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Runtime May 2015
Runtime 2h 11m
Directed by Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris
Reviews 37


Our TIM team in Mexico are incredible and passionate. They scour every place from the biggest cities to tiny remote villages to find the most virile studs and the hungriest man-whores Mexico has to offer. Their first DVD—MECOS (CUM) was an instant hit. And with MEXICAN CUMWHORES they’ve really hit their stride.

You’ll see total fucking passion in these men. Sex so direct and primal that it breaks through our preconceptions of how men get pleasure from each other. There’s nothing programmed or directed here—this is glorious sunny fire-blooded manhood at its rawest and best.

You’re gonna enjoy this one.

--Paul Morris

Scene 1
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Montalvo Fucks Jackson

As you know, in Mexico the “macho” code is very much in effect. Let a dude suck your dick, yeah, ok, you’re “straight.” Fuck a man’s ass, ok, you’re still “straight.” JACKSON used to think he was 100% “straight.” But one night he got slobbering drunk and let an amigo bone him in the butt. Did he like it? He fuckin’ loved it. And now? Well, now he needs it. Like a preacher needs a church, Jackson needs a good daily butt-fuck leaving his li’l brown boy-culo sticky with warm sperm.

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In this raw ’n’ real scene you’ll see poor Jackson try to fight it. He’s almost pissed off—but he knows he’s gotta have it in him. He’s fuckin’ helpless when macho stud Montalvo slides that veiny soul-smacking manhood deep in Jackson's carnivorous guts and delivers one crazy-ass, ball-bouncin’ deep-plow of a fuck.

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Everyone gets what they want here: macho-man Montalvo squirts a flood of jizz devil-deep in a willing hole. And Jackson is forever branded a hopeless stray-dog Mexican cumwhore.

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Scene 2
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Aaron Fucks Paco

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Like a lot of men, AARON starts off gentle and sweet. But once the steam builds up he fucks with the urgency of an alpha bull claiming his property. PAKO, on the other hand, is a peasant boy from a village in Yucatán and has been in the big city just long enough to learn that his true talent is letting dominant men use him as nothing more than a hole to fuck.

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This session is about one thing and one thing only: bull-boy Aaron’s god-given right to fuck whatever is in front of him. He’s bisexual (he prefers to fuck ladies) but he loves eating a fine hungry ass and then deep-fucking and seeding it. You’ve known—and loved—men like him: he starts off a lover, then quickly becomes a fuck-and-forget-you stud.

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Scene 3
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Alex Fucks Brandon

ALEX is a likable arrogant fucker with a real big cock. He brandishes his dick the way a bullfighter waves his red cape. Fucking is a fine art for this stud. We gave him pretty-boy BRANDON, a feisty little whore-bottom who sells his fine brown ass muy cheap.

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Don’t let his killer good looks fool you: Brandon’s the kind of whore who’ll bend over in a dark alley and let you fuck him for a dollar or two. Just before coming to the shoot, Brandon had been fucked by an arrogant American businessman who’d paid him a whopping 50 pesos.

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So when Alex gets frisky and fucks hard, Brandon moans and cries out like a pathetic little girl. Can’t blame him: his bunghole was all pouty and sore from being fucked all the time. Afterward we let Alex decide how much we’d pay Brandon. Alex didn’t hesitate. Grinning and laughing, he said “Twenty pesos for the whore.” Brandon was fine with that. He was in no position to disagree; not with thick ropes of Alex’s jizz leaking from his cheap used-up boy-hole.

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Scene 4
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Johan Fucks Eduardo

JOHAN, the rambunctious top for this session, is one easygoing, charming and happy- go-lucky stud. Where he is, that’s where the party is happening. Sexually, he started when he was 12-years-old, fucking and fingering anything that moved. Today, he has children by different women, and there’s hardly a man in Mexico he hasn’t fucked. With a grin that’s almost as big as his cock, Johan is a true fucking crowd-pleaser.

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And there aren’t many fuck-holes in Mexico more glutton-hungry than EDUARDO’s. The guy’s fucking insatiable: his bung-hole does the thinking for him, begging for more dick, more fist, more jizz. The pairing up of these two world-class fuck-whores was a no-brainer.

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If there was one problem with this session, it was that poor Eduardo ended up infatuated with Johan. After the cameras were turned off, Eduardo wouldn’t stop sucking Johan’s big ol’ baby-maker of a dick and whimpering for Johan to pork him again and again. To this day, he’s still pestering Johan, texting him all the time and offering to be his “man-wife”.

Scene 5
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Davis and Erwin Fuck Jackson

If you’ve fucked around with a lot of men, you’ll recognize the dynamic in this three-way fuck right away. The two crazy-handsome young men—DAVIS and JACKSON—are clearly smitten with each other (they met two minutes ago, but that’s what men are about). They keep putting out little signals that they’d like for third-wheel ERWIN to vamoose! But at the same time they both clearly lust after Erwin’s huge swinging dong.

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Erwin is a total fucking horn-dog. He doesn’t give a fuck that the other two use him like a living dildo, he actually doesn’t even seem to fucking notice! His dick is what his life is all about, and it always gets what it wants.

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Fortunately, pretty-boy Jackson has no trouble giving in to his rock-bottom whore-lust. He needs dick like an ordinary man needs oxygen. That hole of his puckers and smacks and gapes, milking every drop of fresh man-made leche out of the two top men.

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Scene 6
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Sewer Boy and Michoacano Fuck Alexis

You probably know that I have a passion for SEWER BOY. To say he’s a primitive is an understatement. He lives on the streets, owns no telephone, almost never even speaks. He shows up completely at random, and if we’re shooting he asks for a couple of dollars to join in. And he’ll fuck anything that moves and breathes (don’t ask). Afterward, he takes his money (he's thrilled with anything between two and ten bucks) and disappears again.

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We’d set up a fuck between MICHOÁCANO and ALEXIS. Michoácano comes from a village on Lake Pátzcuaro, in the state of Michoácan, and has always been a proud dominant dude who radiates machismo. But this time around Sewer Boy really took over and pushed both of the other men to go beyond their limits.

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At one point Sewer Boy pushes Alexis to his knees and sneers as he pisses all over the submissive queer boy. And he outright grins as he makes the submissive Mexican boy swallow what had to be a quart of hot cerveza piss. Then, Sewer Boy wordlessly “convinces” Michoácano to take the cameraman’s dick up his ass. It’s his first dick and it’s fucking painful, but Michoácano takes it like a man—and a brand new maricon is made before your very eyes.

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Scene 7
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Barbon Fucks Yorch

Batman-loving BARBÓN is truly in love with himself. He’s handsome, sports a big ol’ swinging dick, and he’ll tell you that no one has ever turned him down. Like a lot of the young dudes in Mexico, he’s into hard-fucking anyone—male or female—willing to bend over and take it. You’ll probably notice that while he’s fucking YORCH, Barbón can’t stop mugging for the camera.

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When he gets good and worked up, Barbón fucks like a foam-at-the-mouth spring-loaded rabbit, pounding Yorch’s tender bung like a pile-driver set on destroy. There were moments when we thought Yorch might call it quits. But in the end, he loved Barbón’s fuck-stick nearly as much as Barbón himself.




Paul Morris


"sewer Boy"

Carl Davies July 1, 2017
The UNBELIEVABLY HOT!!!!!! scene with Johan & Eduardo should not really be allowed in ANY civilized society. Thank whatever dingy gods of man-to-man fuck there are that this kind of A+++ grade, prime raw fucking doesn't need a USDA certificate. The two fuckers make me proud, PROUD, I tell you, to be a bottom faggot who fucks ONLY raw. :-)))

Summerboy June 22, 2017
Maravillosa escenas de este actor e ingeniero ,y más en vivo en su escenas en vivo lo he visto hasta con 5 en una noche

Fer September 4, 2016
Una de las mejores producciones y más con barbon alias macay, lastima q fue su última película porque ya se retiró de la vida pública,a disfrutar d esta delicia de chico sexy,

Danno May 15, 2016
Me gustó mucho la producción,más barbón,apuesta en que lo veremos otra vez en otra película, de i ínter.

Jose Chavez April 14, 2016
These are the best movies on TIM!

Simon Ardon December 17, 2015

Ulises24 November 8, 2015
more hot scenes, made this rich guy,barbon, summer boy mac

Babyblu October 15, 2015
summerboy I was surprised, to see him doing this movie, good actor, I leave you with your mouth open

B September 20, 2015
Brandon and Alex are the best. I love Alex. want to see more. he fuck hard.

@ElTijuanal September 14, 2015
I'm sorry mates, but I loved the whole movie I need Aarón busting my ass and I wish I could pee inside that horny booty ;)

Julio September 14, 2015

Al-Gore July 27, 2015
The hottest part of this porn is when Michoácano get fucked for the first time. it was really hot!! hope to see TIM do more scene of top being fuck for 1st time!

Scene 4 Johan and Eduardo was absolutely amazing, I fail to jerk off to anything else lately. The part where johan literally has a wank inside Eduardo's ass always makes me cum, I had never seen anything quite like it before, he has his entire fist up his ass as well as his huge cock and you can see him jerking off inside!! The second time I watched the scence I had to skip past that particular moment just so I could watch the rest of the scene without cumming!

it looks good barbon rich passive, I already tried that hair and I love to see the boy again and it would be a privilege or a good movie, barbon liabilities.

Where was Miguel Temon for this one?

Capt KY
These sluts from south of the border are fucking smoking hot...give me some more cock sucking and cum eating !!!

So boring!! :(

Hate to say this,, But this Video lacks a Lot of the trills from the first one, In fact it really Sucked,, Only scene 3 was Hot,, the other scenes were really boring as hell and I don't know who was doing the filming but it really lack any skill at all,,, I Hope the next Mexican video is a Hell of a Lot Better,,,

Sewer y Alexis uffffff

Just saw it! Congratulations! very hot guys and production! Barbon is very hot! Hope to see him again in another production.

Looks like a regular bareback-latino movie to me. Other studios do this, i don't see the TIM-signature here. Might not buy it, that's a first. I think Liam Cole is the director that has the feel, Sohl and Morris are loosing it. For that i'm sorry, they have been great!

Aaron es un macho quiero su verga dentro de mi

I need AARON busting my ass!! Ese p1nche Aaron coge como los dioses... Lo necesito!!

super pelicula me encantaria ver a barbon de pasiva, tiene buen rabo

We've been waiting for a quality DAP from TIM for two years, but this one is far too brief :(

Russian Guy
Brandon and Alex are the best. That scene is scorching hot.

Eduardo has been my friend for some years and I can assure you that he looks even better personally. He is also a terrific guy and a splendid friend!

jackson es el mejor pasivo que tiene mecos films, quiero ver mas de el

Montalvo es pura testosterona!! Realmente Jackson no le sacó todo el provecho a ese macho!! Faltó rendirle culto a esa verga con una mejor y más larga mamada...Y besos!! Montalvo tiene mucho potencial...espero verlo más!!

Barbon and aaron are de bets macho fuckers!!

Really like the spontaneity of the Michoácano-cameraman scene. What makes it even better is how hot the cameraman is. Hopefully, we'll get to watch him participate in future videos as well.

Daniel Campano
YEAH! Proud to be POZ!

Looks great! Would really like to see a rating system for external/internal cum shots so I truly know what Im getting and wont be disappointed. Thanks guys!!!!

Just place my order, this new series of mecos is a hit. Watched preview and like the first mecos movie you have a hit in mecos. The stars of both movies dont let you down. MORE PLEASE!

Would LOVE to see Nathan Gear fisted next. Bet he loves it!

Yeah! Yeah! Y want see BrandoN, is my boy Brandon and my male top MONTALVO...


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