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Runtime October 2011
Runtime 47m
Directed by Liam Cole
Produced by Paul Morris
Reviews 30

Featured in IN THE FLESH:

It's the fifth and filthiest video from Liam Cole, our man in Europe. IN THE FLESH is 3 solid hours in the company of 34 men devoting mind and body to the shared experience of shameless raw-fucking animal release. Liam records this ever-growing sexual underworld of those who fuck without fear or caution. His videos are an affirmation to every man who lives this way, and a call to all those who don't: you may be missing out on the time of your life.

Scene 1
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Peto Coast Fucks Florian Mann
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In the basement of a noisy German sleaze bar, Peto Coast delivers a brutal fuck to Florian Mann – a mustached muscle slut who’s either too drunk or too high to conceal his woozy cock hunger.

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He blackens his knees on the filthy floor, getting down to soak himself in piss (Peto’s and his own), between rough bouts of fucking from the legendary Machofucker top.

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Scene 2
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Aaron Lamb Gangbang
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I've been getting requests for more Aaron Lamb ever his appearances in Pounded, back in 2009. Finally I've got him back for the gangfucking I've been wanting to record with him all along.

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To make up for lost time, I made it a big one: 11 tops, all hung and ready to pound and breed Aaron's ass. He asked to be blindfolded, to prove that he's a total cumwhore and will take any cock and load, regardless of the guy attached. We were happy to oblige.

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Scene 3
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Lucky Joe Fucks Brent Bow
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Lucky Joe is a lean German donkey-dick top, and here he's given free reign with the very fuckable ass of Brit bottom Brent Bow. Brent has never looked better, and the match is a no-frills prime example of raw man-on-man release.

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This scene was shot back-to-back on the same day as Brent's encounter with Peto Coast, featured on FULL TILT. Watch the two scenes together and you'll see Brent's hungry ass showed some real stamina that day.

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Scene 4
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Jorge Ballantinos Gangbang
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Berlin sleaze, with a muscled Spanish cumdump taking on four of the biggest raw cocks in Berlin. Jorge Ballantinos has built his body up into a cum-friendly fuck object, and he lives to take loads, so I scouted the bareback parties of German's capital to find these Deutsche donkey dicks, and let them loose on Jorge's hairy ass.

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He takes them like a champ, spending most of the scene eyes closed, with the expression of a man who is flying high and loving every intense sensation that his hole is subjected to.

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Scene 5
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Angelo's Tattoo
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Angelo is entirely committed to T.I.M.'s philosophy. He doesn't hunger for one man, but for all men, and for cock and cum in itself. He proves this by having himself branded with the T.I.M. tattoo, and then recorded at his favourite public bathroom, where he makes good on a promise to, "suck a load from any man who'll give it to me".

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The men's faces cannot be shown as they don't know there is a camera there, so this scene is not only a celebration of Angelo's devotion to cock, but also a record of anonymous bathroom sex in one of the few places remaining in London that has survived the closed-circuit surveillance culture which is killing this form of sexual communion among men.

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Scene 6
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Florian Mann's 4-way
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This shoot happened while I was staying with Lucky Joe in Berlin. We got three others over and spent the afternoon hanging out and fucking. If the scene feels unstaged, that's because it is.

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One of the most fun group fucks I've ever shot, with all three tops loading up Florian Mann's hot ass. And if you like seeing guys smoking, you'll love the first few minutes. Berliners like their cigarettes, so there was a lot of lazy smoking and cocksucking happening before they really got stuck into the hard raw fucking and breeding.

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Scene 7
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Frederik Berlin Fucks Lars Freimann
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A big black cock and a perfect white muscle ass. Frederik Berlin provides the former, Lars Freimann the latter, and you only have to watch the reactions on Lars' face to know that Frederik's hitting the right spot, way way up inside Lars' ass.

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The kind of inspiring fuck scene that makes you want to find the nearest raw hole, or hard cock, and remind yourself what you were built for.

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Scene 8
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Phil Fucks Ygor
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In contrast to the seasoned fuck-pigs in the rest of this video, Phil and Ygor are relative beginners, so I think of this as a "young" scene. What they lack in experience, they make up for in youthful energy and an uncomplicated pleasure in the basic joys of sticking your cock up another guy's ass and dumping a load in there.

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There's a deep hunger in Ygor's eyes that promises a lifetime of sleaze ahead, literally thousands of cocks and loads are going to find their home in his ass. And Phil fucks with the rock-hard insistent thrust of a young virile animal, combined with an adorably innocent look of pleasure and concentration on his face while his body does what it was born to do.

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Liam Cole


Paul Morris


Aaron Lamb
Anton Dickson
Brent Bow
Frederik Berlin
Florian Manns
Harry Lea
Jason Storme
Jorge Ballantinos
Lars Freimann
Lucky Joe
Marc Coleman
Nils Jacobson
Peto Coast
Ross Fuller

Jan Peter Plet
I love this movie. Particularly the gang bang of Aaron. I would ove to be gang banged like that, blindfolded so I had no idea who was shoving their cocks in my hungry holes

Nice include me38961

I'm finished w Liam's Dvds. His very early ones were hot, then he began experimenting with dim lighting and gritty filmmaking, to look more amateurish, my guess. Some scenes, esp in past dvds, looks like he's holding a fucking flashlight over the actors. Give me good studio lighting and crisp images, a la Paul and Max. If I want poor lighting and gritty porn, I'll just sign on to xtube....for free.

You should hire Nils Jacobson as a bottom!


So you can get that piece of Purest ?Heaven, Florian Manns, to bottom for you. Here's the deal: Get him in a free-for-all shoot with some of the juice-masters in my second home in Paris, France, Bunker, with - wait for it - Jesse Santana, Drago Lembeck, Lito Cruz, John Phelps, Nils Jacobson, Dam Esco and the heart-stopping Joe Bexter and I'll forge at least a million signatures to get that shoot into the Smithsonian ...

More of Aaron Lamb and Jorge Ballantinos. They r so fuckin hottt...

I'd do it.

Biobears on NKP
Would love to see a movie like this with bears.

I really like this one. The Gang Bang for Jorge is like the Mountain peak. Its all Good from Start to Finish. Again and Again. I'm in Love with Angelo-what a inspiration he is.

Aaron Lamb Bang is Best Whoa!!! A Must Have.

Aaron Lamb getting gang banged and filled with bred cum, is the ultimate in unabandoned breeding...EVER!!!!! Love that he is a slut, whore bottom and lives for cock and cum...poz or not....He wants it all! Plus he is so sexy too!!!! I would love to see ETHAN WOLFE in the same situation, being used and bred by a dozen or more guys!!!! Please make it happen for him...and us!!! ;) Also, try and recruit the sexy, young European porn star, MATTHEW ROSS....HE is FUCKIN' HOTTTTT and has the perfect hairy ass for fucking and breeding....he loves to bottom and feel a big man's cock in his hungry hole!!!! I would be ecstatic to see him with T.I.M. and getting gang banged by your stable of hotttt tops like, Keiran, Derek Anthony, Brad, BJ Slater, etc.!!! Another one to recruit is slut boy, NICK DANIELS!!!! He loves getting fucked raw!!!! A gang bang for him would be a dream!!!! Again, please make it happen!!!!! I am just in the process of 'downloading to own' your movie, "SLAMMED"...I can't wait to watch it, as it has my fave top guy Keiran in it! He is sooooo sexy, animalistic, primative and has the most perfect, huge, curved breeding cock...EVER!!!!! LOVEEEEE you Paul and Liam....EVERYONE at T.I.M.!!!!! BIGGGGG HUGZZZZ, Will XXX :)

Liam Cole Is one awsome guy He shows deep internal cumm shots. I have the movie Pounded nothing short of REALLY REALLY Hot. Liam You get a standing ovation from me , even though I am sitting down when it happens,. Then I have to clean up

livesup to its raw sexual and blasphemous title. good work men

hot hot hot more

I am not new to TIM...I purchased all of Damon Dogg's movies because he just love to swallow the jizz. He taught me how to swallow and I just love it now. I love hot cum movies like this and I am so hot now and I am going to choke the chicken and swallow the load. luv you guys.

I am new to purchasing TIM. I am so glad I discovered it. What you see is what you get. Most other movies have fake cover and you never really get to pre-view the film. I saw pieces of this one and will purchase soon.

Anton Dickson
Love filming for TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA, and Liam Cole, awesome guys, and always good fun, hugs Anton Dickson

Insatiable Bottom
Ok, I thought POUNDED was awesome, but IN THE FLESH is "can't help but cum 3 or 4 times" excellent. The gangbang scene with Aaron Lamb is absolutely mesmerising. Pierre Lion I want your ass babies! Liam ... holy fuck man, well done.

Excellent fucking movie -- jizzed like four times watching it. The gangbang with Aaron is a total fantasy. I still don't get the obsession with external-push-internal cumshots -- I'd rather it be a proper breeding and just take it all inside like a real bb bottom would...

roy d rogerson
its hot ?? you reach above all others , keep it cuuuummming love roy x

I would like to be part of a movie. What should I do?

more hot

I love sperm videos from treasure island hot more

Sou brasileiro e gostaria de participar de um filme de vocês, como faço?

Anton Dickson
Hey, not being partial, hehe (as I'm in this film), but it's a fucking horny one, I can't help shooting a load or two every time I watch it hehe... hope you will too... hugs Anton Dickson

chris dela PalmSprings
wonderful! Major pleasure to view. Wanting more. Bravo...

Dustin Kong
This is fucking hot!

I love this video. These European, nasty, dirty, sex clubs are what true bareback sex is all about. Liam Cole does a great job with this one.

Can't wait to get my copy, which I ordered today. From the DVD description it seems that Paul & Liam read our expectations on the forum and then shape productions around our desires. Thanks. And congratulations to the Hustaball prize winners.

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