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Released November 2018
Runtime 1h 54m
Directed by Adan Medina
Produced by Max Sohl


You are in for a treat with ADAN MEDINA’s LATIN ASS BREEDERS. Adan already has a few scenes up on <a " target="_blank" href="">TIMFUCK.COM and everyone has been asking for more. This is Latin American men from the lower depths of Colombia, with dicks of ass-destruction, destroying fucking hungry-holes. The top men are aggressive and have nice uncut schlongs. They are aggressive macho caballeros taking what they want. The bottoms are holes to be used and nothing more.

The tops are LUIS CORTEZ, DANTE, DORIAN, the very handsome ROCKY, MATÍAS ROSSI, SERGIO RUIZ, DIEGO SANCHEZ and one big uncut-dick guy in a ski mask. The bottoms that take the fuckings are MARTIN DIAS, NICOLÁS, CHELO PANIAGUA, ANDRES ROJAS, STIVE and JULIAN TORRES.

The first of many we hope -- brought to you by Treasure Island Media and <a " target="_blank" href="">LATINLOADS.COM. I haven’t seen anything like like this since <a " target="_blank" href="">ASS STRETCHER 1 -- 5 years ago. I think you will like it.

Scene 1
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Martin and Luis

LUIS CORTEZ is a mean and selfish top. Slight of build, he makes up for it with the slab of meat hanging between his legs. He likes to slap around his bottoms, face fuck them until they are gagging and drooling and then brutally fuck their holes for his own gratification.

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MARTIN DIAS is a dick pig with two hungry holes and LUIS has no problem serving up his massive uncut cock. He takes control of MARTIN’s throat making sure his piece is properly serviced. Eager to please, MARTIN delivers, gladly gagging his way into submission.

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LUIS flips his bitch around and rams his spit-slicked dick into MARTIN’s horny little ass. Biting the sheets and gasping in pain, MARTIN just takes it (and we’ve seen the guy take some big dicks already).

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He lets LUIS use him like the sub fuck dump he is.

Scene 2
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Dorian and Chelo

DORIAN looks like the kind of guy who has to wear a suit to work and is mild mannered and unassuming on the outside. You would never guess the size of the cock swinging between his legs. I mean. It’s big.

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CHELO PANIAGUA gets one taste of DORIAN and is hooked. Doesn’t take him long to reach into DORIAN’s shorts, drop to his knees and start sucking his cock -- getting him hard, wet and ready to fuck.

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DORIAN’s tongue works its way into CHELO’s hole, slicking his bubble butt up to be filled and drilled with raw uncut cock. CHELO moans -- he moans, whimpers and cries like a horny puta in heat -- while DORIAN fucks his ass.

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Not able to get enough, CHELO rides DORIAN giving him full access to get as deep as his cock can get. DORIAN pumps that ass with a constant rhythm and drags that hole along his dick until he unloads a gigantic load, leaving CHELO with a cum-filled culo.

Scene 3
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Matias and Diego Breed Andres

MATÍAS ROSSI and DIEGO SANCHEZ have ANDRES ROJAS right where they want him -- sandwiched between them being filled with dick from both ends.

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MATÍAS is one mean little fucker; he brought his buddy DIEGO along with him to thoroughly obliterate ANDRES’ mouth and ass. He slaps him and chokes him with his cock -- he fish hooks the guy’s ass and rams his dick in hard and rough.

DIEGO goes first power pounding and keeping ANDRES bouncing on his dick with a series of hard thrusts. At the same time MATÍAS feeds the boy his cock. When it cums time for his turn, he slides himself into the kid and churns the boy’s insides out while DIEGO watches and jerks his meat waiting to fuck.

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These two pass the bottom back and forth, treating him like a fuck toy -- MATÍAS slaps his hard cock against the man’s cunt, opens it with his fingers, shoves his dick back in and abuses it with his hand. These guys play rough -- they are there to get off and inseminate the hole with their seed.

Scene 4
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Dante and Stive

DANTE is a cocky son-of-a-bitch. He knows he’s got a big missile of a dick and he loves to make guys worship it and beg him to fuck them.

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The top man-boy is rock hard and busting out of his boxers while getting acquainted with STIVE, who admires the dick and quickly gets it in his mouth. He hungrily slurps on DANTE’s dick, opening up his throat to accommodate the full length. DANTE won’t even think of fucking him until he has thoroughly gagged on his cock.

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STIVE soon assumes the position on all fours, presenting his pussy and pleading for DANTE to put his dick in him. DANTE briskly works his entire cock into the ass making him grunt out with pain and pleasure.

Slutty and insatiable, STIVE can’t get enough and continues to beg DANTE to break his ass and fuck him good. The guy won’t shut the fuck up. DANTE is happy to oblige -- but at the end of the day -- it’s all about him and taking the ass to plant his sperm.

Scene 5
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Sergio and Julian

SERGIO RUIZ is straight. He heard he could fuck, bust a nut AND make some easy cash at the same time. He doesn’t give a fuck if the guy he is mounting is into it. This is all about him.

And then there is the dick he’s got. SERGIO’s dick is thick and long. Even fully hard, the thing is SO big it has a curve at the end that massages a slut’s prostate real good.

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Good thing JULIAN TORRES loves having his face hole filled with dick. This pig gives SERGIO’s cock full attention, getting his mouth, tongue and lips all over that thing.

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SERGIO spreads the warm raw cunt around his dick, spreading JULIAN’s legs and splits him in half. He drives his colossal tool in to the hilt. He fucks that bubble ass every which way and has JULIAN sniveling like a whore until he’s ready to breed.

Scene 6
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Dorian and Rocky Tag-Team Chelo

DORIAN had such a good time breeding CHELO PANIAGUA, he offered his buddy ROCKY use of the guy’s mouth and ass. A little bit of a selfish reason too -- DORIAN loves fucking a hole filled with fresh man spunk. The two tops have wanted to mess around for a while, but what are two tops going to do but get a good bottom to share between them?

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ROCKY. Ay que rico -- the guy has model good looks and a libido to match. You know what they say about Latin lovers? ROCKY is it.

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CHELO is right where he should be -- on all fours between two men. DORIAN and ROCKY get right to work spit roasting him, getting their dicks sucked and then tag team fucking the guy. DORIAN jackhammers CHELO’s ass wide open and has him taste his ass on his dick. ROCKY then has his turn fucking the freshly opened ass.

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At some point ROCKY gets full control of the guy’s orifice, pausing occasionally to make out with DORIAN or make sure his bud’s dick is still hard with his mouth. Both top men settle down to the task at hand -- getting their cum deep in CHELO’s hole.

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Scene 7
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Nicolas and Ski Masked Top

The SKI MASKED TOP has got one fucking big dick. It’s fat. It’s uncut. It’s hard as a rock.

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NICOLÁS is a maricón with a taste for mystery. Well, mystery men at least. He goes wild while orally servicing this anonymous top’s cock and hole, hungrily following orders like a good pig. When it comes time to fuck, he takes it all the way with only his own spit for lube.

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This mystery alpha holds NICOLÁS in place and drives his dick in deep, stretching out the butt flesh around his cock and dragging his pussy over his dick in several positions. Up against the wall and bent over a chair. The bottom is trying to get his load but the guy wants to be serviced and worshipped again.

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NICOLÁS big phat ass straddles that raw dick for a deep gut churning fuck -- the man wants the cum. And when that moment cums -- when the top decides he is ready to give up his load -- he tosses the bottom down on the bed on all fours and ram slams the cunt, fucking him for a good long while so the guy will know tomorrow that he has been fucked.

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The SKI MASKED TOP uses the hole, teasing and milking the head of his dick and breeding him and filling him up with a good hot load of fresh leche.


Adan Medina


Paul Morris
Max Sohl


Luis Cortez
Martin Dias
Chelo Paniagua
Andres Rojas
Matías Rossi
Sergio Ruiz
Diego Sanchez
Ski Masked Top
Julian Torres

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