Scene 10 - Derek Anthony and Chad


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DEREK ANTHONY and I agree that CHAD, a straight married man who just happens to love getting butt-fucked, is one of the great fucks of our time. Not only does CHAD have an ass like two fuzzy, perfect peaches ripe for the picking. Not only does he whimper helplessly in joy when you slide your dick deep inside him. But after you fuck him, he wants to talk about his kids and how he just took them camping the other day.

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This is a no-frills meat 'n' potatoes fuck, the meeting of a master top---DEREK knows exactly how to deep stroke his beautiful dick right to the sweet spots in a man's hole---with a whimpering cockloving bottom who (because he's a married daddy) doesn't get nearly as much dick up his ass as he'd like.

And yes, CHAD took his kids camping later that very same day, with DEREK's jizzy goo leaking out of his still-twitching man-hole. Daddy must've had a big ol' grin the entire weekend.

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