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ReleasedDecember 2013
Runtime88 minutes
ProducerPaul Morris

Paul Morris presents the latest installment in the Macho Fucker Ass Stretchers series. Macho Fucker guarantees no cock under eight inches, and boy do they deliver. Watch eight vicious, massively hung top fuckers abuse seven of the world's sluttiest holes to get their nuts off with no regard for anyone else's pleasure.

Scene 1
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Black Brutality

Latino toy-boy LINDO loves to get brutally fucked by these big dick-Bugarrones. This time he submits his holes to Colombian stallion OTHELLO.

It isn't an easy thing to get hold of OTHELLO, because this Bugarron with the rough face is in and out of jail. But when on set his pinga gets rock hard when he just talks about those prison punks who are passed around between the hardened gangsta boyz like him. OTHELLO - a quiet but demanding top who loves to breed boy pussy. Sexy LINDO is submissive by nature. The Latino toy-boy from Colombia loves to get brutally fucked by big-dicked Bugarrones like OTHELLO.

Scene 2
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White Nutt for a Black Butt

The older he gets the hotter he looks - our French Black Bottom "veteran" BEN. The sexy muscle boy is pushed to his limits by Esteban's horse dick, and is rewarded by a "horse-load" of jizz deep down his guts. The biggest dick since Wade, the most agressive fucker since Mauricio and the biggest loads of jizz since Igor - welcome to the MACHO FUCKER-family, ESTEBAN! BEN is a French-Caribbean Bottom-stud with a well-trained body, a pretty boyish face, but a deep dirty mind. Getting rough fucked, being treated like a slut, having the biggest dicks up his guts - this is what he lives for.

Scene 3
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Break-In of a Straight Lad

STORM is not the first usually straight lad who rather likes to GET FUCKED when he messes around with dudes. Sure thing that the fee helped to persuade him doing a shoot for MACHO FUCKER. After the deal he had to face two problems. Problem #1: He took the last dick 6 months ago, which means it was a kind of a "Break-in"-session. Problem #2: It was the TEXAS BULL who couldn't wait to take a stab at his ass. STORM is the typical US-country-"boy from next door." He has a girl, he claims, but when messing around with dudes he likes to be on the receiving end. 20 years young, 200 pounds of solid muscle, 11 rock hard inches of meat with a sex drive that is out of this world - welcome to the stable, TEXAS BULL.

Scene 4
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Ghetto Freaks 2

A freaky West Coast thug with a donkey dick brutally runs a train on a white street hustler. Watch this "One Man Gangbang"-video with our two newcomers D-BLOCK and FROST. This West Coast thug is the freakiest dude we ever met. He can beat pussy like no other, no matter if female, male or anything in between. Getting fucked by D-BLOCK is a trip, folks. FROST is a tru Wigga from the "Dirty South" who hustles the streets of Texas` big cities. He is what is described as "multi-sexual": He fucks women and men, but when himself being the bottom he bends over for big black cock only.

Scene 5
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Impaled 2

One of MACHO FUCKER's sexiest bottoms, HENRIQUE MIRANDA had to open his butt cheeks wide to make room for MARCOS' beer can-thick Brazilian baby maker. HENRIQUE was virtually impaled by this ever-hard monster dick. MACHO FUCKER welcomes a new gifted fucker from the Sugar Loaf, white Brazilean stud MARCOS. BIG MARCOS to be precise, cuz his dick is thick as a beer can and only the experienced sluts can take his pounding. Meet HENRIQUE MIRANDA, Brazil`s sexiest export to the Old World. He has proven more than once that he is not only one hot bottom, but also one who can take the shit like no other.

Scene 6
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Mav & the Rude Boyz

In the absence of Mr. Marky we found the perfect partner for JAMAICA STEEL, finally able to continue our extremely popular "RUDE BOYZ"-series. Newcomer MAV's experienced muscle butt puts the new team immediately to a tough test. JAMAICA STEEL: The myth of Jamaican men comes to life with this young bull from Kingston. 12 inches of dick, and he truly knows how to use them. You have to watch this stallion re-sizing the buttholes of our willing Bottom sluts. A striking face, a phat bubble, and a deep-throat ability like no-one else before - all attributes that make MAV a perfect Macho Fuckee.

Scene 7
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Texas Bull

Everything grows big in Texas. This saying definitely includes newcomer TEXAS BULL. Young, hung, full of cum and a true power top. Watch him fuck FROST's boyhole and dump two huge loads.


Paul Morris


Big Marcos
D Block
Henrique Miranda
Jamaican Steel
Texas Bull

Keith H
Come on guys..when are you gonna give us Blu-ray??????

Mav and the rude boys is one of the hottest scenes in porn ever! Mav is so fucking hot sniffing his poppers and taking dick up his ass!


wish it were me getting by those top fuckers

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Isaias Ramos Garcia
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I have a ton of Treasure Island dvds but you need to get some new performers and new concepts going.

We all love seeing holes take multiple cock, but what I would really love to see is both holes taking multiple cocks AND cocks fucking multiple holes. Say 12 tops and 6 bottoms and every bottom gets fucked by every top. No individual scenes, just a solid two hours of 6 bottoms each taking 12 cocks. Hardcore breeding. White, black, latino, arab - every color of cock and hole together in one amazing session.

Roy Roberson
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the best ass strecher dvd i think Also the numbers 2 and 3 with Jiggy Mann



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Joseph M
Sure wish i had known that you were going to carry this dvd, i would have ordered it for you guys, much faster to receive. :) I will know better next time.

Can't wait to order I think I will get the DVD and watch it though. Its better viewing on TV rather then the computer. Love my bottom boys.