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TIMSUCK - Volume 1

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    Released December 2015
    Runtime 1hour 19 minutes
    Reviews 1

    We've selected 10 mouth-watering scenes from our Exclusive Membership site —TIMSUCK.COM and are making them available for the first time as a complete movie -- just for you, our devoted big-dick-sword-swallowing fans.


    Scene 1
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    Jake and Daemon

    Both guys were in a great mood the day we shot this and a playful spirit connects them, even as things get seriously hot. Ex-soldier DAEMON puts the cocksucking skills he honed as an enlisted man to good use, equal parts enthusiasm and expertise as he works JAKE WOOD's thick tool. Completely focused on the schlong he has his lips wrapped around, this cockslut worshipfully licks, sucks, and swallows every inch of JAKE's fat one. Needing more, he begs for a facefucking--and JAKE is more than happy to oblige. After a little teasing, the top finally lets the cumpig have the ultimate reward, spraying his creamy load onto DAEMON's face and hungry tongue.

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    Scene 2
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    Danny and Francis
    As DANNY and FRANCIS were waiting for their scene, one of our guys was testing out a new camera. When he happened to point it in their direction, these horny fuckers decided to put on a show then and there. Fortunately, our guy caught all the hot slurpin' action. Dropping to his knees, DANNY tongues FRANCIS' balls, sucking them into his mouth. Then the hungry cumhound is on to the main course, practically choking himself on the topman's fat dick before FRANCIS pulls out and shoots a load of man-cream onto DANNY's well-deserving tongue. Both equally satisfied, these young dudes are all smiles in the end.

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    Scene 3
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    Gabriel and Dimon

    GABRIEL has never met a dick he didn't want to suck, and DIMON's long, fat rod is no exception. He deepthroats DIMON until he starts gagging and has to take a break by inhaling DIMON's balls. The insatiable cocksucker is so hungry for cock, he holds his own head in place as DIMON starts skullfucking him. When the topman shoots his white-hot load down GABRIEL's gullet, the cumhound sucks and squeezes out every last drop, rubbing his face with adoration over the beautiful cock that brought him such complete satisfaction.

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    Scene 4
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    Jerry Stearns and George

    JERRY STEARNS possesses a cock worthy of worship. No stranger to cocksucking, GEORGE gives the T.I.M. stud's big, black dick the full mouth-and-throat service it not only deserves but demands. After diving face-first into JERRY's open pants, GEORGE reverently explores every inch of JERRY's impressive boner with his lips and tongue. Then he opens up and swallows as much of that stallion cock as he can. As the facefucking starts, Jerry hooks his thumbs inside GEORGE's mouth to open him even wider. After JERRY shoots his thick, gooey load, GEORGE proves his insatiability with a deepthroated cleanup.

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    Scene 5
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    Gordon and Cody

    There are big dicks. There are huge dicks. And then there is GORDON. Eager li'l cockhound CODY was game to chow down on GORDON's considerable meat--but once confronted with that monster schlong, the poor kid didn't know what to do with all that cock! "I can't even gag on it 'cause it's too wide," he confesses with a grin at one point. Even so, he gives it his best, licking and slurping and taking as much of GORDON's massive rod into his mouth as humanly possible.

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    Scene 6
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    Will and Rio

    Suck-buddies WILL and RIO are obsessed with cock--its smell, its taste, its weight, its length and girth. You can practically taste the precum as they open their gullets and allow each other's stiff, slick meatswords to slide down their throats. As creative as they are talented, these cumjunkies even slip in some felching without any fucking, thanks to a handy funnel and good ol' gravity. The semen doesn't just ooze out, either: it ejacultates onto the rimmer's expectant tongue in the hottest shot of the scene.

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    Scene 7
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    Marcus and Alexander

    No doubt about it: MARCUS IRON is one of the hungriest and most talented cocksuckers of our time. He goes after ALEXANDER's dick while it's still tucked inside the guy's pants, exploring the length with his lips; as soon as the topman whips it out, MARCUS opens wide and swallows the whole thing, burying his nose in ALEXANDER's balls. Bonehound MARCUS devours ALEXANDER's dick, pausing only to sit back and admire the schlong he's sucking so eagerly before deepthroating it once more. Even after ALEXANDER shoots his load onto MARCUS's tongue, cock-addict MARCUS stays on his knees to keep worshiping.

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    Scene 8
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    Nick and Deryk

    NICK proves what a good li'l bonehound he is, starting the scene on his knees and never getting off them as he slobbers all over DERYK's fat schlong and heavy balls. When DERYK starts jerking himself off onto NICK's waiting tongue, NICK can't stand the anticipation and goes after the cock he wants in his mouth so badly. When DERYK finally shoots off a generous load of spooge, some of it splatters onto the floor--but not a drop goes to waste as consummate cumwhore NICK lowers himself and lovingly licks it all up.

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    Scene 9
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    Daxx Bukkake, Part 1


    DAXX MAXXON takes on Dan Fisk and 8 other cum-spurtin' dudes in a suck session so hot, our editors couldn't fit all the dick-licking, sperm-guzzling action into one scene. In PART 2, DAXX starts his feast with DAN FISK's monster dick, giving it all the zealous attention it demands, before moving on to DICK and JOHN. Cockwhore DAXX switches between them, trying to get both in his hungry mouth at the same time before settling on DICK's meaty rod. As the others watch with envious anticipation of their turn, DAXX coaxes out a thick, gooey load. And this is only the beginning...

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    Scene 10
    Daxx Bukkake, Part 2

    As the second and final part to the DAXX MAXXON suck-a-thon starts, DAXX is drawn once more to DAN FISK's renowned cock, desperate to wrap his lips around the whole thing and swallow it down. After an interlude with BLAKE, who releases his load onto DAXX's waiting tongue and then smears it around his face, the starvin' cocksucker is back to DAN, who crosses swords with JYNX to double up on DAXX. As the guys form a circle and start to shoot off, one after another, DAXX gets a face-full (and an eyeful!) of cum. Unquenchable, he keeps going--and so do the other insatiable fuckers, even as our camera run out of tape.

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    Captain Welhard May 11, 2016
    With the exception that scenes 9 and 10 have to be purchased separately TIMSUCK is jolly good fun!

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