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ReleasedNovember 2012
Runtime141 minutes
DirectorJack Miller
ProducerPaul Morris

Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media present KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 6, the latest in Jack Miller's video series examining the naked male form in a hands-on, up close and personal way. Whenever he meets guys who look like they could use a helping hand, Miller offers one: a little pocket money, all the booze they can drink, and a couple of "knock out" pills to render them unconscious. In exchange, these men offer up their fully exposed sleeping bodies and meaty cocks, untouched by man, to Miller's exploring touch.

Scene 1
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Sam, 21 y.o.

Sam was drawing portraits on the sidewalk when I met him. I stopped to admire his work and we got to talking. He told me he'd been a business major at a local college; when he told his parents he was switching to art, his passion, they stopped paying his tuition. "I don't know what I'm going to do now," he confessed. Naturally, I told him about my own passion and my video project. It wasn't going to pay his college bills, but as Sam said with a grin, "I'll take whatever I can get!" It only took one pill and a couple of drinks, and I had an eyeful—and a handful—of his supple young body, throbbin' boner and beautiful ass and all.

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Scene 2
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Andy, 24 y.o.

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I ran into Andy a few days after his girlfriend had kicked him out of the apartment when she caught him cheating on her. It wasn't the first time this had happened and he was pretty sure she'd take him back again. Until then, he was crashing with his brother, who lives in my apartment. With no job and no lady, Andy didn't have a whole lot to do during the day, so I took a chance and made my pitch. He turned me down—but came knocking on my door two days later. Once he passed out, I got to explore every inch of his body and the big dick he's so proud of: "That's the real reason she'll always take me back," he told me confidently. And I could see why!

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Scene 3
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Jay, 33 y.o.

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Jay is the roommate of a buddy of mine. He considers himself a film buff, especially of documentaries, so he was pretty interested when he heard about my video project. I showed him a scene, not sure what his reaction would be. Somewhat to my surprise, he grinned and pronounced it "cool." As I was wondering how to ask if he'd consider doing it, he suggested it himself. His only condition was that he wanted it to be different, as far as camera technique, to the usual video shoots. So I borrowed some night vision equipment and, as soon as the drugs kicked in, I was checking out Jay's manly equipment.

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Scene 4
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Chuck, 38 y.o.

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Chuck and I have had some casual but friendly conversations through the years he's been delivering UPS packages to me. Then a couple of weeks ago he told me this was probably the last time he'd be asking me to sign for something, as he was being fired. "Downsized," he said, "but what's the difference?" I asked if he wanted to have a drink later. Over beers, he mentioned the bad timing, with his wife pregnant. Since I'd had fantasies about Chuck's naked body from the first time he came to my door, I grabbed the opportunity and asked if he'd consider being in my next video. He said yes right away and that's all it took before I was stroking a geyser of cum from him while he slept in my bed.

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Scene 5
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Oliver, 23 y.o.

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This one is different from the other shoots I've done and at first I wasn't sure if I should include it as part of my project, but it's too fuckin' good not to share. I'm a big fan of Nick Forte, who you might recognize from his work with Treasure Island Media. Imagine my surprise when I found out he's a fan of mine! We arranged to have lunch and I mentioned I was doing a shoot later that afternoon with Oliver, a grocer bagger where I shop. I invited Nick to come along. As soon as Oliver was out, Nick just had to fondle his impressive cock—and the next thing I knew, Nick was going in for a taste of that irresistible manmeat.

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If you're as endlessly fascinated as I am by the male body and everything it has to offer, you won't want to miss this one!

-- Jack Miller


Jack Miller


Paul Morris


Nick Forte

Miguel December 2, 2016
I want a copy of this on DVD badly please bring it back so I can get my copy thank you I don't want to download I want the DVD


I love the concept of this porn. I do question whether some of the guys are as asleep as they're supposed to be but even if some are playing opossum or if its staged a bit there are some hot looking guys (especially early in the series). Would like to see the series go to 10 or beyond.

As a fan of the KOJO videos, could Paul Morris us future KOJO videos with men in them who look like those from KOJO series 1,2 and 3! .... 1,2 and 3 had much hunkier and nicer looking guys in them!


faintiing man
where are the guys who could knock me out cold and suck my dick

Love this series and was excited to see the last scene with the super hot guy, but was terribly disappointed that KOJO was turned into KOSO. Create a separate series for the oral guys, I am not interested in seeing that and not what this series is supposed to be.

Many gay men have a fantasy of seducing a straight appearing male, and having their way with his body, without harm to him. Similarly, many men have a fantasy of surrender where their masculinity is not compromised. These videos are excellent, and meet an important niche in gay porn. Thank you.

''Nick" is the epitome of ALL MAN. He is unshaven(body and face) which is a nice rarity in today's gay dvds. It would be nice to see him top in future film projects with just other hairy men.


I would love to be knocked out and jerked off

would love to see more foot play in these scenes as have some very great looking dudes in these scenes!

Love when you play with their body. Hands, feet, lips... p.s.: Andy is VERY hot indeed!!! bring him again!

wish i knew how to do this

scene 5 is the most hottest clips in these series. My suggestion is just suck it! it is a good way to make the clips hotter. And I also want to see them wear some sexy underwear, you know play their dick with the underwear, and then, the underwear go wet and become transparent. It is such a good thing i couldn't like it more!


This is probably the best thing I have ever seen. Please please please PLEASE keep making these...and bring back Andy!! ANDY! Oh, and...if it's not impossible...a kiss. If I saw one of these guys made out with, I would probably burst. ANDY!

Scene 5.. one of the hottest things ive ever seen

I love everything about this series...when is the 7th one coming out?

More videos like this

If I were these guys who did the KOSO. I would want to ride on it which it's hot. Don't you think! Please make that happen!

Rather keep it as KOJO as its better to see the guys shooting their load. After all, no one can see spunk when its oral or KOSO!

I also vote that your next one should be "knocked out sucked off" fo us oral guys. It would be a hit!

You need to make series called KOSO for the dick suckers.

The idea of this is really odd. Drugging someone and then jacking them off? Weird. With that said, I find it very arousing and hot!