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ReleasedSeptember 2015
Runtime2 hours 24 minutes
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris
DetailDigital Extras Included w/Download

BUG·GER·Y - noun: The criminal offense of male anal copulation; sodomy; human defilement (cf. penal code ref. “a crime against nature”); to contaminate, infect or corrupt by means of sodomy; the depravity of the beast.

Scene 1
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We're ambling down the Strip in Vegas, me and DAYTON O'CONNOR, when a fucked-up and obviously bone-hungry man-slut sidles up to DAYTON and tells him that he's on a sperm-collecting expedition. He recognizes DAYTON, I’m guessing. The manslut can’t stop rubbing his crotch and ass right there in public, his pupils huge, his talking a little too loud, a lot too desperate. DAYTON knows who the guy is and is up for fucking him, adding to the bottom-whore’s ongoing gut-hoard of sperm.

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We get to the room and the guy strips down lickety-split, dives onto the bed and writhes his hungry ass around. DAYTON climbs on and bingo! the guy’s mouth is saying what his butt-hole wants, all “Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!” over and over, ecstatic and whore-happy. DAYTON works that famous boner of his deep ’n’ dominant, with all the skill of Horowitz tickling Mozart on a fucking Steinway. And the bottom-whore moans, groans, cries and screams out “fuck yeah!” so much you stop hearing it after a while.

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I tell DAYTON to shut the guy up, so DAYTON kisses him and slides his tongue in far enough to get a taste of yesterday’s lunch. Some very nice deep tongue ’n’ bung fucking, right up to DAYTON’s load-pumping jizz-squooshing bone-jarring man-climax.

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Afterward, the deed all done deep ’n’ dirty, the whore pulls his pants on and stumbles out of the room, off in search of more loads for his dripping hole. DAYTON later joked about how the fuck-whore was carrying enough babies in his gut to repopulate the planet. Gotta love Vegas.

If you’re a DAYTON O’CONNOR fan like I am, you’ll wanna watch this one.

Scene 2
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There’s something special about a bottom whore who just doesn’t give a fuck what you do to him. It gives every top in the world the license to use him, abuse him and toss him the fuck away. Personally, I love to watch this bottom in action. It’s like he’s a new breed of fuck-zombie, existing only for the dick, needing only to serve any dick at all.

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So for the hell of it I gave him to two of the real big dicks of the modern world: JERRY STEARNS and LITO CRUZ. They had some real nice fun with him. Neither stud ever learned the kid’s name, though. A whore-hole like him doesn’t need a name: it’s just meat to fuck.

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Scene 3
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Our new cameraman GEORGE -- this was one of his first shoots and he made a serious mistake right off the bat. He left the room (to go buy some poppers) and forgot to tell the fuckers not to touch the camera.

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ANDREW picked it up and start shooting his conversation with DIEGO. Somehow he pushed the “sepia” button and the whole scene was shot like you see here.

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You get to hear the guys discussing who gets to do what to whom. It’s fucking wonderful. Once they get a’fuckin’ (and it’s only DIEGO’s third time taking a dick up his tight ass!) sparks fly. These two fucking love fucking each other. Plus, DIEGO had never used poppers before, so you get to enjoy watching him react to it. Awesome!

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Scene 4
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BILAL is one of those perfect, beautiful total bottom boys who can’t get into a guy unless he’s old enough to be BILAL’s dad. There’s a reason for that, but I’m sworn to secrecy.

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DEREK later told me that the kid’s ass was the warmest, softest, finest butt he’s ever fucked—and he’s fucked many a fine ass. BILAL’s little boyish prick never gets hard—in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen the thing hard. The boy’s sex is completely centered in his perfect hungry ass.

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Scene 5
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If you’ve met DAYTON O'CONNOR, you know how fucking powerful his sex energy is. It radiates hot and horny for a mile in every direction. The man is sex charisma personified. When he and DIMITRI met, they couldn’t wait for a fucking minute before their clothes were torn off and they were fucking like animals.

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DAYTON shot a load in the guy’s ass and they hit the shower -- where they fucked a second time. And then they toweled off and to the amazement of the crew, they fucked a third time in a half hour. These two couldn’t get enough of each other.

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Scene 6
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SETH ADLER, like every other bottom I’ve talked to, assured me that he could easily take any cock I could throw at him. So I tested him -- and the fucker nearly failed!

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I gave him JERRY STEARNS and DREW SEBASTIAN, and told them to stretch the confident bottom’s hole and push his limits. These two studs gave him a workout he will never forget. And his hole will never be the same.

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Scene 7
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When you’re a true master, there’s no need to be showy or theatrical. JACK ALLEN is a master of straight-forward manfucking. And DICE, a man I own, is a true master of submission. These two are like the yin and yang of mansex. A true pleasure to watch.

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This hot, beautiful session was shot by PONY before he moved up North to take over TIM's Portland/Seattle operation. You’ll enjoy his camera work almost as much as you’ll love the sex.

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Scene 8
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All my life I’ve been drawn to men who understand how to deeply, truly enjoy their own bodies. So many men are actually fearful or hesitant to enjoy themselves. But ADAM RUSSO sets the standard and could teach a college course on taking pleasure in being a man. His passion is honest, real, deep and inspiring.

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And when you couple ADAM up with a mega-hung daddy stud, you know the results are going to be breathtaking. These two redefine mansex. If you need a reminder of why you were born a man, you owe it to yourself to enjoy these two in action.

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Scene 9
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Purchase of this scene includes exclusive ETHAN WOLFE Bonus images, animated GIFs and trailers.

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ETHAN WOLFE has retired from porn and I for one will miss him. If you’ve met him in person, you know what a sweet, polite and charming ex-soldier he is. He’s also a solid, courageous guy who proudly took the step of getting a toxic tattoo just above his fat veiny cock.

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I paired him up with LITO CRUZ and gave them both a porn newbie with a very fine fat faceable ass. They all got along fine, even though ETHAN was a little in awe of LITO -- who wouldn’t be? LITO’s the only man I know who can convincingly sport a Superman tattoo.

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Learn more about ETHAN WOLFE HERE!

BUGGERY is made up of some of the crudest, rawest sessions we’ve made here at TIM. Of all the vids I’ve produced, this is one that stands out for me. In particular, the sessions with DAYTON O'CONNOR, JACK ALLEN and ANDREW DARLING are lessons in the passion and force of men in the heat of sex. Heavy loads of sperm, big dicks, willing and hungry holes -- what more could you ask for? -- Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Paul Morris


Seth Adler
Jack Allen
Derek Anthony
Bilal Bagra
Devon Bryant
Lito Cruz
Andy Arcade
Blade Dixxon
Hugh Peterson
Dayton O'Connor
Adam Russo
Dimitri Santiago
Drew Sebastian
Jerry Stearns
Diego Tovar
Ethan Wolfe

Jim F August 16, 2016
Scene 8 with Peterson and Russo is the hottest scene in a totally hot movie--thx TIM. Give us MORE Peterson as that is some cock! Russo is hot as a versatile top or bottom---he needs his own movie!! And another cock-throbbing performance from Derek Anthony--the most beautiful cock you've ever filmed ( and that's saying a mouthful:) One big request---give us a movie with all versatile hot guys (like Russo, Danny Blue, Logan Stevens, etc) You've never done that before and I for one enjoy being a top and then bottom----that's the hottest sex of all!

AllTopsAreVers February 22, 2016
Please Please do a scene with Lito Cruz and Jerry Stearns 1 on 1...Lito Cruz as the bottom in the scene (tho it will most likely happen like that anyways)...I asked Jerry St arns on twitter if he want's to do it and he agreed....please treasure island media please make it happen...I love their scenes in threeway sometimes but after watching their buggery scene and seeing Lito Suck and his and look like he was going to get fucked...I really want to see them do a 1on 1 scene

Bart January 9, 2016
Starts out with bang from the start, Dayton O'Connor is the sexy fucker, watching him plow that bottom slut had me squirting jizz before the scene ended, excellent movie over all, but why is Jerry Stearns always so quite in every movie?

bobby December 4, 2015
lets see more of hugh peterson his feet, walk across the room while hard

kiddof November 18, 2015
i love seth adler clean and handsome ...really wanna see more scenes about him

pat October 13, 2015
PM is the best pornographer alive.

Kevin October 3, 2015
Great film, but I've been dying to see a huge breed. 7 or 8 tops on one greedy bottom till they load him with cum. That's the TIM I love.

tim October 3, 2015
Now that's what I call TIM ! (great comeback after the sub standard Fuck Holes 3 ) BUGGERY is mind blowing, passionate, raw, deep lovemaking between MEN.

Marcus October 1, 2015
Well done!!! My boyfriend and I watched this last night and we both fucked each other until our dicks were spent. He blew 3 loads up me and I blew 2 up him. We both want to be gang banged by Lito and Jerry!!!!

Lars September 30, 2015
Topcast with my favorites lito, Jack and Drew but sorry to say: what happened with the camera work? some bad angles, and too many close-ups. i want to see the face expressions when they are fucking and more camera shots where we can see the whole bodies and faces. Please improve this in your next video's.

AustMack September 30, 2015
Really great - enjoyed it very much. Best scene is Ethan Wolfe and Lito Cruz double fucking a guy. It's billed as Ethan's last scene before retiring. Ethan - thanks for the horny memories.

Zoran September 29, 2015
GREAT MOVIE ! But still missing huge breeding sessions ;)

Breedsuraw September 28, 2015
Some great stuff in here, and it's always great seeing Lito Cruz doing ANYTHING. I always long for vids to have MUCH more verbally nasty (and loud) stuff - the bottoms begging for cocks and loads, the tops telling them they are owning their cunts, etc etc......I am always disappointed that the tops don't ever make the bottoms lick their holes. As a top, I INSIST that my bottoms lick my sweaty hole before I lick theirs and breed them.

johnny September 27, 2015
i really like TIM movies well love them been watching a jerking off for years i watch them all this one a i did not like in fact the past few Paul morris movies have not been great

Andy September 24, 2015
Wow, great to see Ethan Wolfe in another scene. What a shame he has retired from porn. Really liked him!! As soon as this scene is available as a single download I will buy it :)

Alfred September 23, 2015
I'm jaleous with BILAL, my man is DEREK!

Andrew September 23, 2015
Not as edgy as some of your other vids... The scene with Lito and Jerry could have been killer if it weren't for the super quiet and boring bottom. No one seemed very interested.