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ReleasedDecember 1969
Runtime150 minutes
DirectorLiam Cole
ProducerPaul Morris

While California courts were putting Treasure Island Media's bareback porn on trial, Liam continued to work in lawless London. The culture of man on man raw fucking is a global phenomenon and it cannot be stopped. OUTLAWS records Europe's reckless load-swapping, boundary-busting, bareback scene.

Scene 1
Buy Scene $7.00  
Five-way Fuck

Five men and one mattress in a sex club back room. Young guns JOSH TAYLOR and ALEX BATES are wired for seeding: eyes wide, mouths open and asses spread. LITO CRUZ, YURI and SEBASTIAN SLATER give the boys a three-pronged donkey-dick drilling.

Scene 2
Buy Scene $8.00  
Olivier fucks Lutz

The hunger in LUTZ'S eyes burns intense from the very start of this scene, as he impales his skull on OLIVIER'S fuck stick. The energy doesn't let up, showing what happens when a bottom really needs everything he's getting.

Scene 3
Buy Scene $6.00  
Chris and Luke double fuck Christian

CHRISTIAN is a TIM stalwart, so it takes something special to fire up "24-Loads-in-24-Hours." Here his ass is stretched around CHRIS FRONT and LUKE PASCOE in a deep double-fuck. Both tops are hung thick, so their combined girth is the kind of thing that would split a beginner open. Fortunately Christian's butt is elastic and their cocks thrust in with alternating rhythms, creating sensations for all three guys that only a double fuck can create.

Scene 4
Buy Scene $7.00  
Andy fucks Steve

ANDY and STEVE are boyfriends in real life. Their fantasy was to be seen fucking each other raw in a TIM video. Usually I don't work with guys who are in a relationship, but these two were so keen I couldn't disappoint them.

Scene 5
Buy Scene $6.00  
Anton and Sebastian fuck Luke

LUKE came from the US to visit London and wanted to get some European loads in his yank fuck hole while he was here. We took him to a garage with ANTON DICKSON and SEBASTIAN. Fans of deep throating will enjoy this scene. Luke has no gag reflex and a serious hunger for getting his throat fucked.

Scene 6
Buy Scene $7.00  
Anton shoots a home movie

In his spare time, ANTON likes to make home movies. He uses hook-up apps to find horny young men who can't resist his thick Swedish cock. They come over to ride it and take his load, no questions asked. And sometimes, ANTON records it. This scene is one of those recordings.

Scene 7
Buy Scene $7.00  
Luca Bondi Gangbanged

LUCA BONDI is a hulk of a man, beefy as fuck and hung with a crazy big banana cock. But on this night he was flipped over to be used purely as a hole. In a motel bedroom, LUCA takes a pounding from SEBASTIAN SLATER, ANTON DICKSON, MARTIN PULI, and JAMES MURRAY.


Liam Cole


Paul Morris




Sebastian Slater
Josh Taylor
Alex Bates
Olivier De Renac
Lutz Phoenix
Chris Front
Luke Pascoe
Andy Field
Steve Hook
Anton Dickson
Luke Bennett
Luca Bondi
Martin Puli
James Murray

Folower April 30, 2016
Andy and Steve scene was so amazing, i would want to see them again if they are still together...

most of the scenes can be found online for free though, in a lower quality than what you'd get by paying for the movie perhaps it's just the availability of free porn and the short life of any video's sexiness influencing my opinion, but the movie isn't worth the price the sale price is currently $20, which I think is reasonable for seven mostly quality scenes

Love josh Taylor in this he is one hungry bottom has he got any more keep up the good work more of josh please

Josh Taylor yet again amazing performance want to see more of him.

very sexy

I love this . Horny as fuck

The five way scene is amazing - Lito fucking the gorgeous Josh - stunning! I'd do him any day ;)

truly one of the hottest gay porn movies of the past years

Martin, you have a second fan! Glad to hear you are versatile. Want more of you.

I never get tired of Luke Bennett. He has got the most insatiable asshole one I would love to plant my cock in. He always looks like he wants cock and more. Whenever theres a TIM scene and he is in it, Im hooked.

I don't know what it is about Alex Bates but he just drives me wild. I would fuck him for the rest of my life.

i'd love to see a fuck scene where a guy with a pair of jumbo fuckn balls, tea baga jumbo sized hangin 8 inches...fuck some guys ass with his balls...cock too if the guy could take it all...i fuckn with my jumbos and the guys love it and its fuckn safe sex

I am waiting another movie with JOSH TAYLOR and ALEX BATES. I love their hungry holes...

Bi ginger
Josh is gorgeous! any man, gay, straight or bi would find him hard to resist, though i do tend to agree with bulldog, it needs to balance the gritty "realism" its attempting with quality resolution and lighting.

I'm finished w Liam's Dvds. His very early ones were hot, then he began experimenting with dim lighting and gritty filmmaking, to look more amateurish, my guess. Some scenes looks like he's holding a fucking flashlight over the actors. Give me good studio lighting and crisp images, a la Paul and Max. If I want poor lighting and gritty porn, I'll just sign on to xtube....for free.

sun liang

Geraint Thomas
HOT AS HELL. Josh is amazing. what an ass. ;)

Ben UK
Josh is awesome, love to see him in a double penetration scene. Go Josh

The 5-way fuck at the start of the video is an epic, wild, piece of porn. Best I have seen in a very long time. The camera movement, the lighting, the guys, the sound (or lack thereof). So intense, so unscripted and so raw and real (no pun intended). It makes you feel immersed in the group, participating in it like very few other video scenes would. Liam Cole, remarkable job ;-). To me, you do the best porn at the moment. Alex and Josh, amazing bottoms, mesmerizing!!!! And the three tops absolutely deliver.

Simon UK
lets see more of Josh being used

stunning love the sexy guy Josh Taylor more please

wow love JOSH TAYLOR he take dick like a pro would love to see more lito cruz hottest top love to see them 121 xxx

I can't believe someone said Luca is not appealing! He's one of the hottest bottoms ever on TIM, bar none, with his beautiful, voluptuous, muscular body, fantastic ass, insatiable hole, and sweet swile. That this is is his first time bottoming when he's been topping all along makes it even hotter. You could tell the men have been on clouds and fucking all night. Their eyes are all dark rimmed and hollowed, especially those of Luca's, their bodies drenched in sweat. Yet the desire is so strong so insatiable that they just can't stop fucking Luca. It's clear they're all turned on incredibly by him. And tt's amazing that he can just keep taking it and taking it any which way they want. Honestly, I haven't seen anything this hot in quite a while, but Liam can be counted on to hit it out of the park more often than not with his relentless style and unerring eye for the hottest men, the hottest chemistry, and the hottest camera angles. Please let have more of Luca in a roomfull of big-dicked men like this one!!


Christian's the best bottom out there and dead cute. +1. I will love to see him fucked forever. As long as he enjoys every scene.

luke, luke, luke

Josh is the hottest bottom I've ever seen!!

Met Josh yesterday in Birmingham and he took my virginity. He certainly knows how to fuck and has a great body. Though I'm top I might be tempted to try it again!

Any of the cast on NKP?

Andy & Steve are so hot (and Luca Bondi of course)

More of the amazing Josh Taylor and Lito please. Awesome

Lito Cruz is beautiful. Agree he and Josh should go at it, all sweat and cum and perfection.

Lito Cruz has an awesome cock. Josh Taylor sexy as fuck. Would love to see a no holds barred film with those two

so what in the late 80's early '90's all porn (even straight) used condoms; I saw that and learned from it. If people choose to have unsafe sex that's their business, but I worry about young men who think they'll live forever being coerced into that lifestyle through lack of education of the matter of sexual health. still kills millions and the medications' side effects aint pretty.

Martin Puli
I am so happy that i have at least one fan :-). I am versatile and i already did some "changing" akcions for Liam. Hope for more in future. M.

Do all the actors get tested for HIV before and after filming or is it just a case of 'fuck it'?

lets see more of Josh Taylor.What a hot boy.

willyboy6126 (Vancouver,Canada)
The five way fuck with hungry cum whores, Josh and Alex is sooooo FUCKIN' wild!!!! I love how their mouths and hungry cum holes devour all the big, rock hard cocks of Lito, Yuri and sexy Sebastian! They all use and fill slutty Josh and Alex to satisfy their primal, breeding appetites! I got off on this scene about a dozen times of the best man/boy fuck scenes EVER!!!! Bareback is the only way and the NATURAL way to fuck...FUCK those that are trying to ban raw fucking in porn!!! The genie has long been out of the bottle and BAREBACK WILL continue to is the only way I fuck and I can NEVER watch a porn with condoms in it...spoils it completely for me! Anyway, would loveeee to see MORE of sexy twinks Josh and Alex and their hungry whore holes, get used in GANG BANGS for each of them....a dozen or more hot Daddies taking turns on their beautiful asses and using them like the cum dumps they are!!! Thank you guys at Treasure Island Media...and really get what man fucking and breeding is all about, especially man/boy fucking and breeding! Use more poppers in your scenes...would love to have seen Josh and Alex with bottles under their noses constantly and the Daddy tops taking deeps sniffs just before unloading in them! Sebastian is super sexy....loveeee his curved hard fuck rod!!! Now to see the rest of the DVD....I can't get past the fuckin' hot first scene!!!... LOL.... ;) Keep 'up' the great job on the fuck flicks you guys do!!! Biggg naked hugs, Willyboy ;P ~~~ ~~ ~ XXX

Liam Cole has filmed the best 5-way in a long time. Please bring Josh Taylor and Alex Bates for more and bigger things. I'm sure they both can take 2 dicks up their gaping holes. And though I usually find gangbangs boring, and Luca Bondi not particularly appealing, Liam and all the tops makes it all alive and worth watching. Is Martin Puli versatile? I'd love to watch him get fucked hard...

Josh Taylor is hot. Excellent

More Josh Taylor - amazingly hot!

Really enjoyed the new flick. Thanks TIM for good entertainment.

I have always been a fan of treasure island and proud to say this will be my first film I get from you guys.

Wow....I wish I could be the bottom for these guys......seems as thought they are all partied much fucking fun.

a good movie would be where its about cleaning off cocks right after they shoot there load into a nice butt hole. as well cleaning a nice butt hole of the fine white offering left behind in it.

would LOVE to be the center of that scene!

loving the josh taylor group scene, that boy sure knows how to take dick in his ass and mouth!! Get him in a sling and used!

Josh Taylor and Alex Bates steel the show, please more of them and though Josh looks great in a jock lets see me all naked an exposed. Just curious how old are Alex and Josh, 93they are great young boy sluts

This is the way we live, the way we fuck. No-one withholds us. It is our nature and nature lives by grace of breeding. No court can stop that and if conservative America thinks to change that, well good old mother Europe will keep to the roots of raw sex. Liam you are welcum here !

Have Josh Taylor and Alex Bates been in any other dvd's ? thx

More hot bottoms: Luca Bondi, Drew Sumrok & John Dahl.

Hi guys thanks for all the comments will take on board I like the fact someone wants to see me take bigger cock bring on the challenge even more challenge two cocks at once make my hole sloppy more more more thanks guy!!!!!

I like poppers, too. ;-)

Luca's fuckhole gangbanged. Nuff said!

Poppers for all

Would really love to see Blue Bailey doing more of ass to mouth & vice versa.

I really want this video. I want my hole taken like that. I want some cum in my hole now...

Christian's the best bottom out there and dead cute. Sebastian Slater can plow me any time.

Seeing Alex Bates takes all huge cock like together with Josh is real sexy...more of them please. But with bigger cock that fuck likes a stallion.

Seeing ALEX BATES take all of Lito's cock down his throat was so fucking sexy! Please bring him back and give him the most epic gangfuck ever. I also wanna see more of JOSH TAYLOR! That boy's got an amazing ass, and he takes dick like a pro!

Christian always has been and continues to be my favourite cum bucket!

I want more of Luca! He is the hottest!

More more of Josh!

No one
I agree to all of those who are yelling "more" of Josh Taylor"! Josh is more than equal to Christian! How about a gangbang of Josh Taylor? :D

Christian is a fuck god man whore. I will watch him fuck forever. We should all take cock like he does.

Fuck, give us more Josh Taylor.

ALEX BATES is the hottest hungry sexy cumdump bottom. Together with JOSH TAYLOR they make perfect match.

Fucking hot bb wild furry load sex guys...keep it cumming

Josh Taylor is the hottest bottom ive seen in ages - sooo fucking hot - the way he takes Lito's giant cock!!!!