TIM LOGO - Classic Hoodie


ReleasedAugust 2015
DesignAmerican Apparel
Material50/50 Cotton/Polyester
FeelThick and Comfy
GraphicWhite/Grey Ink
FeaturesMetal Zipper, White Drawstrings

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Now with Metalic Grey Ink Option

You can usually tell a TIM man when you see him, but our Classic Hoodie will help clear up any confusion. It's super soft with a bit of stretch, and features the immediately recognizable TIM logo on the back and front, with a full sleeve call out.

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A European XL is about a size 56 European

Fit "runs a bit small," and you only go up to an XL??? Wow, us husky guys love TIM also, but I guess you don't want us advertising TIM or showing our TIM pride... not cool!!!

i wish i didn't have the printing on the sleeve. that's a kind of dated style/look.

About to order mine right now..will be wearing it threw out WeHo ..Hollywood bound to snag some meat in this hoodie!

Love my TIM hoodie, I am wearing it in photos I send potential hook-ups. Lets them know I like it rough & Raw.

Is a US size XL the same as an european size?

is it possible to buy the hooded also in Germany at Brunos or somewhere here?

Best Hoodie EVER! I wore it around a fuck party and it totally got me laid. 10 times in a night! Thank you Paul Morris and David Downs . Your #1 fan Rey Alejandro

A-Dub (AUS)
For once an American XL is the same as an Australian XL, Great hoodie, warm and looks great!

Jan Peter Plet
I got one and when men have asked what it is, many have led to me draining their balls in my hungry mouth ;-) Great buy

Im young and when I wear this hoodie, I always seem to attract all the horn dog men!

Love my new hoodie. Great for layering or just letting it all hang out.

I can't wait to sport one. I hope it gets me fucked


i love you hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm

Jan Peter Plet
Great hoodie. Warm and makes people look ;-)

roy rogerson
well good, will get the hoodie soon

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