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ReleasedApril 2010
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris

Cocksucking is an art and a way of life. For both the man presenting his cock and the cocksucker accepting the invite, this is a time-honored way for men to get and give an almost unfathomable degree of pleasure and communion. It's play, it's work, it's worship. In BONE HEAD, I feature a range of scenarios for the cocksucking connoisseur, ranging from almost devastating sadism (Scene 1) and humiliation to straight-man worship (Scene 6); from the avid youthful novice (Scene 2) to the seasoned world-class blowjob artist working on a huge uncut challenge.

Scene 1
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Bone Head

I kick off BONE HEAD with an extra heavy-duty punch: MICHAEL is a true (and very intense) top who knows that his cock should get exactly what it wants. And JOEY is one of those fine cocksuckers (we've all met them on occasion) who is married-with-kids, but who learned early on that he needs to suck dick. I'm guessing this encounter might be called downright sadistic, but both men were deeply engaged and ultimately got exactly what they wanted.

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MICHAEL takes what he wants: JOEY barely get started before MICHAEL grabbed the back of his head and start brutally dicking his throat. At one point, he sticks his fingers in JOEY's mouth to stretch it wider to accomodate his fat uncut cock.

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Wide-eyed and helplessly gagging from the relentless throat-ramming he's taking, JOEY has no choice but to take it all. MICHAEL does give JOEY a break here and there, letting him spit out excess throat-juice and desperately suck in some air before MICHAEL drives his cock hard 'n' deep down JOEY's throat again and again. I have to wonder what JOEY's wife would think, seeing her strapping husband reduced to nothing more than an obedient fucktoy for skinny and sadistic MICHAEL's cock.

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Scene 2
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Teen Bone Head

Compared to the first scene, this one is all sweetness and light--but no less hot. Angel-faced MARC just turned 18 years old a coupla months before this was shot. He hasn't even graduated from high school yet, but his future as a cum-guzzler looks very bright indeed. The kid uses his no-longer-innocent mouth and youthful enthusiasm to nurse an appreciatve topman-- NOEL--up to the brink and over the edge.

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As orgasm hits him, NOEL pulls out of the young man's warm mouth---he wants to shoot all over the kid's handsome mug. But the first splash of cum has barely landed on MARC's baby-face before the boy lunges in, hungry for that sweet hot load. His cheeks hollow as he sucks and gulps it down his throat: the kid's a born cumwhore-in-training.

Scene 3
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Nate and Joey
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JOEY SUMMERS is back. Some cocksuckers are passionate, some cocksuckers are technically great. But JOEY has an amazing perfect focus to his cocksucking. The guy seriously loses himself in sucking that dick. In this scene JOEY sucks off his buddy NATE. And JOEY keeps his nose buried deep in NATE's pubes as he slobbers and slurps away--until NATE straddles his head and shoots a big fuckin' load all over JOEY's face. As NATE smears the warm sperm all over his pal's kisser, he urges JOEY to "suck it up," scraping the goo from JOEY's beard and roughly pawing it into his open mouth.

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Scene 4
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Daddy's Bone Head Boy
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JAY is a handsome big-dicked daddy who loves sharing his beautiful big cock with younger dudes. But every once in a while an older guy can learn from a youngster. In this encounter, Jay learns that cocksucker CHESTER takes sucking a man off very seriously. The avid little cocksucker grips JAY's heavy swollen ballsac like a drowning man holds a life-preserver. And he sucks cock like his life depends on it. When the cum squirts 'n' gushes out, CHESTER slurps the delicious goo right down. JAY had to admit this was one of the finest blowjobs he's ever had.

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Scene 5
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Dino and Taylor
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I love a cocksucker in a business suit. Can't say why, exactly, but it's a perfect thing. And dapper SF businessman TAYLOR happily drops to his knees to suck on DINO's hefty uncut dong. TAYLOR is a serious cock-lover, sometimes sucking, sometimes rubbing the thick, veiny rod all over his face, inhaling the rich musk of a man's uncut dick--and then he's right back down on it, slurping with his eager hot mouth. TAYLOR gets his just reward when DINO's dick throbs out spurt after spurt of white manjuice, coating the cocksucker's tongue and throat.

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Scene 6
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Starving for a Bone

ANDRE is without doubt one of my favorite cocksuckers. He's passionate and he's hungry. You can learn a lot about what cocksucking is all about just by watching ANDRE give his all for another man's joy.

Click for larger image

So I gave him a bit of a challenge. MARTIN, a hung newcomer to porn, identifies himself as straight. And he wasn't even sure he'd be able to get it up to get sucked off by another man. And when ANDRE watches 20-year-old MARTIN stroking himself to get hard, it's like he's a starving man staring at a 12-course meal. The hunger is deep. And when he gets the go-ahead from MARTIN, ANDRE nuzzles aside the young man's huge ballsac (this boy has mega-balls) and tongues up the sweat and balljuice. He gets a satisfying funky taste of the other man before moving up to the main attraction.

Click for larger image

ANDRE goes at it whole-hog, licking and sucking on MARTIN's fat Italo-throbber like a hungry pup worrying a fine meaty bone. And even a straight guy like MARTIN (seriously--we've met his girlfriend and it's all for real) can't resist that eager, expert mouth: he cries out "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" and dumps a million lost babies down ANDRE's gullet.

Scene 7
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Dogg Gets a Bone

DAMON DOGG is back to doing what he does best: sucking dick and slurping up loads of hot cum. This time around DAMON gets down on his knees to service JIMMY.

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A giant of a man (he's around 6' 6" and built strong), dreadlocked blond newcomer JIMMY describes himself as "primarily straight". But he's more than happy to let an eager bone-hound take a turn sucking on his huge uncut wiener. And DAMON DOGG, the insatiable cock-chomper, was waggin' his little tail at the chance.

Click for larger image Click for larger image

JIMMY kicks back and tokes a ciggie while DAMON slurps and sucks. But the cigarette is forgotten as grinning JIMMY gets lost in cock-pleasure. When JIMMY finally shoots his load—enough to make DAMON swear, "Holy shit!"--the DOGG doesn't lose a single drop.

Scene 8
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Str8 Bone Head

REX considers himself both heterosexual and conservative. He goes to church every Sunday (Baptist), and he's married with kids at home. But every now and then he has an uncontrollable desire to worship cock.

Click for larger image Click for larger image

But though REX is into cock, he's not sexually attracted to men. He's an honest-to-god straight cock-worshiping cocksucker. So we set up a gloryhole for him and brought in one of the finest fuckin' dicks in town. The adoration and bliss is obvious in REX's every moan and every lick. You can see real cock-worship passion in the looks REX gives it, and even more in the way he closes his eyes to concentrate on the feel of it filling his mouth. He sucks cock passionately and well, but this is definitely how a straight man makes love to another man's cock.

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Scene 9
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Keer and Dave

KEER is a man who truly knows how to enjoy himself. As DAVE slurps away, KEER reveals his own tattooed chest and give his sensitive nips some quality attention, tugging and twisting. His cock is hard-wired to his nips, and this takes him to a deeper level of pleasure.

Click for larger image

DAVE is a take-my-time kind of blowjob artist: he loves and savors every moment he gets to suck, lick, taste and swallow KEER's massive boner. And KEER gets off on a man who knows what he wants: soon enough, his hands are off himself and onto DAVE's head, alternately guiding him and holding on as DAVE sucks and swallows him whole.

Click for larger image

DAVE wanted to feel the jizz squirt onto his tongue, and KEER displays perfect aim shooting his load directly into DAVE's open mouth, and then joins in savoring the joy juice with a little man-to-man snowballin'.

Scene 10
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Tony at the Gloryhole

If you've ever wanted to crawl through the screen into a T.I.M. scene and get right in the action, this one is definitely for you. With the super-closeups of cocksucker TONY's tongue swirling all over a thick, spit-shined dick, it's the closest thing to being there you're gonna get.

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Scene 11
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Ball Worship

Ball-worship can be as rewarding as full-on cocksucking. It's a perfect, primal way to connect with a man's fertility: licking on his ballsac, taking his hefty nuts into your mouth. So I put two swarthy straight-bulls together on a couch, gave them some straight porn to watch. (You'll recognize MARTIN from his epic bj in Scene 6, above). Even so, they were both more than a little nervous when laid-back stoner from Santa Cruz, "DJ" came in and crouched between their legs.

Click for larger image Click for larger image

DJ didn't mind that they were nervous: he was completely absorbed in the magnificence of their heavy ball sacs. Going from one stud to the other, DJ lovingly tongue-bathed their weighty balls. And--no real surprise here, if you know straight men--DJ's tongue finds its way into the assholes of each of the bulls, getting each of them to spread their lanky legs a little wider to let him in.

Click for larger image

When the guys shoot their loads all over their taut beliies, DJ climbs up and sucks up every drop. Once the two sated satyrs are out of the room, DJ toked up and frantically jerked off. When he squirts all over his taut tan abs, he scoops up his own load and mixes his sperm with the other two loads slithering in his belly.

Click for larger image
Scene 12
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Jordan Garrison and Brad Davis
Click for larger image

BRAD DAVIS, a seasoned cocklover, gets down and dirty with big-dicked daddy JORDAN GARRISON in a scene shot in our own warehouse. Like all great cocksuckers, BRAD is both aggressive and obedient. When JORDAN tell him to "Milk it!" BRAD doesn't need to be told twice. In its own way, this is one of the most satisfying blowjob scenes we've shot: it's a no-nonsense, get-what-you-came-for blowjob.

Click for larger image
Cumshot Compilation

I intentionally made BONE HEAD to include an almost encyclopedic range of the man-to-man oral sex experience. Cocksucking has been a passion for me all my life, and I'm intent on making damn sure it continues and flourishes in all it's incredible variants.

If you're like me and have an untamable love for the ways men have of communing together with mouth and cock, you're gonna love BONE HEAD.

-- Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Keer And Damon Dogg


Joey Dingo
Jordan Garrison

Great movie....BUT...i'm partial to seein the cock suckers get there nut....more fulfilling for me.....jus sayn

Oh what I would give to service the dirty, verbal, dominant top that is Michael to make me his quivering, cocksucking, cum-swallowing whore.
hopefully the models read these comments. I had no idea that innocent looking guys like Michael could have such roto-rooter type dominance lurking within. What Michael gave Joey is my all-time ultimate hot geek/nerd fantasy. If by any chance Michael, or someone who looks like Him reads this, check my site for my email. I am looking to live out scene 1. :) pup jon

I love Jay Taylor ... could/would do everything for him! Wish 1 - hope to see him as bottom Wish 2 - or hope to meet him in person

gabradore jacques
Iwanna be suckin fuckin tonight but its not friday,...or even thursday but im thirsty for leche de hombre show me this film you created called bonehead


I have watched this at least 20 times and I have to cum atleast twice every time!

This video is unbelievable hot! I enjoyed all the segments, but especially the 1st part with Michael and Joey. Gets me hard and wet every time I watch it, which is at least every other day.
TIM brings a cocksucker's delight. This movie is filled with all types of men. These guys are hungry for cum and they know just where to find it. The guys in this movie are hot and ready for action... Read the entire review at

This made me so incredibly hard

Hot! Came three times while watching it!