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ReleasedOctober 2010
Runtime160 minutes
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris
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A blindfolded young preacher taking load after load from anonymous fuckers. A lean, sexy surfer backing his fine ass up to a gloryhole and hungrily taking jizz-loads from random cocks. A drugged, unconscious man getting his first dose of sperm from a stud-top he'll never meet.

All this and more in a raw over-the-top documentation of wild sex- driven men: WHAT I CAN'T SEE 2.

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Scene 1
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A Preacher Gets Religion - Part 1

"I'm a preacher in Indiana, and I need this. I play with dildos and toys all the time but I need to feel real men inside me. I don't want to see them, I don't want to know who they are or what they look like. I just want them to fuck me and leave semen inside me. I hope you can answer my prayer."

This sounded like big trouble, so I jumped at it. I checked out his story: "DANNY" is a young "man of God", an assistant pastor with a church, a congregation, a calling---and a hell-bent craving for cockjuice in his ass.

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I gave him what he asked for, starting with a ride on AUSTIN SHADOW's steely rod (does that fuckin' thing ever get soft?) and AUSTIN took him on a fuck-tour to heaven and back. "Oh my God...Oh my God..." the preacher kept crying.

Scene 2
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Gloryhole Fuckslut - Parts 1 and 2

A sexy little surfer slut from coastal California called me up one sunny afternoon and told me that he was stoned as hell and was going to "the Gulch" to put his li'l surfer pucker up to the filthy gloryhole to take anonymous loads. I grabbed a camera and zipped on over there, pronto.

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By the time I found him he was already well into it, but I got him bent over, fucked-up, and with a butthole that positively sucked the sperm right out of all the big anonymous cocks it was happily, hungrily serving.

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Scene 3
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A Preacher Gets Religion - Part 2

Through an entire day I lined up stud after stud. A full day (and a full gut) of breeding and seeding later, his hole was drippin' the jizz of BO KNIGHT, STEVE PARKER, FYERFLI, VINCE, SPIT, AUSTIN SHADOW, DEAN AUSTIN, JEREMY, JED...and many more men, all happy to give the preacher the time of his life. They rammed and seeded his velvety hole, leaving him a whoreman-of-god cumdump.

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By the end of the day he was oozing jizm from his pooched-out fuckhole. He came to us a preacher-man. He left with religion.

Scene 4
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Sleeping Beauty

It's interesting what being broke will get a guy to do. A local "porn-newbie" let me know he was behind on his rent and willing to do "whatever it takes" to make a buck.

After a lengthy parlay and the promise of a big amount of cash, he agreed to take knock-out pills a doctor buddy had given me. Serious knock-out pills. He said we could do what we wanted so long as he didn't have to know about it.

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He'd never been rawfucked, so I brought horse-hung daddy-stud JAY TAYLOR in. JAY deepfucked the slumbering tattoo'd beauty, dumping a big ol' juicy load up that baby-smooth blonde-boy ass.

He called me the next day and said I was a son-of-a-bitch for not wiping the semen off his hole.

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Scene 5
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Christian and Ethan Sexxtin

CHRISTIAN, one of our ass-wide-open slut-bottom exclusives, learned that stud ETHAN SEXXTIN was in town for a family reunion. CHRISTIAN--a total sucker for uncut dick--called me and demanded a chance to get ETHAN's big ol' bull-cock up inside him.

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I grabbed a camera and CHRISTIAN and I got to ETHAN's hotel room where he was hanging out with a buddy, DAVE. What followed was a raucous improvised world-class sperm-soaked suck-n-fuck three-way. But what you can't see is that ETHAN's entire family is in the next room. And the walls are fuckin' paper thin.

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CHRISTIAN is far from a quiet fuck, and by the time ETHAN and DAVE got around to a rough big-dick hole-stretchin' doublefuck, the entire town could hear his helpless fuck-me squeals.

Scene 6
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This last scene is my favorite kind: undiluted heavy-duty tag-team fucking. We blindfolded the bottom, a novice who just wanted to be called "FUCK HOLE". He wanted a blindfold so he could focus on being nothing but a hole.

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Then we brought in two of our hottest big-dicked studs, DAN FISK, our in-house cocksman (he'll drop a load at the drop of a hat), and TIM exclusive, stallion JERRY STEARNS. The two studs worked this novice over hard, redefining "open-manhole".

Watch the pained grimace on the bottom's face as JERRY STEARNS slides his beautiful black horse-cock deeper and deeper and deeper to a place this bottom clearly had never felt before

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Bonus Scene
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Hotel Room Cum Drop

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To close things out I'm giving you 26 spicy minutes of an anonymous hotel room slut getting bred raw by five anon fuckers, one after the other, ending in the juiciest felching action I've ever witnessed!

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Religion, intoxication, necessity, deep desire--WHAT I CAN'T SEE 2 is the pure deal: men going to a deeper level for cock and sperm. Through a gloryhole, on knock-out pills, blindfolded--they give up all control over who fucks them, following their ravenous asses regardless of where it takes them.

This video made itself: every scene is the result of a man writing or calling me to tell me what he wanted. All I had to do was get the camera there and point it. If you wanna see raw, spontaneous cock- hunger at work, this one is for you.

- Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Dan Fisk
Jerry Stearns


"Fuck Hole"
Steve Parker
Bo Knight
Austin Shadow
Ethan Sexxtin

R W L October 31, 2017
Love the guy with the collar getting seeded by guys many men would like to take , plus all the other scenes making you slick and lube up . I got this when it came out and I still love it after all these years .

Love watching the near death fluffer dude in "A preacher gets religion", he looks like a demon that needs it too. More full blown guys please. Lets do this.

i loved the video, especially danny, the preacher. i've jacked off so many times to all the scenes. just wondering, has anyone followed up with the preacher? personally i'd love to see him "outed" and then come back to you a broken but willing cumslut needing more cock, cum and some humiliation too.

Any chance how to contact Jay Taylor? love him!

Sliked Whole
I've been jacking off to blindfolded preacher over and over again. That is one of the hottest scenes ever. I love real SEX, and damnit, I wish that was me taking anonymous big cocks and gigantic loads deep in my cum starved butthole.

I am saying it again, ETHAN SEXTINN IS SO FUCKING CUTE! Grown-up, but with a hint of the mischievous child is in the youthful young man. PLEASE, TELL HIM SOMEONE WANTS TO SEE MORE! Oh his pubic hair is the darkest raven black I've ever seen on anyone, much less him. Is he still in the business?

Scene 6 is my favorite. The bottom is absolutely perfect.


This is my all time favorite TIM video. Preacher is a hot fucker that needs as many dicks in his holes as possible. Firefli is one of the hottest dicks I have ever seen.

I loved the scene 4 Is one of my dreams. To be raw fucked when sleeping

preacher mans the fukkin hottest scene ive seen..only into reality porn..usually str8 guys..this pushed all the buttons for me..came twice watching here to buy it now

Liked this one better than the original WICS, which was groundbreaking in its day but had some bizarre, distracting sound effects and transitional scenes in it. WICS2 has one of my all-time fave dudes, Jax, in two scenes, Gloryhole Fuckslut Parts 1 and 2. I don't particularly like glory hole stuff but this guy is uber hot and one of the biggest cumsluts I've ever seen. He's got a nice, hairy, ginger body though it would have been great to see that shirt ripped off him to appreciate more of it. Best part is when Jax, after getting fucked by several guys, is overcome with the need to cum himself and jerks off his nice cock into his own hand. He then uses his own cum to lube a nice big cock that's appeared through the GH before he backs his raw ass onto it! Now that's my kinda slut! It's also great to see a bottom who can actually cum and then go right back to bottoming for the other guys. Too bad we've never seen Jax in any other TIM vids, but there's always hope, right Paul Morris? Preacher Gets Religion Part 2 is one of the better TIM gang bang scenes, with some great tops banging away on the "preacher" bottom who's decided to give up his ass to his fellow man. Preacher's got a pretty nice body and it's hot to see him accepting any and all tops to use his horny ass for their own pleasure.
It starts with a preacher named Danny who has played with some big “toys,” but now wants the real thing. Boy does he get it when he asks to be blindfolded and is used by over a dozen men. The scene opens with a big dick slowly entering Danny’s ass. Danny takes this big dick all the way in. This nice looking cock belongs to Austin Shadow. Austin decides to loosen Danny’s ass with his tongue. He works this hole over as if it’s his last meal... Read the entire review at

This is a hot movie. Definitely one of my favorites.

I love Christian!

I love being blindfolded while being fucked. So hot!

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