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SDSTW Sticker - FREE! (Mega-Rare)


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ReleasedJuly 2017
MaterialVinyl Outdoor Sticker
Cut4" X 6"
DetailsEasy-Peel Backing - Permanent Adhesive
Extremely Rare Stickers!

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We'll send you 4 stickers via USPS (Limit: ONE order per customer, please)

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There's no higher calling than cocksucking and now you can help spread the word by slapping the oval SDSTW sticker every place that needs a splash of sleazyness.

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Nothing in the world comes close to the feel of sliding your cock into a man’s warm and welcoming mouth. Actually, the only thing that equals it is feeling a man’s cock sliding into your own mouth, wide open and willing. If you suck cock once, it becomes a lifetime passion. Regardless of your profession, job, avocation, pastimes or hobbies, you become at your core and in your soul a cocksucker.

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Better than years of therapy, better than a lifetime on the beach in Tahiti, better than climbing to the top of the rat race of industry and commerce, cocksucking is the highest and greatest good. When one man sits back, spreads his legs and invites another man to worship, all the troubles of life and the world melt away and for that time of true man-to-man connection everything becomes clear and good and perfect.

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It’s an art that every man can master. But the key to any art is, of course, practice. No blow job is a rehearsal for anything other than itself, but every cocksucker can improve and learn. The reason I make these videos is to present real and honest examples of the art and practice of sucking dick. All I hope is that they’ll encourage men to get out and suck more cock, let more men suck their cocks. It’s the one practice that perfectly blends body, spirit, pleasure and politics.

Suck dick and save the world, gentlemen.

Cocksucking is beyond sex. Your eyes and mouth worship the cock, the veins, the balls, the shaft, the head, the semen. Every movement of your tongue, every shift of your head translates into a perfected state of communion between you and the man with whom you’re connecting. It may be that not a single syllable is uttered, but the level of communication transcends any language.

When I say “Suck Dick, Save the World” I’m perfectly serious. It’s a revolution manifested one man, one cock at a time. When an army of men vow to devote their lives to doing what they were born to do -- what truly gives them the greater pleasure and meaning -- you’ll see real change transpire.


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