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Runtime July 2009
Runtime 43m
Directed by Liam Cole
Produced by Paul Morris
Reviews 3

Featured in POUNDED:

The response to Liam's first video for TIM, "Bad Influence", was overwhelming---you guys ate it up, swallowed it down and begged me for more. So I'm happy to be able to present Liam's newest fuckvid, "POUNDED".

I'm loving watching this young buck's explorations of London's sleazy rawfuck underground..

-- Paul Morris

(notes below by Liam Cole)

Scene 1
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Fucked at the Hoist

The action kicks off at London's sleaziest sex club, The Hoist. I called in three of my favourite tops---ANTON DICKSON, BRENT SOUTH, and AARON SLATER---to fuck a guy known as PITPIG, who is hands-down the greediest bottom I've seen in a long time.

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However, after thirty minutes waiting for him to arrive, we figured PITPIG wasn't going to show and I started shooting the three tops playing amongst themselves. No sooner had we started than PITPIG rushed in, shucked his clothes into a corner, and dived into the scrum with his mouth and arse ready for ramming.

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Sometimes top guys ask me how long they should fuck and when to cum. I always answer the same: Do exactly what you want, for as long as you want, however you want. In this case that meant a frenzied free-for-all, and as soon as one top seeded PITPIG's hole, that triggered the other two in quick succession. The spunk was literally coming thick and fast, and all of it directed into the PIG's well-worked hole. Only a few drops were spilt but, like any sub worth his salt, PITPIG got right down on his knees and lapped it up off the filthy sex club floor.

Scene 2
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Titch Jones Fucks Aaron Lamb

For his porn debut, Uber-bottom AARON LAMB submits his hole to all ten inches of TITCH JONES's notoriously oversized schlong. AARON is my ex, and in the three years we dated I got used to the fact that I was sharing his perfect arse with every swinging dick in the cosmos (I wasn't complaining).

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This boy is born and built to be bred. He's blessed with a primal, indiscriminate hunger and the kind of firm, fleshy, rounded butt that every load dreams of making its home. For some reason it wasn't until we split that AARON decided he was ready to go on video. Knowing how he's a sucker for size, I paired him with TITCH JONES---a man who can plant his seed so deep in your arse, you'll taste it when you clear your throat.

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The result is an intense, focused fuck between two exceptional young men: one endowed with a world-class cock, the other with an arse so superbly fuckable that it remains to this day the love of my life. Enjoy.

Scene 3
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Ricky Hunter 3-way

Until now, RICKY HUNTER had only appeared in middle-of-the-road condom porn. He came to us eager to change that, but unsure whether he was "ready" for the no-holds-barred rutting that he'd seen our videos. So I threw him in the deep-end with two of the biggest schlongs in London.

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Massive-hung TITCH JONES punishes RICKY's hole into submission, and MANHANDLE lives up to his name by literally threading RICKY's throat down onto his massive shaft---he wears the poor guy's neck like a rubber-jonny---before breeding his hole into next week, adding his cum-wad to the one TITCH already shot there. If RICKY wasn't ready before, he is now!

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Scene 4
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Anton Dickson Fucks Adam King

I first saw ANTON DICKSON showing off his ever-hard Swedish pork-sword on a website, years before I started making my own porn. I've been a fan ever since, so I jumped at the chance to give him his bareback debut.

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ANTON's over-sized hard-on stands to attention like a teenager's, pointing straight to the heavens. He's so confident as a top that it's no problem for him to take control of an eager little fuck-monkey like ADAM KING. ANTON tosses him from one position to another, stuffing his throat before drilling his arse to completion in expert style.

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If you enjoy having your arse mastered, you're going to envy ADAM here.

Scene 5
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Dane Beck Eats 6 Loads

DANE BECK is blessed with the sort of elegant, youthful facial features that almost seem too refined to shoot a load at---but that doesn't stop these six tops. The dicks lined up to inseminate his pretty mouth include EDDIE BLACK and WILL RUSKIN (a guy who claimed to be "nervous" about his porn debut, and then got so into it that he came twice).

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At 21, DANE isn't the piggiest cocksucker in the world, but there's plenty of time for him to grow into that. For now, there's something about seeing a boy as handsome as this eating multiple loads that I can't resist, and the assembled sperm donors certainly weren't complaining about giving him his feed.

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Scene 6
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Mark O'Neal Fucks Pitpig
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After POUNDED's only oral scene, here's a solid slice of man-on-man butt-rooting. A hole as hungry as PITPIG's calls for the big guns, so I booked MARK O'NEAL a flight into London from his native Ireland. MARK's dominant nature comes out as he alternately plugs both ends of the PIG, giving him several opportunities to suck his own arse juice off nine hard inches of imported Irish dick meat. The over-heated verbal from both guys will please anyone who pops wood for a strong English or Irish accent.

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Scene 7
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Jason Stormme Fucks Aaron Lamb

This was AARON's first shoot. I'd seen him fucked by other guys countless times while we were together, but putting it on tape for the world to see was definitely moving things up a gear.

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Taking loads is what fucking is all about for AARON, and when JASON STORMME gives him the filling he begs for, it pushes him over the edge. With JASON's dick still inside his cum-filled hole, AARON unleashes a hot load over his own lean torso, where JASON licks it up and drools it out into AARON's gaping mouth.

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AARON had crossed a line and there was not turning back. His deep-seated hunger for cum was going public, and with the white stuff smeared around his mouth and hole, I realised he had never looked better.

Scene 8
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Brent Bow 3-way

Tattooed skinhead BRENT BOW first appeared as a gangbang top in Max Sohl's UK BEEF BANGERS . However, sometimes you see a top with such a sweet arse that, even as he's pumping away, you can't help wondering how he'd look on the receiving end. For me, BRENT BOW was one of those tops.

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Fortunately, he also knows how to take it like a champ and made no objection to getting a roasting from sure-shot tops BRENT SOUTH and ANTON DICKSON. He finishes the scene with his fucked-out arsehole oozing freshly planted seed in glorious close-up. What more can you ask?

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Scene 9
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Eddie Black Fucks Tommy Haine

An understated encounter between two of the most popular men from my first video. This was the first time I shot with scorching hot fucker EDDIE BLACK and it comes from the original shoots for Bad Influence, back when young TOMMY HAINE had just turned eighteen.

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Being a born voyeur, I want to see real fucking, real close. This is how I imagine any man that I find attractive, whether it's film stars, sportsmen, guys on the street: I picture them naked, legs open and ass out, a big dick withdrawing from their freshly fucked hole---and it's oozing cum, with more inside. Properly fucked and totally exposed. That's how I want to see them. Anything less is not enough.

-- Liam Cole


Liam Cole


Paul Morris


Anton Dickson
Brent South
Aaron Slater
Aaron Lamb
Titch Jones
Ricky Hunter
Adam King
Dane Beck
Eddie Black
Will Ruskin
Mark O'Neal
Jason Stormme
Brent Bow
Tommy Haine

more hot more

Great movie. Def one of my favs!

Love Liam Cole!

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