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Released February 2013
Runtime 2h 13m
Directed by Max Sohl
Produced by Paul Morris
Reviews 27

Featured in SUCK IT:

SUCK IT is Max Sohl’s first full length all oral swallow video. He brings the same hardcore aesthetic that he has become known for in his fuck tapes to this series of cock worship and cum swallowing. From the gloryholes and the boothstores of Manhattan to private apartments and tearooms, dick after dick is serviced with one driven goal: to make each cock explode ropes of jizzy sperm down the throats of the hungry men who lust for cum in their bellies.

Starring TIM Exclusive DJ, Morgan Black, Tony Bishop, Peto Coast, Mike Cruise, Rocky DiMarco, Jeremy East, Armando Edgardo, Enigma, Jack Handler, Randy Harden, Rogan Hardy, Hot Rod, Iraq, Justin, Kannon, Keiran, Eddie Kordova, Christian Marks, Mike Massey, Jake Mitchell, Antonio Montez, Sean Parker, Eli Pumper, Ian Rock, Sal, Dimitri Santiago, Ross Scott, Dominic Sol, Steven Shields, Rob Yaeger, guest appearances by Christian and Antonio Biaggi and more...

Featuring a total of 40 men and an impressive 30 cumshots!

Scene 1
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Handling Keiran

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Big-dicked Aussie fan favorite KEIRAN opens SUCK IT with an intense, body-shaking blowjob from muscle daddy JACK HANDLER.

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Jack takes great pride in servicing Keiran’s great white cock to completion, making sure not to spill a single drop as he expertly handles the man’s huge 10-inch+ meat.

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Scene 2
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Servicing Peto Coast

Any man in his right mind would drop to their knees for PETO COAST. The lucky man, in this case, is DOMINIC SOL. The two moustached studs are hot for each other right off the bat and domineering Peto begins to face-fuck Dominic in his own signature style. Sol takes every delicious inch and surprises even Peto with his thirst for cum. Peto can’t help but spill his creamy load all over Dominic’s luscious lips and down his hungry throat.

Scene 3
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One Afternoon at a NYC Gloryhole: Part One (12:45 pm)

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One man sucks off an endless parade of horny dicks at our very own Treasure Island Media NYC gloryhole constructed especially for SUCK IT. Cock connoisseur JEREMY EAST begged us to include him in this feast of flesh. We wanted to see how long he could handle an extended throat pounding. We locked Jeremy away on his knees and over an 6-hour period whored out his mouth - - - inviting anyone and everyone we could find to release their seed down his hungry cum gullet. These scenes are the crème de la crème as rods of all sizes, shapes and colors showed up to get off.

Part 1 features a massive dick that has fun teasing Jeremy’s eager mouth until he is begging for jizz.

Scene 4
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No Standing Around

Nothing like a Big Apple video booth store for finding horny men who need to unload. MORGAN BLACK hooks up with executive slut MIKE MASSEY suited up in the arcade and is coerced into the stall adjacent to him. Meanwhile, RANDY HARDEN gets ROCKY DIMARCO’s attention by pumping his meaty rod through Rocky’s suck hole. Mike and Rocky both begin to suck the anonymous tools until Morgan and Randy join them in their own booths. Mike steadily savors Morgan’s meat in his mouth while Rocky gets a hardcore face-fucking from thick-dicked top, Randy Harden, that leaves both the cocksuckers soaking wet.

Scene 5
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One Afternoon at a NYC Gloryhole: Part Two (1:30 pm)

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Part 2 of our gloryhole extravaganza is a quick encounter - - - from soft to hard and shooting. That’s the thing about gloryholes - - some guys last forever relishing in each licking stroke and some guys can’t hold back from the simple joy of a mouth on their prick.

Scene 6
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Deme La Leche

Enthusiastic and obedient newcomer EDDIE KORDOVA heads up this all-Latin oral gangbang. We told him to get on all fours and service the sperm out of three of his hot and hung Hispanic brothers. SAL, IRAQ, and ARMANDO EDGARDO smack Eddie around with their dark cut and uncut meat. Eddie takes every inch of Sal’s foreskin while tonguing Armando’s head and digging deep into Iraq’s fleshy pole. Eddie barely handles all the pulsating pinga flying at him at first, choking and gagging, eyes bulging and wet, but, like any skilled cockhound, he takes command of the trio and has them cumming almost simultaneously. And just when Eddie thinks he’s done, surprise big-dicked Dominican stud DIMITRI SANTIAGO drops in to drop off some fresh leche of his own.

Scene 7
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One Afternoon at a NYC Gloryhole: Part Three (2 pm)

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JEREMY takes on two more schlongs, back-to-back, in this double-header. Who is in control at a gloryhole? The man being sucked or the happy cocksucker doing the sucking?

Scene 8
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Blow and Go

TONY BISHOP isn’t much into foreplay. A man has his needs. He goes over to JACK HANDLER’s for a classic anon “blow and go”. Jack orally obliges. The pair don’t make it past the foyer before Jack is on his knees and Tony is pounding his hot rod down Jack’s accommodating throat. Tony’s infamous tatted cock is gobbled up by Jack before we barely even have time to see it. Jack handles Tony’s throbbing, veiny piece with expertise and has Tony blowing thick wads of creamy cum down his throat faster than you can say “Lunch Break”, or as Tony puts it “Open Your Mouth”!

Scene 9
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One Afternoon at a NYC Gloryhole: Part Four (3:15 pm)

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Part 4 features a gorgeous guido’s sausage from down the shore. You’ll have to trust us on his looks - - - but you’ll have no problem seeing the massive geyser of cum that emanate from the New Jerseyian’s meathead.

Scene 10
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Shit, Niggy

ROGAN HARDY has a special talent when it comes to sucking a one-eyed monster. He came to us with hundreds of his own home movies doing just that. He fantasizes about sucking dick in public, so we were happy to go along to a nearby tearoom and witness horse-hung B-boys KANNON and ENIGMA as they live out the fantasy in the bathroom of a local bar. It’s an all-out Black-on-Black spoogefest as Rogan blows the boys dry and swallows every drop of their chocolate milk.

Scene 11
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One Afternoon at a NYC Gloryhole: Part Five (4:40 pm)

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JEREMY EAST downs his final shaft of the day and gets a surprise when MIKE CRUISE wants more than a mouth through wood. Mike rounds the corner to feed his load to Jeremy, skin-to-skin, making sure every drop stays in his belly.

Scene 12
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Feed-n-Seed Club

The Feed-N-Seed Club is a place where horny like-minded White boys watch football, drink beer … and get their seed sucked dry. Sperm servant ROSS SCOTT goes long on every inch of this special Boys Club cocks and happily laps up their baby batter. First down is SEAN PARKER, who demandingly face-fucks Ross into submission, inciting newly drafted CHRISTIAN MARKS to make his pass at cock coach JAKE MITCHELL. Ross sets his sight on the goal—swallowing every load—and tackles each package with precision until the entire team dumps their creamy loads down Ross’ appreciating gullet. Christian saves his spunk for overtime and feeds it to Ross for the final touchdown.

Scene 13
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DJ Gets a Blowjob

DJ gets a blowjob. What more do we have to say? A fine specimen of a man with a fine specimen of a cock to match – this is part of what happened when TIM hosted a NY Suck Dick Save the World Party. We brought in our best mouth ANTONIO MONTEZ to service a room full of horny men. This is just one highlight with DJ unleashing a geyser of manjuice that left every one at the party gagging for more. The full party edit can be seen in the DVD bonus scenes.

Bonus 1
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Free Pizza

Top fuck stud ANTONIO BIAGGI is well-known for his massive member, but not many are aware of his insatiable hunger for sperm. Biaggi relayed to us how the last time he was in the city he sucked off the pizza guy. For real. Max was quick to have some fun when Pizzaboy JUSTIN delivers more than just a hot pie and Antonio seduces him with an unexpected blowjob. Justin quickly caters to Antonio’s wishes and stuffs the meat lover’s mouth with his girthy sausage. Justin shoots a supreme-sized slice into Antonio’s hungry mouth. Torn from the pages of his own black book, you’ll be taking this tip from Biaggi on how to get the ultimate free pizza.

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Bonus 2
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One Afternoon at a NYC Gloryhole: BONUS

JEREMY EAST downs one last chocolate tube steak during his stint at our NY office gloryhole.

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Bonus 3
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Live Boys!

This full scene edit shot on location at our very first New York City Suck Dick Save The World Party. ANTONIO MONTEZ was assigned designated cocksucker and load swallower. He takes on big black dicked pornstar HOT ROD and big daddy IAN ROCK, followed by T.I.M. Exclusive DJ. CHRISTIAN and newcummer ELI PUMPER get some hot side-action going before Montez finishes off the rest, lapping at every lick of manjuice.

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Max Sohl


Paul Morris




Tony Bishop
Peto Coast
Jeremy East
Jack Handler
Randy Harden
Eddie Kordova
Jake Mitchell
Antonio Montez
Ross Scott
Dominic Sol
Rob Yaeger
Morgan Black
Rocky DiMarco
Mike Massey
Armando Edgardo
Dimitri Santiago
Rogan Hardy
Christian Marks
Sean Parker
Steven Shields
Ian Rock
Eli Pumper
Hot Rod

Brandon October 7, 2015
love this film!

redsoxfan2112 need some dick please

Can Sean Parker be in every suck video? PLEASE!!!

Would luv to be in one of the swallow scenes taking lovely man gravy down my throat.

Looks really hot buy I love Steven Shields and adore him! Where is he? don't see him in any of the stills.


Looking at this I really need to suck and swalloed that nut!!!!....Maybe taste that piss tooo!!!!!1

Hot vid!


jose enrique soledispa vera
que bien se ben todos

very good clips

i want to suck the penis.

I really would like to suck Keiran and Peto together... and take in my asshole too... with so many load!!!

adrian keith
LOVE deepthroating a hot cock and watching other experts. Antonio Montez is AWESOME!!! More of him Please! By the way, which video does the image on the buy 1 get 1 free suck banner come from? The guys are HOT!

am horn nid 2 b in a relationship pliz get back 2 all turns mi on...

i like big cock


hy i am ali you r sex for me

got the dvd as all your dvds, love them. but if only we can get antoni biaggi to bottom again i ask ! have you seen his hole ? he might not use it on film but it shows another story.

san diego sucker
Give me a chance and I will suck every cock you can gather...if it takes me 24 hours. I NEVER get enough cum.

i wanna suck n my anal want huge penis

Got it Thursday, good for stroking 2loads a night. Jeremy East has the best job, hot swallows, hope it full time position for a hot cum guzzler. The rest of the cock suckers are hot too

Slurp slurp!
The Eddie Kordova scene and the third bonus look a lot like my personal fantasy. That is to say, on my knees, not worrying about my own pleasure, just about the hard cocks in front of me. Alas, I'm out of practice, though. I used to be able to suck for three hours no problem, now an hour kills me. Not to mention I feel like I'd have to do more sit ups before going on camera. Still, I'd love to do a blowbang scene with a bunch of Latino and black guys, if you guys would give me the chance... In any case, this looks like a top notch movie. Great, enthusiastic talent, and great camera work.

Big Oh!
Can't wait! Love all oral vids! This one looks extra hot!

yes antonio biaggi is a talent cock sucker. would love to see him do more. but no body pays attention to his nice butt. he has a nice hole that looks . experence but everybody is after his cock. the guy is every bit a freak if you give him a chance. being on the bottom is the only thing he has'nt done on film.

I love the action in this trailer. I would love to belong to a Seed-N-Feed club. I love sucking a nice dick and love having mine sucked too. A group setting makes me a pig i want to suck every one there. I am good at it too.

Mark McCormick
This looks so fucking HOT. Nobody does it better than T.I.M. They never disappoint You can always count on Hot Men, Hot Scenes, and alot of Hot Cum.I love a good blow job film. I'm leaking precum is just looking at the trailer. I would definitely love to be a member of the Feed-N-Seed club. Down on my knees sucking cock and swallowing all that cum. Great Job Max. I would also like to say Great Job to the Hot TIM men involved in making the awesome suck film.

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