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Released January 2018
Runtime 1h 44m
Directed by Mecos
Produced by Paul Morris
Reviews 2


Some guys say that men fuck the same the world over. But that’s just not the case. You blindfold a guy and line up guys from different parts of the world and the bottom will be able to tell where they’re from by how they fuck.

The men of Mexico have a style of fucking that leaves the rest of the world in the dust. They get down to it, hard and dirty and rough. Cock is king in Mexico and if you had any doubts about that being true, sit back and watch “Brother Fuckers,” our latest feature from TIM Mexico.

In case you’re wondering about the title, check out the last amazing scene in which two actual brothers fuck each other. They’re the Perez brothers and are notorious in Mexico City where they’ve been bro-balling on stage and in clubs. They go at it with the kind of crazy passion that only comes with knowing your mate as well as you know your own blood.

You’re gonna love this one.

Paul Morris

Scene 1
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Eddy X Fucks Xavier

EDDY X is a pure, arrogant, easy-going Mexican topstud. His oversized cock gives him more power than one man should probably have, but he puts it to very good use. Just ask XAVIER, a dick-crazed bottom boy.

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Watching these two fuck is like watching a virile, confident lion toying with a helpless gazelle he’s about to devour. Both men are in love with EDDY X's crotch-monster, and XAVIER will clearly do anything -- anything! -- to make that verga spit its hot seed way the fuck up his voracious bung.

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Scene 2
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Mike Fucks Abraham

The beautiful thing about these Mexican men is that they fuck whenever, wherever they can. Take MIKE, a day laborer who barely makes enough to support himself (he has two young sons), but with a sex drive he can’t control. MIKE’s used to getting a lot of attention because of his big cock. He often lets local dudes give him a "mamar" (slang for blowjob) to make a few extra pesos for beer.

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ABRAHAM's mouth drops open and drool flows the moment he sees MIKE’s thick uncut cock. Turns out he’d heard of MIKE’s dick through the grapevine (yeah, Mexico City is a small town of 13 million people) and boy-oh-boy was he ready for it.

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MIKE isn’t a gentle fucker, and he gets annoyed at first with ABRAHAM squirming from having his hole stretched out. So MIKE throws the whiny bottom onto a cheap rickety table and buckeroo-fuckeroo he gives him the business deep, hard and tough.

Finally, soaked in sweat, MIKE spasms ‘n’ squirts his manly load deep into ABRAHAM's pooched-out asshole. And ABRAHAM, grateful and happy, happily licks and sucks MIKE’s still-throbbing cock, tasting the funky, gamey ass juice and sweet workman spooge that coats the dick.

Scene 3
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David Fucks Eric

ERIC ALONSO is your basic total butt-slut: his love for cock knows no bounds. When you fuck a guy like ERIC, his insatiable furry culo grabs your dick and sucks it in deep.

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They fuck outdoors, unbridled, unplanned, on any surface or table that can hold them up. After a while, DAVID takes a break, but the slutty vato ERIC, can’t resist and slides down onto DAVID’s pulsing cock and fucks himself! By the end, the fucking is rough, animalistic, DAVID punching his long dick deep into ERIC, working toward flooding ERIC's bowels with manjuice, leaving a nice big deposit in the First National Sperm Bank of Mexico (aka ERIC’s ass).

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Scene 4
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Leo Ing Fucks Xavier

LEO ING is a top we can all learn a lot from.

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He’s a lean, sexy fuck-machine who knows how to make a grown man whimper with pleasure. He starts with his tongue, teasing the fuckhole until it’s juicy and pouty. Once that hole is sloppy with spit, LEO gets down to business, working his perfect cock in (it has a gentle upturned curve that strokes that sweet spot every bottom knows so well), deeper and deeper until balls meet butt and life is good.

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LEO explores every position, always watching his mate’s face. He loves to see that almost confused look of helpless pleasure that his cock is causing. Arrogant? Sure, but why not? When a man knows his craft as well as LEO, he deserves to be just a little bit in love with himself.

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Scene 5
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Bruno and Joss Fuck Dilan

There's nothing better than finding a bottom like DILAN, whose sole purpose in life is to please. He's never satisfied until he's gotten a load from every guy in the room. Every guy knows how to take advantage of these kinds of men, and BRUNO and JOSS use DILAN like the fuck toy he is.

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Even when the two vatos take a rest from passing him back and forth, DILAN wastes no time jumping on their pricks while they kick back and watch the slut do all the work. His reward is seeing the eyes roll back in the top's face and he uses his ass muscles to squeeze and massage a load from both of these hungry punks.

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When he gets what he wants - a gut filled with spunk -- he can't hold off and spews his own jism all over himself. DILAN clearly thinks that the end of the session, that they’re all done, but sexed-up JOSS blithely rubs the slime on his dick and uses it as the lube he needs to keep fucking the boy's already sloppy hole. By the time it all really was over, DILAN’s punkhole was a livid purple from all the fucking.

Scene 6
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El Malas and Lalo Santos Fuck Jimmy

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There's no shortage of men willing to please topmen south of the border. While some may try to keep their macho front up while with their homies, guys like JIMMY enjoy nothing more than being a cumdump for every bad man he meets in the streets. With a tattoo that reads, "Just Give Me A Reason", it's no wonder this boy has a culo that more than one top has called “magical.” Lord knows it’s been rubbed -- inside and out -- a lot more than Aladdin’s lamp ever was!

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JIMMY’s ass is so magical that almost the moment EL MALAS slides inside JIMMY's hole, he loses control and squirts a first load into it, a load so fucking huge some of it spurts right back out. LALO SANTOS takes advantage of the situation and, using all that slippery jizz as lube, he slides his throbber deep into JIMMY's cum-dripping gut.

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The two tops ride JIMMY for all he’s worth, shooting multiple loads in him, double-dicking him, making him suck their dicks clean. JIMMY’s finally filled with so much sperm the two top studs don’t have a single seed left inside them. They’ve been done dry.

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Afterward, EL MALAS and LALO went home to their girlfriends. And JIMMY? When he left the shoot his pants had a growing wet spot where his ass was still leaking jizz. Walk of Shame indeed! I’d say Walk of Pride.

Scene 7
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The Brother Fuckers

[be sure your community standards allow the watching of actual incestuous sex as is presented in this scene. TIM produced this scene for the educational value in topics of male sexuality.]

Some things are worth waiting a lifetime for. If you’re a total perv about real incest (like I am), this is one of those worth-waiting-for scenes.

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The PEREZ BROTHERS are Mexico City famous. They’ve been cheerfully fucking each other since they were kids. Once they hit their teens, they started getting hired by sex parties and sex clubs. They don’t just share each others flesh, blood and spunk, they’re also both total exhibitionists.

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While you watch them flip-fuck each other, their muscles gleaming, you’ll have a hell of a time telling them apart. They’re not twins (JAIRO is a year younger) but the family resemblance is obvious. They look so alike that at times it’s very difficult to tell which is fucking which.

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As is often the case with incest, the sex has a character -- almost a flavor -- you will see nowhere else. If it seems casual, or even matter of fact, it's because these ex-farmboys literally know each other's bodies as well as they know their own. As they explore each other's bodies, melding through dick and ass and mouth and muscle, it becomes less and less about two men, and more as if they are becoming one pulsing pure mansex being.

Watch this and learn. Learn about the PEREZ BROTHERS, and learn about you. This is what you are.


Mecos Films


Paul Morris


Eric Alonso
Leo Ing
El Malas
Jairo Perez
Tom Perez
Lalos Santos
Eddy X

Gavin Spurlock August 8, 2018
I agree with Bobby: More Incest Nothing turns me on more than having sex with your own brother. I wish I had a brother to fuck with. The closest I ever came to incest was with a cousin of mine. His dick was huge.

Bobby February 6, 2018
More Incest!

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