHRISTIAN wins the bout!

JESSY can’t seem to fuck the preeminent bottom hard enough or long enough or give him enough cum up his ass. But master fuckhole CHRISTIAN knows how to get want he wants: "Is that all you got?" he taunts, egging JESSY on to fuck him even harder and deeper.

Sometimes the hardest part of creating a new video is coming up with the title. As I was working on this one, I became aware of the phrase "SPERM ASSAULT": assault me with your sperm, he was assaulted with jizz, they assaulted him with cum. It’s the new slang term for bareback breeding and the perfect description of this video. A timeless gangbang, a perfect cumdump session, several super hot 1-on-1 breeding sessions, and a classic raw 3-way make SPERM ASSAULT a video you don’t want to miss.

- Max Sohl


Max Sohl


Paul Morris


Kurt Wood
Ian Jay
Jessy Karson


Mr. Marky
Tim Skyler
Dimitri Santiago
Tober Brandt
Marco Cruise
Vincent Knight
Jake Majors
Isaiah Foxx
Jayden Brooks
Kevin Slater

RWL November 24, 2017
Mr Marky is long and has bull balls & wants you to , then young Tim Skyler taking all those big and hard studs making you wish to swap places and I love this DVD .


The cumdump scene with Vencint was so fucking hot. You should use more of Bobby Chan, it was horny seeing an Asian top, you don't usually see it in porn.

send the porn videos to my mail any gay porn movies

I really hope TIM is bringing Mr Marky back- He's one of the best tops ever!!

the sex education style start makes me want to blow my load.. and it really is a masterpiece.. spunk pouring out of gangbanged cumholes.. MORE FELCHING ALWAYS GOOD

Scene 2, Tim Skyler & Scumdogs is one of the hottest T.I.M. vids. Love to watch that boy service those cocks with his boyhole, exactly what it was made for. Nothing hotter than watching Coach cocks like that give an aggressive buttfuck and get their cocks serviced.

Tim Skyler is such a little slut .. I LOVE HIM! .... Love to see him getting fucked hard.....

When can you stop saying this or that TIM production is a masterpiece? You just can't over-use the word enough. Especially when you think of the talent behind the creation of these undoubted masterpieces. Max Sohl is a masterpiece. He has to be. Anyone with the unbounded imagination to put Mr Marky, Marco Cruise, Ian Jay and the incomparable Christian in one DVD HAS to be the masterpiece!! What more can I say? Except ... I dedicate my assault to you, sir!

There is NO greater joy than my 8 inch thick cut cock sliding balls deep into a tite warm boipussy...and ur vids are fucking GREAT...showing time and time again that a botom cunt luvs the cock n cum load deep inside them...luv to unload and make them scream for it...and Jake in Scene 3 is a hot sexy bottom pussy that a luv to fill up with thick cum loads...a babybdoll...damn



Love it
Vincent's beautiful hairy bum oozing cum and his eyes rolling back. Asian juices, quivering thighs and the moist slap of crotches on wet back sides. Gets my juices flowing.

Dimitri Santiago is hard fucker. Horny face. Wow. He will fuck me bare rape. The hottest brutal pig..

Love this dvd starting with MR. MARKY with his long tool and low hanging balls then a group backing. Then there IAN JAY vs. TOBER BRANDT then an all black giving/tacking, then theres a great locker room giving. It's a great dvd that people have to have even if your not someone who just likes big ones.

The cum dump scene is so hot! Would love to see more!

Fucking Hot!

Treasure Island definitely know how to make a geat movie that shows what bareback sex is truly all about.

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