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Runtime May 2012
Runtime 1h 46m
Directed by Max Sohl
Produced by Paul Morris
Reviews 23

Featured in BRUTHALOAD VOL. 6 NYC Edition:

Max Sohl went on a mission to find the biggest black cock in New York City. Along the way he found a diverse collection of men of color, from unknowns picked up right off the street to some of the biggest-name thugstars in porn. Stroking their huge slabs of nigga cock for Max’s camera, these guys produce some of the most impressive dog water loads we’ve ever seen—including the first ever BRUTHALOAD TRIPLE JACK OFF scene.

BRUTHALOAD 6 – NYC EDITION features 10 scorching scenes and a total of 14 super-donged men from vanilla to dark chocolate, representing all shades of brown: COLIN BLACK, HOT ROD, KANNON, KOBRA, DIEGO, ENIGMA, ISAIAH FOXX, JAMAL, BLACK JESUS, IAN ROCK, SLIMM, JAX PRATT, DREW VERGAS, and the biggest black cock in Manhattan—the impressive 13 inch horse cock of JD MAGIC.


Scene 1
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Hot Rod

Age 25, 6’2”, 175#, 11” x 6” cock (cut)

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Nothing turns on porn superstar HOT ROD more than sex in public places. Bathrooms, alleyways, stairwells—the more likely it is he can get caught, the harder he gets. And he gets hard. When HOT ROD whipped out his beautiful, black, thick 11 inches of cock in the neighbor's hallway after dark, we knew we were in for a treat. He flexes his dark-skinned, tattooed muscular body and licks his full lips until he's ready to bust his nut. Trust HOT ROD to make sure you don't miss a thing.

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Scene 2
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Age 24, 5’11”, 155#, 10.5" cock (cut)

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KOBRA is an NYC Brutha with a sweet, endearing smile and a dangerously huge dick. You can tell how much he enjoys pumping his cock and squirting a load here: as his dick grows to full size, he begins to pump furiously and moan in pleasure, grabbing his balls and letting his boys loose all over his belly and chest.
Kobra: "Did I do good?"
Max: "You did real good."

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Scene 3
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Ian Rock

Age 44, 6’2”, 200#, 11" x 7" cock (cut)

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IAN ROCK is the dominant muscle man you wish would put you in your place—on your knees, servicing his massive prick. We asked IAN to pose and flex so you could admire every muscle of his impressive body. If you're anything like us, you'll be particularly taken by his stunning pecs and beautifully sculpted arms. And then, of course, there's the mammoth 11 x 7 appendage swinging between his legs, which IAN loves to take in hand and double fist into a long distance climax.

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Scene 4
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Colin Black

Age 28, 6’, 185#, 9" cock (cut)

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COLIN BLACK has a secret weapon in his underpants: a rock hard cock to match his stunning blue eyes, defined body and sensually pierced nipples. Last seen bent over a tree trunk in the woods in RETURN TO MEAT RACK, cum-loving COLIN gets off on stroking his dick with his jeans around his ankles here. His heart races, his nuts tighten and he blasts a load onto his belly before licking up every drop.

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Scene 5
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Age 26, 5’7”, 175#, 9.5" cock (cut)

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KANNON is an up and coming porn star. A light-skinned brutha who more than makes up for his smaller stature with his perfectly thick 9 and a half inch brown dick. We shot him jerking off on his kitchen counter. This man leaves no doubt that he likes playing with his own meat, his breath getting shallower the more intense he gets before he finally brings himself to orgasm in the mutha of brutha loads. You won’t believe where we found his cum afterwards.

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Scene 6
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Drew Vergas

Age 25, 6’, 185#, 9" cock (cut)

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After a long, hard gym workout, DREW VERGAS sometimes literally can't wait to get home to shoot a load, unleashing the seed from his raging hard-on all over the shower floor. When we asked him to demonstrate, DREW was more than happy to oblige. He lathers, rinses, and repeats, beating his big 9 inch meat over and over again until he gets what he wants—a healthy, replenishing protein shake.

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Scene 8
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Age 29, 5’7”, 145#, 9.5" cock (cut)

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DIEGO is a straight brutha who works for a local messenger service. He’s been up to the NY office a few times and it wasn’t too hard to spot the other hard package he was carrying. He seemed inquisitive about what it was we did and we were equally interested in seeing what he had between his legs. Though he was surprised when we told him we would give him cash to jack his cock and shoot his load for us, he didn't have a problem accepting the offer. After pumping his dick for a while, he didn’t shoot so much as spew lavanous amounts of man seed all over his cock, legs, balls, and furniture.

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Scene 9
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Bruthajack - Enigma, Slimm, Black Jesus

ENIGMA - Age 22, 6’2”, 160#, 10.5" cock (cut)

SLIMM - Age 28, 5’10”, 145#, 9" cock (cut)

BLACK JESUS - Age 22, 5’6”, 160#, 9.5" cock (uncut)

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We called up a black pimp who specializes in whoring out thug cock for men and told the male madam we wanted to book 3 of his boys. They had to be black. They had to be hung bigger than 9 inches.

We picked up the three hos outside of a Manhattan hotel room and escorted them back to a room. ENIGMA, SLIMM and BLACK JESUS: three decidely NYC straight black men who have no trouble showing off their cocks for bucks. ENIGMA has the cutest gap tooth and a huge dick. SLIMM seemed to be stoned outta his mind. BLACK JESUS has huge, impressive thighs and a swagger that will make you want to worship at his cock.

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The three studs sit side by side on a couch, stroking. They were told their job consisted of blowing a load, so it's all pretty nonchalant – just 3 bruthas trying to get a job done. In a matter of minutes ENIGMA and SLIMM stand up to eject their impressive wads on the table, leaving poor BLACK JESUS manhandling his meat all alone. We weren’t complaining, since it gave us another half hour of getting to watch BLACK JESUS spank his monkey.

And then something interesting happens as one straight Brutha helps another straight Brutha out…


Max Sohl


Paul Morris


Colin Black
Hot Rod
Isaiah Foxx
Black Jesus
Ian Rock
JD Magic
Jax Pratt
Drew Vergas

Colin Black has the most BEAUTIFUL face in African American gay porn. I love to watch him being fucked, especially by mega white dick. Always the perfect fit in a PERFECT man!!! I am so in love with him.

Sal garcia
Wanna buy videos!

I only like masculine looking men. Which means guys with shaved pubic areas kills my ability to get excited. I would love to see more unshaven men in flicks so I won't have to dig for stuff 20 years old.

Best thus far! I agree with Barry. You guys should do a feature with an all black cast. only please no tired cliche with "BLACK" in the title ;)

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When will TIM show these beautiful black men getting their dicks sucked and worshipped?

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ray ray
Wish I had Ian here! The man is smoking hot!!

kim davis
brothaload 6.....i would love to see jd majic huge cock on black gay porn asap....

Would love to see JD Magic's dick in Ian, Christian, and Damon Dogg's assholes--in the same video.


that has got to be some of the tastiest cum in the world...fill my mouth up!


these are some of the best black studs i've seen in your stable. some cuties with grrreat dicks!

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Would love to see JD in the next (KOJO) knock out jerked off series 7 video, getting an ice (Fleshlight) jack used on him with lots of lube.

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