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MASTER - Fragrance



Member price: $32.00


Released May 2018
Design Extra Strong Concentrated Fragrance
Material Re-Fillable Glass Spray Bottle
Designer Matthew Camp
Details Available in 6ml Spray Only
Essential Oils and Rare Ingredients
Reviews 17

Back by popular demand! SUPPLIES ARE VERY LIMITED.


Because every man's essence is unique.

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Paul's male fragrance, MASTER, blends with your primal essence to create a uniquely dominant and arousing sexual aroma. There's a not-so-subtle leather presence, a sophisticated sense of cedar, and a gritty undertone of man musk --- your man musk.

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Designed in collaboration with Matthew Camp exclusively for Paul Morris, this powerful parfum's alchemy is as unique as yours.

Master is erotic and earthy, and very potent. Use it sparingly and use it wisely.

No joke. Men everywhere will be drawn to your distinctly personal aroma.

While MASTER can and will induce erotic behavior, it is NOT poppers (you can get those HERE).

Jonny January 30, 2019
Absolutely Amazing

UrFate July 21, 2017
This shit is Lethal Attraction in a bottle.

Francis March 30, 2017
Scent is VERY MASCULINE. EARTHLY, RUGGED, LEATHER, DARK AND MYSTERIOUS...A small spray is enough to turn heads and lasts the ENTIRE DAY. A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH to other designer-label perfumes for men. DEFINITELY WORTH THE PURCHASE! I hope this perfume line would be here for good and not just for seasonal.

bigrawtop April 11, 2016
Matthew is hot. Get him to do porn!

Mr P Sukmool November 4, 2015
What can I do to get some sample? it sound great.

Owen August 22, 2015
This is seriously the best scent I have ever worn! I am addicted to this stuff and everyone compliments and asks what I am wearing. Want more!

I called two days ago and placed an order for 5 bottles of the Matthew Camp 8.5. Phone rep didn't mention the new scents. Would've bought these at the same time. Is okay tho, bought them online. Can't wait.

Can you please create a cologne w/ the smell of smegma? Thank you!

Hola yo vivo en BCN España y quiciera tenerlo donde o como lo puedo conseguir Gracias.

Thanks for the sample. I just ordered a full bottle! My new favorite scent. Men, don't splash it on. Really concentrated stuff. True dat. It lasts forever too. Makes me want to get fucked, and now. If I smell it on a man (stranger or friend), I'm gonna spread my legs for him. It's got, like, fuck-me pheromones or something!

Sample size now available! It's just a few drops in a glass vial - enough to give you a very real understanding of this powerful and amazing fragrance.

MASTER is available exclusively online and only through TIM or it's related websites. There are no plans to offer this fragrance to retailers.

J C larsne
Sad you do not send the Master to Europe. Where can I buy it in NY if I should go there?

David @ TIM
Compared to 8.5, I'd say it's a bit muskier, and more leathery and sinister. There are gay bars in San Francisco that might kick you out the door for wearing 8.5 (zero cologne policy), but that's not likely to happen if you're wearing's just more of a natural smell. Both fragrances smell great, but you're probably going to have more MEN asking what you're wearing with MASTER, because it has a very, very individual and manly characterisitic. 8.5 is a lighter fragrance, and is slightly softer and more sweet than MASTER. Again, both fragrances are amazing.

Can anyone tell me how it compares to MC's 8.5?

Love this parfume. I've been wearing it for a week and I'm constantly complemented on its scent (I run a sex club). It does smell a little differently on each person. Several leather doms have given me extra sniffs and the boys I've played with love the odor and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend it and not just for a gear scent but as an everyday perfum it's wonderful.

Otter Kevin
Amazing stuff. It's really strong, so a little goes a long, long way. Seriusly, strangers in the store ask me, "what are you wearing? it's great!" It's not perfumy at's rich, pleasant, and very manly. I'm going to buy it for a couple of friends. Great job, TIM!

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