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36 results found
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mike kretzschmar
i love cock hell yes send more
I'd love to have all of these gloryhunting cocksuckers on their knees in my bedroom, sucking my dick one by one, draining my balls as I give them the ultimate satisfaction for the worship they do.

Seriously horny right now.
roy d rogerson
will i take all that cum?? sure im greedy its making me hungary for more ,, keep cuming roy xx
I enjoy the cum swapping of this series, but these guys are shootin blanks.
Josh Sanders
I would do anything to have Paul Morris to be my basic training instructor. If I could be anything like these guys you know he's the best teacher in the world. So hot.
Mark Baker
That Blue is a fucking champ. Send that hungry throat this way so I can show him what he's really been missing out on.
Steven Price
John Dahl captures the art of sucking cock. I love how hungry, sweaty and submissive he is. This film is going to be a training video for those that wish to be used as a tool of pleasure.
i love cum so much , when i fine rubbers on the streets with cum. whatever i do take a back seat to be going back home with it to drink it all and jackoff from the fun.
Fucking hot! Love sucking cock and swallowing cum. It's good to see othere men into it too. Hot video!
LOVE IT!!!! There's nothing like sucking cock and swallowing right from the source! I shot into my own mouth while watching this!
The jar full of cum loads was the best. How many loads? From how many guys? Very Hot.
Has anyone an idea or know from what film the opening of the DOC 6 is?
Befor the film starts there are scenes shown for round about a minute with fyerfli etc.
There are scenes shown that are never been in the movie!
From what movie are they?
Hope Trasher becomes a commoner in Morris' videos. He could Trash me anytime.
Awesome. Loved the 40-load swallow from Roscoe, AND the 5 used-condom use from Daniels. And in the Blue Swallows 10 sequence, Fyrefli and Sven are both fucking hot. MORE, please!!!
The jar is the best part of this whole film. Watching him struggle to swallow down those anonymous loads is incredible.
I'd love to see Gordon from some of the swallow videos in a bareback gangbang film with him as a top. Haven't been able to see ANYONE deepthroat him all the way to the base. He is so hot. Why is there only scenes of him getting blown alone by one cocksucker?
Been suckin' meat about 6 decades. Caught my first load in the mouth at 15. He was in his 20's and showed me a big, fat, cut boner about seven long. I loved it, and we did 69 in the nearby bushes. I was 14. A year later, we were still at it in the local public shower. We usually did each other a bit, and then he got me off. But that day I as so hot, I would not stop when he warned me. I sucked all the harder; he tensed up and shot a gusher into my mouth. It felt great and I could sense he got a real thrill himself. I even swallowed a bit of his juice. Ever since, I always suck to the finish. After all that work, I want to feel the thrill of a load in my mouth. When that thing starts poppin, I want it in the mouth, not all over my face. Whenever any guy starts shootin', he should shove it in and let that cocksucker enjoy. Also, give the viewer long, close-in shots. Get inntimate with that big boner and give us more shots focused closely in boner, foreskin, knobs. Those are the stars. And don't forget the round eye. Most guys got really hot anal sphincters to look at, but the lens ignores them. digit?
it's good
Would love to get on my knees and suck a room full of dick. And swallow all of them at the end! Fuckin love men
Guess this film separates the men from the boys, huh? I absolutely fucking love the scene where the guy is fed all the cum from that jar. I came so hard the first time I saw it. It's now my life's mission to have that done to me. Just totally awesome.
more video with used condom please its a hottttt!!!
I love to suck cock and be fed there creamy seed. I get hornier knowing I am going to make his cock feed me his warm cum. I try to get to the bath houses often so I can get multiple cocks and loads. Nothing Hotter.
I can't imagine anything better in life than drinking cum! So nice to see other guys into it too. I love the scene where the guy drinks jizz from the jar: HOT!! I'd love to see TIM make a film of guys eating a plate of fettucine with cum poured over it like alfredo sauce. I'd love to get hold of at least 100 men and swallow every drop of jizz they could shoot. Fucking LOVE cum!!!

Only registered customers are allowed to add review. Please sign in and add your own review!