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Runtime November 2010
Runtime 34m
Directed by Liam Cole
Produced by Paul Morris
Reviews 13

Featured in FULL TILT:

Some guys have a sex life. Others live sex. They fuck more people, more often, longer and harder, with no limits and no apologies. They make man-breeding into an art, a religion, a calling.

It's my honor to hang out with these dedicated cumhounds as they spend days on end feeding their addiction and exchanging their loads, united by a shared compulsion. When I record them in action I'm documenting a way of life, in the raw, stripped stylings of "porno." These are not phony, air-brushed fantasies. They're home movies from a subcultural netherworld where real men really fuck, fearless and uncompromising, true to the deepest part of themselves: living and fucking at full tilt.

- Liam Cole

Scene 1
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Darren and Peto Fuck Jack

Sometimes the stars align. JACK LEWIS lives to be dominated and fucked hard, and that's how DARREN HAWKE and PETO COAST love to fuck. We didn't plan this scene--JACK just happened to be at DARREN's apartment when I came over to shoot a solo jerk-off with PETO. Once the camera (and PETO's cock) came out, JACK and DARREN decided they'd be up for joining in, so it turned into a 3-way.

JACK turned out to be one of the hungriest sub bottoms I've ever seen, taking a brutal, donkey-dick double-fucking without a whimper of complaint. PETO and JACK sensed what he needed and gave it to him with both barrels, loading his ass and then influencing him to suck their cocks clean.

Finally JACK gave up all control as the tops restrained him and fist-fucked his spunk-filled hole until his own spooge was decorating his belly. Best spontaneous session I've ever caught on tape, and proof that a true cockslut is always ready for anything.

Scene 2
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Lucky Joe Fucks Ross Fuller

ROSS FULLER had never done porn before. He came directly to me because it's his dream to be a T.I.M. gangbang cumdump, taking loads from as many cocks as I can line up for him. He takes this ambition seriously and wants to join the ranks of men who have been branded with the T.I.M. tattoo to show their commitment to a life of cock worship and cum exchange.

One day, when I'm convinced he's ready, I'll get ROSS tattooed and gang-bred as he wishes. For now, here's his first onscreen outing as a bareback bottom, taking a big load in his ass from the mighty cock of LUCKY JOE. His devotion to cock and cum, and the pleasure he takes from it, is obvious. The experience puts a smile on both men's faces.

Scene 3
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Paul, Ed and Brent

With the cumhounds I film, you can pretty much throw anyone together and see what happens. For these guys sexual connection is like a jigsaw where every piece fits with every other, and each combination makes a new picture of communal satisfaction.

The plan here was for BRENT to give his perfect muscle ass up to PAUL and ED, which definitely worked out. However, while ED was plugging his dick into BRENT's cock socket, PAUL started feeling between ED's cheeks and found another willing hole. Pretty soon BRENT had his tongue down ED's throat, holding him in place while PAUL plowed ED's butthole from behind with a cock that was still wet from BRENT's cumsloppy hole.

When they were done, BRENT was more than happy to suck the cocks clean and lie back, exhausted, with an ass full of juice. An authentic piece of improvised sleaze, played out in the orange lamplight of a seedy hotel room made into a rut den for ass breeders.

Scene 4
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Lucky Joe Fucks Max Schneider

MAX is a versatile fucker, not the kind of submissive slut bottom who'll spread his cheeks for you and beg for it. Here, LUCKY JOE has to bring out the bottom in MAX by fucking him so convincingly he can't help but accept taking his part on the receiving end.

It's clear from MAX's face that he can feel every move JOE makes inside his tight sensitive hole, but that doesn't stop him from taking it like a dog in heat. After a serious humping, he finishes up on his back, spraying himself with his own load while JOE's thick, turgid dick nestles in MAX's cum-filled chute.

Scene 5
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Ed Gunn Gangbang

If you've never been to a bareback gangbang, this is how it goes down in the real world: no bright lights or choreographed positions, no makeup or set dressing. Just one guy's apartment, very late at night, with seven horny pitchers and one hungry catcher, ready to do what most bottoms only fantasize about--taking every cock and every load.

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These men were totally focused, but generous enough to let me join in with my camera. By the end of the night ED's hole had been pounded so long that the bed was almost falling apart. He was lost deep in a horned-out high, taking one load after another, sucking spunk and his own ass juices off each cock while the next one unloaded inside him.

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A bareback gangbang is the ultimate expression of what it means to be a bottom. Every man who enjoys being fucked in the ass should experience being gangbanged bareback at least once in his life. Now that ED has taken the plunge, there's no looking back for him. This scene records his giant leap forever.


Scene 6
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Peto Coast Fucks Brent Bow

An alpha male match. It takes a hung, aggressive fucker like PETO COAST to get ripped, horny pig BRENT BOW groaning.

Most bottoms think they'd like to be fucked this way--hard and relentlessly by an oversized dick, tossed from one piece of furniture to the next, held in place and used--but how many can actually take it in reality?

Fortunately BRENT is one of the ones who can, giving PETO the chance to demonstrate how he got his reputation as the most powerful top in Europe.

Scene 7
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Peto Coast and Lucky Joe Fuck Frank Klein

FRANK is a horny, young Spaniard who hasn't even been in London long enough to pick up much English. Fortunately he's precociously fluent in the universal language of manfucking, and he's brave (or foolhardy) enough to hand his ass over to two of the hardest fucking tops in Europe, LUCKY JOE and PETO COAST. This is a grainy, grimy record of what happened.

The language barrier means it's easier to physically push FRANK into the position you want him, rather than ask nicely, and FRANK seems happy with both tops treating him that way. He spends much of the scene with his mouth and ass stuffed with fat cock, so there's very little chance for talking, anyhow.

By the end, FRANK is bred and smiling, with his Spanish ass full of German and Swiss loads. Proof that cum-fucking transcends all national boundaries.

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Lucky Joe Fucks Zack Elias

LUCKY JOE returns, fucking fit-bodied sub ZACK ELIAS. This scene nearly didn't make the cut, purely because I was worried about using too many scenes with JOE. But really, you can't get too much of a good thing when that thing is a long, thick, German cock ploughing and breeding a hot ass like ZACK's.

Cumshot Compilation


Liam Cole


Paul Morris

R W L November 24, 2017
A DVD that I can't stop watching because the first is Jack taking loads after loads from Darren & Peto as the loads make your ball want to . Then Brent spreading and taking it from Paul & Ed makes you shed a load and then the G/B of Ed Gunn who makes you want to swap places . This is one of your best you have made and my friends love it too .


moises soares
i love gangbang portugal

peto coast unload massive load in me

I adore Lucky Joe... By far my favorite top, he's delicious... I love watching he big raw cock fuck bareback.

Scene 5 is what happens when I do a gangbang. I love getting loaded by a room full of big dicked tops, cumming one after another.

Scene 1 is hot. I've watched them while I fucked two wild types. Me two cocks rammed into the hole. We asked for three of the scene. Two cocks fucked my hole and simultaneously inseminated me.

hot hot hot more

hot more

Pete's John
I agree completely with Peter. The double fucking and all the cum and then fisting does it for me. The gang bang makes me wish that I could get my prostate massaged by half a dozen big slippery cocks too.

Anton Dickson
Fucking horny video. love it, hugs anton

I love a good gangbang scene. This movie was great. Anything that Liam Cole does is amazing.

The fisting and gangbang scene is so raunchy and raw. I literally came twice watching it.

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