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ReleasedFebruary 2007
Runtime137 minutes
DirectorPaul Morris
ProducerPaul Morris

I get this all the time:
"More DAWSON ! I can't get enough! There's never been anyone like him. But is there any way to show him when he isn't so perfect? Does he have an even filthier side?"

DEEPER is my answer to all those e-mails I've received. This is the vid that exposes the darker, raunchier side of the world's premier male cum-whore.

I flew DAWSON to San Francisco and gave him a full day of fucking and sucking, ONE SOLID UNENDING DAY of cock after cock, man after man, load after load. By the end of it, all the niceness was peeled away and what was left? DAWSON the dog in heat, the insatiable whore, the cock-driven cum-addict.

He couldn't stop, even when he was worn out. Late in the night, after more cock and fucking than most men get in a lifetime, the Primal Slut was still begging for "just one more load".

You'll see a side of DAWSON that's usually hidden, edited out. Here's the grimy, dirty, on-his- knees, pissed-off, "Gimme-the- fuckin'-load, man!" DAWSON.

After DEEPER you'll never think of DAWSON in quite the same way again.

Scene 1
Gang Bang

It was the weekend of a leather street fair in San Francisco. I can't say which. (They've already said they'll sue if they're associated with this sperm-filled video.) I started DAWSON off with a raunchy gang bang. A nice warm-up for the most famous HOLE in the world.

Putting together the likes of topmen STEVE PARKER, JERRY STEARNS, MASON GARRET, JAKE WOOD, JOHN ANDREWS, DJ HUNTER , VINCE, LUKAS, JAKE FILLUPS (and more) guaranteed a rollicking non-stop fuckfest to jump-start the day.

DAWSON hungrily took on man after man, wearing them all out, using his tireless butt-pucker to suck the juice right out of their cocks.

Scene 2
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Day with Dawson

Primed 'n' slimed from the gang bang, the juiced-up HOLE was ambling toward his next group service-session when he caught sight of two major crotch-bulging dudes on the street.

Before they knew what hit them, he had them corralled, pants down, in a public stairwell. The dazed anonymous street studs took turns filling DAWSON's raw 'n' seedy holes.

The quick-and-dirty session gave DAWSON'S gut and throat a fresh coat of jizz-slime. And the HOLE was ready for more!

Just how loose a whore is the HOLE ? Wanting to find out, I threw a "Buck-a-Fuck" party. All the men you see paid one buck - that's right, one fuckin' buck - to fuck DAWSON. Another T.I.M. exclusive, CHRISTIAN , was in town and joined-in.

DAWSON was in hog heaven. It ain't quality for this bung-boy. It's quantity. The more dick there is, the more jizz that's flowing, the happier this whore-boy is.

There's a wide - and I mean WIDE - diversity of men here. In-shape, out of shape, young, old, in-between, all races, all types. For DAWSON, only one thing mattered - does he have a dick? Can he gimme a fuckin' load? The pretty-boy ain't so pretty by the time this afternoon fuck-melee is over. DAWSON is used, abused, twisted, tossed around. He has more hard, rude meat shoved into his maw and his butthole than you'd find at a Texas B-B-Q.

This is without doubt some of the fuckin' wildest action I've seen. DAWSON and CHRISTIAN are total fuck-pups for the crowd of studs. Cocks are shoved in their faces, down their throats, up their asses. And the two hungry- for-cum bottoms just keep beggin' for more. Finally, DAWSON crawls outta the chaotic dog-pile of mansex bruised, blasted - and drippin' cum like a hot 'n' cold running jizz-faucet.

Scene 3
Buy Scene $8.00  
Dawson Interview

An extended, tell-all Interview with DAWSON finishes off this whopper of a vid. DAWSON talks openly about everything from his first fuck (yeah, he took the load) to his current everyday life. Full of surprises and revelations, this special Bonus Feature is a must-have for any fan of the most legendary and controversial male porn figure of our time.


Paul Morris


Paul Morris




Steve Parker
Jerry Stearns
Mason Garret
Jake Wood
John Andrews
DJ Hunter
Jake Fillups

scooter cray
Nothing hotter than Dawson getting repeatedly fucked. I'd love to be there next to him with my ass in the air accepting all cocks and taking deep loads in my man cunt.

The best... Love to see Jay Taylor here! Wish I could contact/see him in person :)

amazing gang bang with lots of cum ... that's my big dream, big cocks, bb

Wow that's very hot man.
Dawson is back and as always he’s hot, horny and ready for lots of cum. This movie is a bit different than most of Dawson’s other films. They don’t just concentrate on Dawson taking load after load of cum in his ass. In this film we also get to see more of Dawson sucking cocks and being the total pig that he is... Read the entire review at

Dawson does it again. Thank you Paul Moris for bring this cum puppy to us. I can't get enough. Any movie with Dawson is a hit.